Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Play De Guitar

I never did learn to play guitar.  It is not the discipline, or the time it would take, but that it just did not seem to serve my purposes.  I like to experiment with the shape and color of the sounds that I can create with the instrument.  It is for I that I play with the guitar, not that I am opposed to the audience, or even aware of them, but that I just have no other interest in that aspect of the music.

Over the years I have learned a few cords, and if I take my time, I can play a tune or two, maybe you might even recognize one, but it does not happen often, as it really does not mean that much to me.  I do not care if it means anything at all to you.

I have written a few songs for others to play, based on the rhythms and melodies that they gave me to work with.  It is an enjoyable enough experience to provide them with something they can use in their pursuit of music.  I am almost always happy to try to help out an artist in the creation of their craft.  Some time ago I even wrote a couple for myself, with established musical accompaniment that were simple but fun to do.  They have escaped me these late years, but they were not really worth hanging on to.

It does mean that most times I am alone in my playing or listening for that matter, but that is fine by me, that is what I do it for, my own peace.

Still I thought, should I perform my art for others, via the video post, perhaps others would find use in the exercise and therein find reason to seek their own pursuit, no matter if only for their own entertainment.  It is a thought I entertained but a moment and then decided that yes, sometime I would do such a thing, but for now, I play only to the sheep and who ever is passing by, fortunate or unfortunate for them, by their own opinions.

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