Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dreams of Fields

For a good portion of my life I have worked to create a dream.  Initially the creation was quite different, with very much a strict code of control, very fascist in its design.  I would say that at the age of 14 or so I was looking at the world from quite a different perspective.  I had recently finished several works such as Mein Kampf, Karl Marx, Brave New World, and 1984, among others, and had at that time understood that people were not capable of making good decisions for themselves.

Although for the most part, I understand that now the same may be true of people, on the individual level, we should still reserve the right to make our own bad decisions.  Perhaps I would like to see a greater degree of self responsibility, especially from the commercial industries, but still I do not expect as much from people as I might once have.  That being said, my dream has but transmuted rather than changed altogether.

It certainly would be quite nostalgic to go over what I started out with, it would be quite useless, except as slight view into my personal perspective, and that serves no real purpose.

Being established, the dream as it were today, it is but a more polished version of several versions preceding it.  So here I attempt to present a rather overview of the dream as it is today best understood by myself.  That is to say, I will attempt to present a fair review of what has been a relative dream of mine since the very early days of my youth.  One point worth making at this point is that as a child growing up on a farm, I did not understand or desire a life based in agriculture, and was mostly concerned with social structure.  As I have matured I have come to another understanding of the essential component that agriculture plays in the full realization of the dream, so it will be featured as a central aspect of the dream as it is today.

So on with the dream…

For those of you that have read any of my previous works you will recognize some previous themes and bits from older works.  That is because this is not a new dream, and not a dream I have recently had, but one that I have masticated over a long period of time, producing hopefully a fully digested concept that can be fully understood even by those that have not the vision to see the value of the dream to more than just the moment of its creation.

First I should establish that it is not to I that this dream is profitable.  I will be quite dead I am certain before there is any realization of these works, even if in my time it is begun.  Therefore it will be for others that should provide the capital for the realization of the dream, and it is to them that they should profit, if not in actual return on investment in liquid asset, but in the betterment of their lives, and those of their heirs.

Moving forward, I have established that it would be necessary that for this to be established, at least initially it would require 25 to 50 acres.  More would be better, but initially it would be necessary for the establishment of the project that the minimum be met.  In addition a percentage of values should be met as best as is possible.  Ideally it would be best if there was at least 20% water, 30% wooded, and the remainder in a mix of land, including hills, and other such features.  By water I am referring to clear water if possible, a stream would be ideal, but also any body of water that has the same values would be acceptable.  A swamp is not ideal, and it would be difficult to use such a wetland, but it could be utilized, provided that enough could be done with it to create some form of water supply.  Further there would be needed a water table that would allow for wells to be dug, to provide for additional water supplies, especially of potable water.  These are needed for the existance to be facilitated with adequate water supply, however, it is quite possible that in other circumstances other conditions could be adjusted for, and water could collected in other ways.  Provided that wood will be used for many types of services, it is important that there is some form of wooded area, as this also serves an additional purpose that will be explained at a later time.  However if this is not possible it may be possible that another resource, such as stone could be used, and or other accommodations could be made to make any particular area work within the natural limits of the property.  The key aspect of the property is that the “lay” of the land is fully understood, and taken into account upon the first aspect, and that it is considered foremost, as it is the land that brings forth the full of the realization of the dream.

It should at this point be fully understood that the land is essential to the realization of the dream.  This is paramount, and it means that someone will have to be involved in the process that is willing to provide such, or finance such.  Of course it is quite possible that many people could be involved in the purchase of the property, but it must be understood, that no one can truly lay claim to the land, as it must be free of encumbrance from a particular owner, short of a possible owner that would be fully invested in the realization of the dream through an instrument of real estate that protects the land from future encumbrance, as much as this is possible.

While it is a concept quite foreign to Americans, the idea of a landlord is something that is quite acceptable, in the style of the gentry of Victorian period (and before that) in England and other areas, provided that it is quite understood that in keeping with such, that the tenants are provided with an equal return on their labor, for the profit to the landlord.  I unfortunately do not have a lot of faith in such arrangements, even though it would seem that it should easily arranged, and my preference would be for a benevolent landlord, provided such a benefactor could be found.  Of course if the project were adequately scaled it could easily be seen that several landowners could be found to create the basis of the project.

An interesting angle that has recently presented itself is the idea of crowd-sharing and its financial aspects.  Other social financial instruments are possible, and could to some degree provide the seed capital for the project.  This is entirely outside the dream itself, as I am not at all interested in finance, however I am aware of it, and understand that it is important that the project be profitable as well, as to return on the initial investment.  This is quite possible, but it is quite insignificant to me, or the dream itself.

Moving forward with the aspects of the dream that are important, it is then time to understand other aspects of the dream.  Once the “lay” of the land is fully understood, a plan is then established based on a very specific design, that utilizes the land for its best production, while leaving the vast majority of the land for natural order.  It is important that the land be left to its devices to some degree, as it is the land that provides so much to the people, that it should not be taken for granted.  Therefore the “lay” of the land is very important.

While as important as the lay of the land is, the “lay” of the facilities is as important.  It can not be mistaken that particular placement of particular facilities is as important as the location of any aspect of the purpose of the land.  Housing is of concern to the project, as it provides shelter to the people, as well as the animals.  So it is that housing is also functioning as part of the community of the project.  It must be of concern that protection and security is also a condition that must be considered as well.  This means that at least for some part it is important that to some degree the common housing be effective as both community space, and as protection from any threat that could therefore present itself.  Again the concept of the landlord, and the manor house is potential example, however in a modified form.

This is just part of the planning, as nothing can be built without the materials and tools to build with.  To even consider the initial building, a single building must first be built.  The first building must be the downdraft kiln.  I have further examined this process, and have considered it to be something that must be done first before even the mill or other facilities can be built.  However be it known that once the downdraft kiln has produced its initial loads of bricks and materials for building of the forge, it is the forge that should be then constructed as it will provide the other materials and tools for the completion of any other facility.  In the interest of not presenting additional information that is else wise provided, this document only references the document earlier produced known as the “Brute Forge”.  If you are not familiar with that document, I will additionally attach a copy of that document as part of this document.  It is of utmost importance that the placement of the forge is specific, concerning all the resources needed, but also in respect to particular elements, as well as the purposes of the land itself.  It is not necessary that the forge be stylish, but it is also not necessarily restrictive.  The heart of the forge is actually built around the original downdraft kiln, which is now incorporated in with the forge.  Also incorporated in with the forge is a bakery and other services that rely on fire for their primary element.  Additionally the forge is the primary producer of heat and hot water, as this is also governed by the element of fire.

It is of no use to continue in this line, as it is quite well covered in another document that will be attached to this one.  Further I could get quite involved in this aspect, and not get through to other aspects that would be just as important to the entire document.  I will try to continue now with other things.

At this point I am going to briefly break from this work, but I would like to at least post this much, and will then add more later.  It is late and I am quite ready to lay my head down, and with hope I will be able to return soon to this work.  It may be a few days as the holidays will most likely consume much of the next few days.  Until next time, please feel free to examine that which is presented here, with the ideal that even if it does not exactly provide what you are interested in, at least it might entertain you with its odd use of language.

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