Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Phone Plan

So the post season ends for the Yankees, with a disappointing loss to the Tigers.  Not a surprising result to most fans, as the Yankees are getting on with no new trades of late.  They will most likely look to find new blood next year, although not turning out some of the best, they may add some new names to the roster.

Going to be watching the NY teams play today, Bills, Giants, and Jets all play today, and I will be keeping an eye on them throughout the day.  Not much of a Bills fan, or Giants really, the Jets game will be the one I am most interested in.

Beyond the games, I wonder what we will have to eat with the game.  I haven't gone to the store today, but I have to before the Jets game.  Maybe pizza and wings, that might be good for the day.  Why do we need such things for games, why can't we just watch the game without food?  Why does food go so good with football?

Well, whatever the reason, I have to go downtown to get it, and I will miss some of the game.  Why will I miss some of the game, because I don't have a data plan on my Android phone anymore.  I am looking for a good pay as you go Android plan, and so far Strait Talk offers the best deal, unlimited talk, text and web for $45.00 a month, but for GSM phones they use the T-Mobile network, which is not as good as their CDMA network, which uses the Verizon network.  I am looking for another pay as you go network, but nothing offers Unlimited web, or even any amount of data at a reasonable price on the AT&T network.

I guess for the $60.00 it will be worth it to try the Strait Talk plan, but if it don't work, I will not be happy.  I just hope that if it does not work I will be able to transfer the card to my wife's phone which is already on the Straight Talk system.

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