Sunday, September 29, 2013

IP Slowly

There are so many things we need, silly little things like a bunch of glass pipettes, and other such things.  I can only begin to figure it all out.  I really wish Arleta would help me, but she is not very good at these things, especially when it comes to money.  She is good at spending it, on stuff, but only as an impulse, not as part of a longer term plan.  She does not really seem to grok long term well.  She also seems to have a tactile issue, she has to touch what she will buy, even things that do not matter so much.  She would rather buy from a store than online, because she can touch the package.  She also seems to suffer from long term projects, things that take longer than an afternoon or two is hard for her to grasp.  She prefers short term projects, a day or two at the most.  She can do them, she can wait, she is able to see the future, but she prefers the here and now, the intimacy of immediacy.  

That is another subject for another day, perhaps.  Right now I need to figure out what we need, all those crazy little things that we need that we have put off often because it was just not worth the money to go get them, or because we just have not had the money.  We still do not have the money.  By the time we buy the car and the land, we will be just about out of money, although not entirely.  It is too bad that we have to have the payments, land and car, oh and of course insurance, but we do, and they will help us to keep our food stamps, but does it really balance itself out.  I really wish we could just afford to purchase the car outright, and maybe even the land, that would be good, because then we could just have them, and only have insurance and taxes.  Ah, insurance and taxes, such lovely little methods of legal extortion.  Funny how the government and big businesses like insurance companies can get away with it, while we the little people of the nation can not.

Once again I digress, and get nowhere.  By the way, when in the english language did we start putting all the words together, like nowhere, together, and another.  It must have been since the printing press, to save space.  All that blank space between the smaller parts was obviously taking up too much space, and had to go.  Well whatever, it does not get us anywhere, to debate such ridiculous subjects at this time.

The stupid little things, like pipettes, basting bulb, new strainers, new wisk (couple different kinds), and such just seem to be bothering me.  I go to do something, and oh, yea, that thing is not available, so I have to figure something else out.  A rack that would hold the smaller essential oil bottles, and their respective pipette, that would be good.  I could make it, but I need wood, and some finish nails.  Not to mention it would be far easier with a drill press, but I can do without that really.  Someday a drill press might be nice, but they are actually pretty easy to find at barn and estate sales, so maybe we will come across one.

My idea has been we should just get a place, and a car, and go to various estate and barn/farm sales, and buy stuff that we need, but also that we think would sell.  We do not need to be in a hurry to sell them, except we can not do that, because we will need to pay our payments.  By the time we get done with the payments, we will not have the money we need to invest in the sales to make the purchases that we can use to fund the future purchases.  I still think we can find a way, we just have to save a bit up, so we have a bankroll.  
We are stuck on the dole, unable to make any money if we want to keep the money that will sustain us, but also unable to sustain ourselves very well on the money we get.  I just do not know what to do.  It will sort itself out, but there is just this game that is played, and I truly hate to play games with life.  There’s that whole thing with being self employed, it cost you more than it is worth, and yet, you are no better than a slave if you are employed otherwise.  You may think otherwise, but if you are to really sit down and think about it, you are no better than an indentured servant as a wage earner.  Oh, sure there are better wage earners, but that was even true of the slaves, some earned better than others, house slaves definitely did better than field slaves, and the like.  No matter what your wage, if you are a wage earner, you are a wage slave.  What else can you do?  You can work for your self, or at least give yourself the illusion that you are working for yourself, but the truth is “they” have you there now too.  As an employer, even self employed, you are an employer, so as an employer, you must account for your wage, the amount of money you pay yourself.  So by being self employed you create of yourself a wage slave to you, as the master, well really regulation and financial institution is the master.  You must report all your earnings, and on top of that you have to pay all the cost involved with paying your wage.  You pay both parts, since you are both employer and employee.  So Unemployment Insurance, yea you get to pay both parts, once as employer, and once as employee when you pay yourself for the work you did.  Again you pay for both parts of the FUTA and Disability, and you have to pay workman's compensation as well, and this is all before taxes are taken out of your earnings.  On top of this is any types of licensing, which is getting to be the norm now, and liability insurance to protect you from yourself, and with new laws being passed, you will have to cover your health insurance, both parts, and the list just keeps going.  It is no wonder that you are either in default or running an illegal business.  When everything that is legitimate is made to be illegal, then it does not matter anymore.

