Friday, April 04, 2014

April 4, 2014 Update in General

Friday, April 4, 2014

Well today I am going to have to call the guy about the land, and update him on our progress.  Which is to say I will have to stall him while I try to figure out how to raise the money for the down payment.  I had thought it was going to be relatively cut and dry, or at least it seemed so, that we were going to the SSA and they would give us the money that they owe Arleta so we could use it to pay the down payment, our first months payment, and still have enough left over to move our stuff.  No, not so, instead they want to argue about it, like it was their money, like we were stealing it from them.  I mean it is SSI not SSD so I guess it is tax payer money, but really, to the point of being almost belligerent to Arleta, trying to bully her, I mean really, how absurd.

I have worked up until October of 2012 when Arleta got really sick, and I had to come off the road to take care of her.  With the exception of a few dry months between I have worked nearly since I was 14 years old.  Most of those years I was self-employed.  I do not know if many people are aware of how self employment works, but being both employee and employer of your self, you pay all the federal and state taxes, including the employer and employee portions of SSA taxes and disability taxes.  When you get a wage the employer with holds some taxes from you, but they also have to pay the same amount to the SSA for employing you.  So being self employed I pay double.  Not only that for several years when I was self employed I was also incorporated (well sort of), so I paid corporate tax on top of all that.  In my years of being employed and an employer I have paid my share of taxes, including SSA taxes (FICA and FUTA), with no hope of recovery of any of those payments, as people who are self employed rarely ever collect SSA payments even after they retire.  Mostly they do not collect because they had already planned for their retirement, and therefore will make too much money when they retire to qualify for SSA payments.  However; my wife Arleta, has always been an employee (well mostly except when she owned the gun shop), and therefore paid into the system the way most people do.  Now that she needs the SSA they give her nothing but grief.  They have even come to the level of alleging fraud just so they would not have to pay the money the court deemed her owed.  Since when does the SSA get to adjudicate law?  Not only that, they also seem to think they can interpret the their own laws.  I tried to set it strait, by asking this woman at the office to clarify the law, and she would not, flat out refused to do so, and when I pushed her further, she hung up on me.  Since when do public servants get to not serve the public.  After nearly 30 years of paying her salary, you would think that I could at least get an answer to my question.

Ah, but I do not expect service from a customer service agent, less so from a civil servant, they are rarely civil and almost never serve anyone but their own self interest, which is usually doing less work and ensuring that they get their share of my taxes every week.  You might say I am just a tad bit ticked off, but I am trying really hard to not let it get the best of me, and that is why I wrote this entry into my web log.  So maybe with that out of the way, I can get some more work done, maybe.

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