Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Letter to My Representatives

Letter to My Representatives

January 18, 2012

I know as my representative you are not supporting these bills, SOPA and PIPA.  As I know your being of above average intellect and concern for our welfare would not support such measures as they would create long term devastating ramifications to our economy and not achieve the designed or indicated results.  

Therefore this letter is but a formality to ensure you that I support your effort to kill these bills before they are put before our President, as we all know his job is hard enough without the addition of making decisions on legislation that should not be presented in the first place.

Thank you, and expect additional letters from me in the future congratulating you on your efforts, and concerning the Farm Bill.  As a farmer who also is heavily involved in the Internet, these two efforts for me intertwine.


James E. Doud
Parish, NY 13131

Publishing the Web

Or at least my little part of it.  I was thinking of publishing a small condensed version of my main blog, with some bits from some of my other blogs, so I could maybe see what others think of them.  I am not a blogger like most, as I don't blog regularly, or about any particular subject.  They can be personal, political, whimsical, and any combination thereof.  They are often full of shit, sometimes include a bit of whit, and often they are referenced to the Internet (yea I know it doesn't rhyme, get over it).

Well that is my thought on that, and since I haven't decided it yet, you will have to see what happens, if you find it interesting enough to remember.


Maybe We Can Be Taught

From my G+ Stream

I am hoping that no one gets the wrong idea, I am supporting the blackouts, I believe that SOPA and PIPA are bad bills, ill written at the very least (just an inside joke), and I think they should be defeated.  I just ask, what effect does that have beyond this moment.  This is a moment for people to realize their effects, to understand that legislation is not the answer to their problems.  This is a moment to realize much, but will they.  Will people, realize anything beyond the glossy essence of the moment at hand and the hype that is currently present.  This is the question I ask.

As with my support, I strive to provide a new thought, what now.  If we are able to defeat these bills for our own immediate gratification, will it provide any further insight into our human experience that could be changed not through government action, or legislation, but through the common goals and objectives that we can achieve if we really wish to.  If these bills are stopped it is because we have added our voices and our action to this cause, why can't we do this before the fact.  Why must we be hit on the head with the club before we realize this might be something we could do if we just wanted to.

This is the point I am trying to make, if we can do this, why can we not do this type of thing without waiting for the midnight hour.  Why all the drama, the blood and circuses, why not take control of our lives.  Why piracy in the first place.  If it were not for the middle men there would be no piracy.  To end piracy you have to change the way you deliver your creative works.  If people buy it, they will produce it.  How do we know that the very same people who say they are against piracy are not behind it, to ensure that they have high profit margins, there are too many questions, not enough answers.

Yes we should stop SOPA and PIPA, but shouldn't we stop the behavior pattern of reaction, and cultivate one of action by the people for the people.  The Internet is our first real forum for active participation, should we allow it to be also one more vehicle for our loss of interest.