Friday, January 06, 2012

The Next World Today

Looking Out

So much hope for the future, yet a lot of maybe, and not much more than promises.  I have seen a lot of really cool stuff, and lots that looks like it will make a difference, but will it really.  The second big question, will politics get in the way.

2012, it is the end of the world as we know it?  I really hope so, because we really need to move on.  Here are some things I am looking for, simple stupid things mostly, but let us see if this can be done, and we will move on from there.

Portable printer, a nice laser printer, doesn’t have to be color, but it needs to print a full 8.5x11 or at least A4 piece of paper, regular paper, since we can not seem to get beyond paper.  I have seen some alright portable scanners, but I can scan a document with my phone, so that is moot, printers is what we need.  If we can get a portable mono chrome laser printer to be about the size of the portable scanners that would do it.  Not likely, not enough demand, and that would suit me fine, but get rid of the paper trail then, enough said there.

Transportation, another big subject, and should be given its own document, but I am going to treat it here a bit, as there are some easy things to hit right now that can be expanded later.  People transport; if we are dead set on individual transport, fine, make it small, make it electric, and make it safe.  This is a good start, the C1 from Lit motors, is a good start.  I like it, it would be good for most people in today’s world, and would do a lot to cut the traffic flow in the cities.  Not so much a solution to cargo, but we have had the solution to that, and we haven’t used it, yet, maybe this year aye.  The only problem with the Maglev is that it is being more focused on passenger traffic, when it is more a cargo solution.  Yes it would be good for transport of people over longer distances, but lets get the cargo solution solved first, people still have viable solutions.  We are still dealing with an infrastructure issue here, hard to run a world on electricity when there are no electricity filling stations.  The design and set up of the maglev network would cure some of that, as the same tech used for that could also be used to work for passenger vehicles.  This develops a different life style though, and that will be handled a little later.  Well I do not want to spend to much time here, we have a ways to go, to get to the place I can see, but we are definitely on the right track, in some places.

The next logical step is to eliminate the need to go places, as much.  To reduce the need for people to be in offices to do jobs that could be as easily done from the comfort of their own homes, in less time, and with greater productivity.  Eliminate the need for the commute, and you eliminate the need for the traffic solutions.  A slow moving train.  What is a slow moving train, well it is a concept.  The new mall if you will.  A new way of things being delivered, that eliminates the need for people to go to the store, as the stores come to them.  The new city.  Built on a basis that people live in the city for two basic reasons, one that is where the work is, and that is where the life is.  That is fine, that is great, but the design is about 1000 years old, and hardly ecological or economical.  Cities could be built in the round, and in layers of slow moving wheels that provide each person with the ability to move from place to place without personal transportation.  Eliminate the paper work and that increases the whole thing 10 times, as there would be nothing but networks to consider.  Energy from the sun, the only renewable resource, at least as far as I know.  Housing for several hundred billion, built in commerce, and security, all around a central plaza where there would be a tower of life.  I can not draw or I could show you the city, but you will have to imagine it.  I will go into detail later, but this is where we need to head, or we are out of our minds.

What about food, billions of people need billions of metric tons of food, right.  Well sort of, but not really.  On an individual scale we need less than we think, and mostly we eat because we are suffering from other issues of the mind.  Reduce the stress and other issues, and we will automatically reduce the issues that cause the illnesses and other issues that plague the world.

Okay now this Utopian world is looking rather ugly politically speaking.  Who lives, who dies, we have all seen the movies, or read the books, this requires population controls.  Why yes it does.  It requires people to be realistic, and understand that they are not islands in society but part of a bigger society, and with that comes responsibility.  Yes it would require people to understand that they have to control their baser emotions and not go about having twenty children.  Anyone want to volunteer to live here now.  The truth is getting worse by the minute, and you haven’t even seen the darker side.

I guess this is as far as I am going to go now, as there is a lot yet to learn, and some hard lessons yet to be taught to people, but I hope it will come as no surprise to people when they are metered out in the near future.  Me I will sit back and watch as what happens, happens.  Why?  Because I have seen what could be, what might be, and may even be, and there are some ugly issues that need to be dealt with, and some parts that some people will not like.  There is a wonderful world ahead for some people, but who will that be.  I most likely will be dead by then, so I don’t really care.  I  believe that my clan will carry on in my wake, but I can not say one way or the other.  I think they will not too, as I have seen both, and it will depend on their desires, which is sad to imagine.  In the shadows and darkness of the future, there are possibles and variations that most would not like to contemplate.  I have.  I have looked into that darkness and seen that what most people would fear to think about.

When I was fourteen I re-created the world, and somehow I think that slipped out, as I see most of it unfolding before me now.  It was not a perfect world, it was a world of light for some, and deepest darkness for others.  Then as I got older I realized that in the shadows of what I saw there was more than I realized then.  And that is for another time.  This has gone on to long, and it is about to end, are you ready.

Sleep Well