Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blog Ads yes, no, maybe

I wonder sometimes if anyone actually reads this stuff, or if all the hits to the site I get are just spiders on the web checking for prey.

Well anyways, here is what I would like people to do, just comment on your social site of choice, be it Google+, Twitter, or Facebook, and let me know if you think I should get rid of the advertisements on my blog.

I really do not like them, they slow down the page load by a lot, and often I really do not like the ads I see, as they are often not really related to the post I am making.  They may often be related to me, the person I am, based on my web history, but they are not related to the blog, or the person I am, the author of this blog.  I think if I am going to have advertising on my blog, rather than it being an automated script, maybe I should just host static ads from things that matter to me, the author.  In this way I am endorsing that which matter to me.

I figure if it matters to me, as the author, the readers will find it more important to them, as it is something I can believe in.  The question then changes.

Should I host ads from products or services that I feel matter to me, or should I just remove the ads entirely.  There are some things I feel very strongly about, and feel that they deserve promotion.  I also do not want to slow the page down with lots of advertising, so I think it should be just a small ad or two of the things I feel most strongly about at the moment.

I won't make any money off of the ads I post, but I am not making any money off the ones that are scripted either, so I see no profit in that, literally.

So I leave it up to you, dear readers, if there are any, do I remove the ads entirely, or post ads that I find connection to personally, or just keep it the way it is?

You do realize don't you, that if you answer me, you admit that you read my post, and by that you actually answer the first inquiry in this post, which may have been my intention to begin with.

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