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Note: in looking for a place to place this, I put it here, but I think if the response is sufficient I will make a new blog for it, maybe on its own server, if someone is willing to donate the server to host it upon.  Thank you and enjoy, and look for more.  Oh and the title is just something I am calling it for now, I will give it a better name at some other time.

What the hell is going on here?  At what point does the insanity end?  Still sitting here, hands tied, with nothing left, and I am still without the energy to dream.

I keep looking for new information, additional information.  Something to collaborate the stories that float around.  I keep seeing stories coming out of many places, most of which seem to have common themes.

The unemployment rates around the world are bad, but not critical yet.  Even in the US unemployment which has increased this last month, is not highly critical.  The majority of people still are employed.  Those who are still employed are having difficulties, but they are still employed, and many of them are reacting with protectionism, for their own employment.  The global unemployment rates are relatively higher, but for now that is status quo.

I would like to go on about this, but the sources are so difficult to verify.

Fiscal Fitness
Like so many other indicators in the global scale, depending on the source you are watching, the fitness of global fiscal fitness is either abysmal, or recovering.  The Pan European nations are having issues with their currency.  The dollar is down against the market.  China’s economy is contracting.  These factors are going to have global impact, causing global contraction, as dominoes begin to fall.  If consumer confidence cannot be increased, if trade doesn’t begin to rise, the result could be global contraction of financial markets.  This could result in defaults on loans by governments, by total destruction of some markets and economies, and rapid rise in global inflation rates.

There are many sources that state the poor state that the economy is in.  There are other sources that state that we are in a slow recovery, which does not come with its cost to the general public.  All the sources that I have looked at seem to indicate one thing, that no one has any idea what will happen, and that we are in a volatile market worldwide.

What does this mean to investors?  Well a savvy investors will be able to see the opportunities that this unstable market presents, defence stocks, survival stocks, preserved food stocks, are just some of the areas that seem to be havens for money.  Also for anyone that bets on the commodities, buying long on the grains markets can prove profitable.  For those that play with currencies, this can be a time of great gains and sudden losses, depending on how well you are at making lightening trades.

If you are currently solvent and are looking for somewhere to invest, try offshore banking.  These havens for capital are currently seeing rising in their deposits and transfers as many wealthy people scurry to find places to hide some of their newly gained wealth.
The old money is still highly leveraged in land and value added land (mining and other types of real estate investments).  The middle east is still in turmoil with revolution in the air, with many of the very wealthy people there to continue to off load their wealth in various forms, including increasing their use of offshore banking.

At one time, many years ago, I met a guy that talked to me about offshore banking.  At this time it was a relatively new concept, but I could see the potential.  I unfortunately let that opportunity go by, as I was caught between an internal conflict with wealth and charity.  I have since learned better, but now I am not in the position to take advantage of such opportunities.  If you do have the means, I will tell you that although there are some serious sharks out there in offshore banking, and the research is not easy to find the ones that are real investments, it is very worth the effort.

“Revolution is in the air”, and although I cannot really find a source for the statement, it does seem to come out of the communist movements most often.  However there is a lot of sources that state that democracy is the new revolution that is sweeping across the globe.  Both of these statements seem to hold water.  In the middle and near east it seems the ruling classes are being given lessons in civic democracy.  This still has a lot of time to go before anything other than the usual change of monarchy or oligarchy will be the result.

The undercurrents of communism seems to be there, but not in the places where you would expect them to be.  There seems to be a rather large movement within the developed nations of the US and the UK (as well as the other Euro countries) towards a type of communist movement.  Not the type of Lenin or Marxist communism, but a economic driven communism where the mega corps and banking cartels are working out a type of oligarchy for economic control of the current developed nations.

How this will all play out is very difficult to predict.  Economic factors seem to show that a global economic collapse is imminent, but is it really.  Further investigations seem to indicate that this economic collapse is politically driven and is not one that will have the deep long term effects that many sources are indicating.  Additional indications show that news that indicates the dismal economic factors are overplayed, and that the real picture is not as bad as the sources seem to report.  So much is being thrown around about the effects of a economic collapse it seems to be fueling it itself.  Quite likely the intention of the forces behind the story.

