Monday, May 21, 2012

Economic Balances

There is sufficient evidence that there will be an economic balance in the near future.  Will it be a return to something else, or a new paradigm, this is yet to be determined.  It is certain that the current economic condition cannot continue to sustain itself.

There are several factors that are leading to a major correction fo the economic imbalance.  The division of wealth is one of them.  The second is energy cost, the associated capital cost and human labor cost.  Each of these is a system of a bigger issue, and that is sustainability of the economic model.  The current model is not sustainable, and cannot continue as it is.  The idealistic system of economics that is often presented by the social bureaucrats has not and will not work.  The concentration of wealth within the holds of those which are able to hold the means of capital, and marshal them with the ability to produce economically through the use of normal capital usage is strongly present in our base material.  Very few are able to make economic use of land, capital, and resources, and because of this, we have had a long period now of waste of resources and capital in an attempt to make use of them in a fashion that is not sustainable.

A return to an economic model that considers the resources and means would bring about a new regrowth, although the growth would not be in the direction that most people could recognize.  The times of our greatest works, were during times of least freedom for the common person.  Or this would be the understanding.  Our current sensibilities of Christian beliefs (or other monotheistic beliefs) have provided us with a common understanding that each individual is free to decide that which they are capable of, when the reality is often quite different.  I do not try to present here that choice is not part of our human psyche, but that as economics are concerned, the vast majority of people are not provided with the means to accurately make good economic decisions, and most often the illusion that is propagated through this system does not represent any real choices at all.  To go against the system is to languish in less fulfillment and the need for chemical dependence to supplement our spiritual needs, while our more base needs are barely met through induced marketing.  Current economic trends has reduced us as a society to singular dimensional beings, who solely apply the universal panacea of marketing as the cure for any and all needs before all else.

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