Thursday, April 12, 2012

Earthly Desires

What have I of such things, this stuff that surrounds me, and by its weight alone drowns me in the mire and murk of modern existence.  These letters appear on the screen by some trick of the light, from which it seems, that any such urchin of any such means, could as well produce these lights in as a well formed way, if not immediately, within a quick moment of time.  No true labor is expended, no true arch of movement of appendage, but of digits etching digits onto what for all intents and purposes appears to be a page of some mystical origin.

This grand presenter, with sound and picture, that holds fast to wall and structure by a fastening of unseen creation, processes light and radio waves, providing a view into what is most easily taken as a society, while outside, beyond the colors and shouts, there lives and breathes another sort of life.  It knows this, or so it is known, at least to those that by some distant eye see into the souls of its practitioners, allowing them to continue to escape notice while adding to the perception of loss that by all accounts is most certainly replaced for a few moments of your labors.  I am the way, the path to glory and fame, this box of deception presents with the flourish and fortitude of a priest on a Lenten Sunday.  Give unto me your dedication and donation, bring to me your children for sacrifice, and I will bestow upon thee all the virtues of vigor and vice.  As they all pray to this humble servant of his lord’s magnanimous benefaction.

Apples and Oranges, Peaches and Plums, all fully ripe, fresh from the blooming of a new days dew.  Partake of this feast, this bounty of plentiful, while still in most succulent form.  Colors distort, cause eyes to report, that which is not really seen.  As shelves of abundance, are elongated to exaggerate the image of this bounty, despite its limits of truth.  We are all aware of such deceptions, such errors of our own doing, yet helpless to resist the perception of own eyes.  By this magic, given its origin, its order and direction, we are known to be lulled so easily into the lack of this knowledge, well known.

*Just a little sample of some stuff I am working on*