So many things bother me about all these programs “designed” to assist you if you are in need.  They not only effectively demand that you are impoverished, but that you also must operate in an illegal manner to survive.  My wife’s SSI is in jeopardy if I earn anything.  She can earn a little here or there, without damaging her income too much.  She can also own some stuff, a house, a car, stuff that might help her or her condition.  I can not own anything, without it hurting her SSI.  If I earn anything, half of it will be counted against her, because apparently if I earn anything, half of everything I earn is hers.  If she was earning a wage, and I was earning a wage, our money would be ours, and not half her money would be mine, and half my money would be hers, that is just ridiculous.  That is how the IRS sees it.  We are a couple, more so, we are a household, and in our case, we do not have a this is mine, this is yours issue, it is ours.  This European (it goes back further than that really) concept of ownership is just damn stupid.  When we got married it was not a partnership we formed, we formed a family, a unity of shared experience and assets, not a legal agreement to split any and all profits or liabilities.  By the IRS standard we are a partnership that is equally liable for our debts, and share equally in the profits of our labors.  While this is really a matter of semantics, and in a healthy relationship you are partners of a sort, but it is not a partnership in the essence of a legal business entity, however that is how the IRS sees the family, in business terms.  Did I mention this, you can not own land or anything, for that matter, you can only rent it.  Well you can own clothes and a few temporary assets, but long term assets are owned by the financial institutions and the governments.  Actually land is owned by the original land owners, but that is something that I can not get into right now.  You rent the land, because even if you pay off the financial obligation to the financial institution that financed the purchase, you still owe taxes on the land.  I do not entirely disagree with taxes, although I have my issues with them, especially on the specific programs that are funded with my money, but that is an entirely different subject.  Your obligation to the financial institutions is not quite ended, as you really have to maintain insurance on your property, if nothing more than to protect your investment from yourself.  More so it is to protect you from the bleeding idiots that might try to sue you for wrongful negligence on their part, but I will not go down that dirt road today.

So you do not own the land you have built your house on, you rent it from the original owners who allow the governments to levy taxes on the property, as long as they get a percentage of the levies.  I could demonstrate this better, but let us leave it at that for now.  So you may have paid off the local branch of financial institution for the purchase of the right to use of the property, but since our money is managed by a large financial institution that is made up of other financial institutions we still are paying for it in the form of governmental interest on our money.  The house itself is really a temporary structure, it is not exactly liquid assets, but because it really could be easily destroyed by either natural disasters, or a bulldozer, it really considered a temporary asset, or in IRS terms, aged assets.  It goes down from there, the contents are various types of depreciated assets, right down to clothing and food, which are essentially short term aged liabilities, as they will need to be replaced often.  To the IRS everything has a depreciation value, even something like a hammer will eventually age, and therefore has a life, that can be calculated if they chose to.  To a degree this is something that can be used by those that know how to use these rules to get out of paying taxes, but believe me you need a degree in accounting, and then little or no morals to do it.  You rent the land, the government makes the payments for you out of your taxes, and you really only rent the house, because upon your sale or death, it will be sold, and someone else will create debt out of the house.  The reason they have such instruments as equity is so you can be taxed on the value of the house that you have paid for, but also so they can keep you indebted longer, based on the principle that you will save money by using the equity in your home to make purchases that you can not afford, rather than more expensive debt.  While on the surface this is “smarter” debt, it also means you will be putting your house up for a short term gain, increasing your long term debt, and likely decreasing the actual value you could earn from the sale of your house later.  You might even put your family in debt, so as that your children will have to pay off the obligations of your short term desires by way of sale of your assets upon your death, to satisfy your long term debt.  It is a game of what we want, and how we are made to believe we need these items of indebtedness because the items we own are just not good enough anymore.  The Telephone is a good example.  When the telephone first came out on the market, it was something that only the truly wealthy could afford, as you had to buy the actual Telephone device, as well as pay for the line to come to your house.  Most often it was usually unavailable outside the urban centers at all, unless you were really really wealthy, and had political ties.  Once the company realized this device could be used to fund other projects, they began creating demand for its use.  The ordinary people had no use for it, they did not communicate across great distances.  The Telephone company convinced the government that it was in the best interest of the common people that they get some tax dollars so they could install telephone lines out from city centers to other city centers, connecting the business districts, so financial transactions could be enacted better.  So you as taxpayers paid for the lines that would connect the banks and other financial institutions so they could more easily take your money from you.  On top of that the Telephone company was nearly immune to employment taxes, as they had made deals with the government that they would hire people, in exchange for paying taxes, both employment and land.  In fact they got out paying almost any tax or fees because they were an emerging technology and therefore speculating on the use of this technology, and the taxpayers who derived no benefit from this technology should not only foot the bill, but should also expect that the company should keep all the profits for “reinvestment” into the technology, so that at some point in the future they would be the beneficiary of this “new” technology.  Incidentally it was based on a previous technology that was also paid for by taxpayers who received very little benefit from it.