Amid the violent turmoil that is present in many areas of this world, individual cases seem to be escalating with the rise in the revolutionary fever.  The rise in individuals or small groups within developed nations that seem to be random and unconnected, are causing people in these nations (especially the US), to question many of their rights, and regulations connected to these rights.  One main question seems to be part of an attack on our rights of expression, to bear arms, to transgress within our borders, and other such items, that seem to float around the web in various forms.  The main stream media does not seem to be providing any indication if there is any validity to these stories, and too many people are taking these poorly researched articles as fact.  This opens doors for the savvy investors.

Where this all leads is open to debate yet.  Following the money, you will get the idea that the wealthy are pulling their money out of the developed nations and looking for safe havens in the offshore banks, and other havens of paper wealth.  The old money continues to protect themselves through influence and increasing their holdings in solid assets.  Their purchasing of minerals, land and other solid investments, seem to indicate that nothing has changed, this has always been their methodology.  However that they are less visible in media, in politics, or other areas they are normally involved, seems to indicate they either feel nervous of such actions, or that they have seen the writing on the wall, and the geo-political atmosphere is one total collapse.

As to add additional unconfirmed data to the mix, there are many reports about cosmic movements, from established vanguards of science that indicate that we may well be in for a very rough year from solar activity.  This could mean that we may be facing anything from global catastrophe, to just having spotty communications over the next couple of years.  I would seriously consider looking at terrestrial based networks and the companies involved in building such networks (i.e. wifi, wireless networks, tower companies, and their ilk), as even if there is no damage to the world as we know it from the solar flares, these up and coming companies and their partnerships will be good investments for the next few years anyway.

I have provided no actual investment advice here.  I have not also provided source material.  As to the sources, I try to look at many sources, from many places.  I read papers, magazines, web sites, view various news programs, make comparisons with the hundreds of blogs and multiple social sites I also puruse.  I watch Bloomberg Television, CNN, Fox Networks, CBS, NBC (formally MSNBC), Fora TV, Al Jazeera TV, RT TV, CCTV, Tan Network, AGWeb (including the weekly USDA Farm Report), listen to many different sources (NPR, BBC radio, others)  I also follow many other sources, including Thom Hartmann, Alex Jones, and their ilk.  I dig deeper and deeper until I am pretty certain that I have a handle on what I am providing.  If you want more for less (I don’t charge for this you know), you can keep an eye on what is here and see what comes of it.  I would like to plug a couple of things here, I really like Motley Fool, if nothing more than for the name.  I follow a few others, including the movements of such things as Berkshire Hathaway, and other makers.

I have tried to present an introduction to the mindscape that I will put out for a while if it still appeals to me.  Remember this, I take no income from anything related to this, and endorse no one in particular, even though I may provide names of certain companies, or other things, it is all an opinion on things, and should not be seen as anything else.  Even this bit of a disclaimer is not really a disclaimer, but as an explanation as to why I am posting this.  Not because I want to help people, or give any group or individual credit, or anything, but say what I feel needs to be said.  In the future articles I expect that I will provide more information, may be more specific, maybe more cryptic, but it will be what I feel like writing about the things I feel like writing about for my own reasons, and not for any other reason.
Now with that said, I think I will think about a name for these post, and will see what I can do to provide dedicated readers with some sort of way to support them if they feel that is necessary.  Most likely any contributions that ever do come from such efforts will be given to some charity of my choosing.  It is not that I do not need money, as I am certainly not without need, and most people believe themselves to be, but that this is not what I do for a living, I do this for my own sanity, not anyone elses.  So if you feel it necessary to incentivize me to continue to write these post, and would like to support my various other causes, I will look into making that possible.  If this is something you feel strongly about, please comment, or send me an email, or join me on any of the various social sites, tweet me, or otherwise contact me to let me know.  Incidentally I prefer G+ over FB, but I am not against either one completely.

Well that’s all for today.  This is raw, without much in the way of editing, so if there are problems with it, I will republish it when I have corrected the issues, provided I find them significant enough to warrant such action.

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