Monday, September 08, 2014

Getting in on This Shi

Here's a quick post for today, as I try to get better at this blogging she-it.

So yea here's the deal, I have no idea what the hell is going on today, but the news is not very good in general around.  I just listen to the talk around, and catch the mainstream crap, and even that does not sound to good.  So yea, I was going to start doing some digging in twitter to see what is going on around.

I hear there is some new virus, then there is the whole USSR (oh sorry they are not the Soviet Union any more) Russia Ukraine thing, and well yea the middle east is still a hot spot, and then there is North Korea too.  So what is really going on?  I am going to do some digging, in my spare time, which I do not really have, but because I think it is important to do, I will try to fit it in.  So in the coming weeks I will dig around and see what the hell is going on and give my take on it.

Other than that, I still have a few hundred past post to put up, so they will continue to trickle on, as I find the time.

I need to figure out some things, because I need to figure out how to turn a few dollars here.  I really want to figure this shit out, because I need to get enough free time to finish some books this year, so I have to stop this work thing.  Of course the truth is I am not working, just helping out a neighbor, as it must be called.  That is the problem with this fudged up world today, you are forced into some type of deception only because you do not want to pay all the ridiculous fees and fines for helping out a neighbor with his farm.

Hey now, before you all get up and start to call the local IRS agent, remember that I am happy to pay my share, have paid more than my share for years as a self employed business.  As being self employed I have to pay both the employee and employer parts of the fines and fees associated with doing business in the the "good ole USA".  So I have paid double for years, as well as paid the employer portion of my employees payments too, including workman's compensation, which is just ridiculous.  Come on if you work for a company that cares about their employees like they should, you should not need to worry about such things.  A good family business would take care of you and your family if you needed it, even without the pressure from the insurance corporations or the government.  Yet the government feels it is necessary to force you to pay exuberant fees and fines for what might happen, even if it never does.

Ok, ok I will get off the soap box (I will go into that later), and let that go, if all of you will.

So this was going to just be a short little bit, so I am going to cut it short here, because I have more work to do.  I mean I have three other blogs to update, a farm to tend to, and my wife who is in need of care, thanks a large part to the American Medical Corporations, and just general poor living conditions of the world today.

Thank you for tuning in today, I hope to have more to say tomorrow.

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