Oh snap, you all want proof of this, well dig a little, you do not have to go too deep, just look up the internet, it was born of this same methodology.  We get this idea in our heads, especially as “free citizens” of the United States of America, that we get this stuff for free.  Remember free TV, no you do not, because you never had it, there has never been free tv, it has always been paid for by the taxpayers, and by advertisers, who manipulate the people into believing they “need” something they only desire.  You do not need a burger, fries and shake, you want them, and you only want them because the advertisers made you want them.  If you did not watch tv, and you did not see the advertisements you would not even know that these things existed.  You would not want them, because for one thing they are not really all that good, just really sweet.  They sold you on the ideas behind the bfs, and you all bought it hook, line and sinker.  Hey do not feel bad, I get it, I like me a bfs once in awhile, and I do not want to go about making them the “old fashioned” way, sometimes.  Besides as a kid it was a treat, remember this, in my youth it was a “treat” to go to a Red Barn, Carols, or A&W and get a bfs meal.  It came about as a consequence of the car and wage slavery.  Hey if you do not know those brands, that is ok, do not worry, I live on the East Coast, North East New York for that matter, they were the brands I grew up knowing, but I am sure there were some where you lived as well.  Maybe they are gone now, or been converted to the few remaining brands that ate the diversity of choice that did exist, but whatever, the point is the same, it was a treat, not a need.  Incidentally, as far as I am concerned, the illusion of choice we have today is just that, and illusion, there really is no difference.  Red Barn beat them all, even the burger king McDonalds, better value, better quality, and better atmosphere, but that is obviously why they had to go.  Most of you reading this probably will not remember that in the 1970’s McDonalds did not have a Big Mac, just burger, cheese burger, fries, and drinks.  The burger wars of the late 70’s which lead us into the 80’s and the slow decline of choice, or real options, and the illusion of individuality was by the 90’s firmly established, and no one really even is alive that can remember how they turned a perfectly good treat into a daily need that has no value whatsoever.  It was started much earlier than that, but that was the most blatant version of it.  It has occurred in every aspect of life since the beginning of civilization as far as I can tell.  Mono has run rampant in this culture, the Egyptian, Greco, Roman, European, culture eversense.  If you want to know what happened to the ancient cultures, like the great Egyptian cultures, follow the money.  You will find the wealth never changed, it is old money because it is the same money.  The methods of enslavement have changed to reflect the needs of the slaves, but the enslavement has continued and will continue, because the slaves do not realize they enslave themselves.

Wow!  I have gone a long ways away from the intentional direction of this document, and I feel like I should steer it back, but at this point, I do not wonder that it would seem like I was just creating an illusion of diversion so that it would not seem like I was presenting one type of information for another.  I might as well finish with the Mono thing, or at least get deep into it, so you all can look a little deeper into the abyss that is Mono, and wonder, really, has he completely lost what little sanity he had.  Already I can hear the masses (oh, like people actually read this stuff, other than the watchers, but that is something else), shouting show me the facts.  While I could show you some facts, facts are not truths, the truth is facts are only as good as the data upon which they rest, and that is a slippery slope at best.  The truth is right before you, do you really think this county the US was like what it is today when the rapist that were sent here came here.  The truth is there is no indigenous people to North or South America, we are all immigrants, although some have been here longer than others, so I will give credit where credit is due, the people of the East were here first, and then maybe the Egyptian breakaways second.  The Truth is in the reality of the moment, nothing is forever, but the European stock is more immediately wasteful than most.  We were not always that way, and I have yet to discover the fall of the culture completely, or the source of this Monoculture, but it did happen, and it happened to create a wealth that is exclusive to one group.  It splintered the remaining people into other groups, but this is meaningless at the moment, as that is something I have yet to breach here, and I do not intend to, yet.

Well I have rambled on now for too long, completely away from anything that I set out to do, so I am going to rest this for a bit, and come back to it sometime in the future.  For now I will publish it on my web log, you know blog, and see if it gets any comments, beyond those from the people who comment just to try and sell me something.  I do not fault them for that, everyone has their part to play in this production, but I will state that if they think they are going to entice me with their poorly written prose, then they just do not know me all that well.  On that, I am perfectly happy with my size, shape, and other superficial aspects of the self.  I am not depressed, not manic, and I do not really need assistance in analyzing my self worth.  I live a pretty austere life by choice, although it is certainly moderated by those that surround me, and I mean even those that are not aware of their influence.  I have very little desire for material desires, and although yes, I do like my computer, I can easily do without it, so to challenge me on such things is really a waste of energy, but go ahead, it is your right.  Anyway, I am going to go and check on some things like pipettes, and turkey basters, and see what I can find in the way of stuff that will make our lives just a little nicer, even if it is only a minor desire that we really do not need.  Tune in another day, for more of the same.


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