Thursday, April 17, 2014

Michael Shermer: What Is Skepticism, Anyway?

Michael Shermer: What Is Skepticism, Anyway?:

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While I would like to agree with this article, and its author, his level of arrogance and ignorance (which by the way appear to be often closely related) make it nearly impossible to lend it any credence.  Add to that the hundreds of comments, all which tend to display but additional ignorance, it only allows me to come to the tentative conclusion that this is one subject that few know much if any about.

A belief does not require evidence, and evidence does not require belief.  More so evidence is momentary, it is all that is known of a particular state at the time that it is given.  Like security, it is only as secure as its last update.  Sometimes people confuse truth and fact.  The fact is there is no truth.  All that he espouses in his post is subjective, for as humans we are psychologically incapable of objectivity, even with all our "tools" and tricks and peer reviews.  We are humans and subject to emotion, regardless of our guard against it.

I often work in a vacuum, with but the web and my own mind to guide me in seeking some modicum of truth.  I have yet to find it.  It is true that truth is fleeting, and all that we believe to be truth is based on our faith in some organized institution, be it religion, politics or science.

The absolute truth is nothing is absolute, there is no truth, fact is an subjective belief held generally by a staunch minority of proponents, and that all that we understand is but a minute amount of the wonder that exist beyond our limits and imposed obstructions.

Having said that, it leaves me with no other recourse but to admit that I have a conflict of interest, and that I am conflicted in my own beliefs and convictions.  Therefore it is with certain trepidation that I present that nothing is as it seems, and all truths are lies, and that you should believe nothing, but on the other hand, all beliefs are as valid as any, so maybe faith in anything is better than faith in nothing, which is again psychologically impossible.

Thank you and Sleep Well, if you can...


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