Monday, January 21, 2013

Raw Ends

Ok, so no progress on any writing today.  Well I posted to three blogs (counting this one) with an actual total of about 6 post (including this one).  I also commented on a few things on G+ as well, so that is sort of like writing anyway.  Have you ever seen any of my comments?

So yea, well not a very productive day, and as far as most things are concerned it is really just about over.  I guess I will try for a better day tomorrow, I am just too nerved up today to do anything it seems.  Maybe I will look at editing some things, no, even that takes just too much calm and that is hard to come by.  It took me three days of pretty intensive calming just to get myself set so I could produce what I did yesterday, and now I think it is going to take that much again.  I don't know why I can not seem to write in the amid of the turmoil and stress, I used to, I used to thrive on it.  Well not really, I was always calm, enhanced often by drugs and alcohol.  I didn't have anything to do then either, no dogs to walk, no animals to feed, no people to please, it was just me, at the center of my own universe.

That was just it, the center of my own universe.  I was centered, self centered to a degree, but centered just the same.  Now I live a life that everyone else does, people, animals and all the distractions of ordinary life.  I don't resent it, but it does certainly make it more of a challenge to find that inner calm that allows me to write, at least well, anyway.

One thing I noticed while I was looking through the stats on my blog (this one), is that the one post where I treat the reader to one of my old I'm an asshole and you're an idiot rants, seemed to be my most popular post by quite a bit.  It will never cease to amaze me, the worse I was to the audience the more they wanted me to read.  When I was doing poetry readings my most popular readings were the ones that belittled the audience.  When I pointed my pen at them and said they were pathetic, and I was only trying to make them aware of this, not that I cared, in fact the less I seemed to care the more they did.  I do not know if I will understand it, and if I sit here and try to analyze it too much I will most likely just get back into that position of not caring, and well, I don't know, as much as infamy is as good as fame, I guess I would now rather be known as someone who cares at least a little bit, rather than the guy that just didn't give a fuck about anything.

Thank you,

Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Draft Snippet SRR

This here is a small snippet from my current work, while it is in draft.  It may be quite some time before this one actually sees publication as it is a long work, and there is most likely many revisions yet to go even after I have completed the first or second draft.  This is just to see if there is any interest out there, well no not really, it is just because I wanted to, but I will most likely release a few other choice chunks as it develops, nothing to telling, but just enough to show the color of the canvas.

Coincidentally at this point I don't even know if this will make it to the final copy, as it is very raw, and nothing is quite yet set in type so to speak.  So here it is, please comment if you find it at all interesting, as any interest will be met with my usual response, which often is none at all, but maybe, just maybe, if I feel giving, I might respond.  The most likely response will be the release of additional bits and pieces, which might happen anyway, so your comments while they will be read, are most likely going to stand on their own, without any response from me.  You might get me to talk a little on Google+, but that is unlikely as well.  Let's face it, I don't really like people, although that is not exclusively true, nor does it apply to everyone, just many.

Thank you and enjoy...

I put the pad and pen back on the nightstand, laid back in my bed, my head upon my pillow, and wished for a pleasant thought, an image of the lady in red still on the edge of my mind, but she was fading into the smoking interior of the tavern fast.  A long half hour or so later, sleep did reclaim me, but the lady was nowhere to be seen.

The road was old brick, crumbling and in a state of long dis-repair.  Ruts had been worn into it from use by heavy wagons, although I am not certain a car or truck had ever ventured down this ancient road.  Ahead in the pale moonlight a man was standing on the side of the road, cloaked in black, his hood completely obscured his face.  I could feel the movement beneath me, as I looked down to see that I had the reigns of a horse in my hands, and on the other end was a grey stallion, of some unknown breed, heavy but well built, with fine features.  We continued down the road towards the man in black, seemingly the only destination available.  I tried to look around, but all I saw was dark fog and brown earth, except for the brick there was no contrast to anything but I, the horse, the road, and this figure in black.

Well that's it, and thank you once again,