Saturday, August 04, 2012

After the Aftermath

I often ask the question; what happens after the armageddon after.  I mean most of your SHTF types of scenarios seem to focus on the survival of the individual or small groups of most concern to individuals and small groups.  They seem to focus on the death and destruction, the Martial law, the lawlessness, the issues and conditions of the events and immediately thereafter.  What happens after that?

I have considered all the sadness and loss.  Most likely I will not last long into the future world after the aftermath, I am perpetually a target.  My wife is very weak physically and will most likely not survive any major attempt on the immune system without certain precautions, which I consider everyday.  I consider all these conditions and situations, and even sometimes laugh at the idea that the “global elite” thinking they have think tanks they employ to do the very same things, with less results, and wonder about them.  Yes in almost every case millions, maybe even billions of people will die, even myself most likely.  The question is then, what happens then.  There is no such thing as total annihilation, extinction is almost never complete.  What of those that somehow survive.

I don’t know what happens, but I have considered it, and wonder why others do not.  Is it fear that they will not be amongst the few who are the survivors.  Is it that many of the people who promote the survival theory, mostly for their own immediate gain, are concerned that they also will be counted amongst the many who do not survive.

I guess I am asking who are the chosen?  I don’t think religion will save many, but who can say, who will speak of the next step, beyond the destruction and mayhem of total social collapse.