Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Post to View

I got up at 7:00 this morning, because I wanted to have time to myself, because that is when I write the best.  It is now 7:50, and I am just now starting to write in this blog.  Most of the time has been spent catering to the dogs.  As much as I like the little dogs, and I do like them, they are consumers, consumers of time, consumers of food, consumers of needs.

The computer is the same way, I turned it on at about 7:15 this morning, and it was at least a 1/2 hour before I was able to really use it, even if I could have.  Most of that is my fault, I run lots of scans at start up, virus scans, clean-up scans, and I also have lots of start-up programs, like networked drives and cloud services.

In fact I do a lot of things that get in my own way.  I have yet to figure them all out, but they are there because I am for the most part my own worst enemy.  Just like this blog which is rambling and headed no where, I get in my own way.  I should be talking of topical things, like guns, and children, and the end of the world as we know it, but instead I talk about obstructions, like dogs, and my computer, and my own personal bs that I use to prevent myself from actually doing anything of any type of importance.

So the next blog post will be about the important things, and I will let this one go, so I can get on to other things, and hopefully get back to writing.

Used to be writing was not so difficult.  Used to be that writing was just a matter of sitting down and the words would just flow onto the page.  Used to be I didn't seem to have anything else more pressing to do.  It now seems everything else is an excuse not to write, including that I am not alone.

Now I realize that I used to write about being alone, and the neglected and indigent, and sadness, and well just the dark and lonely crap everyone else felt, but could not put into words.  That is what I used to do, but now I am not lonely, I am happily married to a wonderful wife.  We have several dogs, and from her first marriage she has several children, and through that we have several grand children.  We also have a farm, of a sorts (although it should be more, but I won't go into that just yet), and have goats, and sheep, chickens, and well that's it for now, oh and cats, but they live in the barn with the rest of the animals.  I am not bored, I have plenty of things to do, everyday.  I am not lonely, I have many people and animals in my life.  I am not indigent, well I have never been indigent, but I used to know people who were.  I don't have a lot of friends per se, as well I have other things to do, and so do they, so they don't come see me, and I don't go see them, and well, that's not really an issue anyway.  I have never been neglected, I was the youngest of eight, and was treated with all the attention and accordance that any exceptional child should receive.

I think because I was not any of those things ever, that I used to write about, I could write them without feeling, without concern for the feeling, because I was not them, I was not there, I was observing them.  I am not there still, or I am not there again, or yet, or for that mater, there has only really been one low point in my life, the time when I let my daughter go, and that memory haunts me still.  Nothing else seems to stick, everything else seems to flow, as it always has, but that memory continues to hold me, cold and desolate, as I sit there in my truck, as she goes with her grand parents, and the first real tears I ever remember crying, short of those a child cries for numerous reasons, reasonable or otherwise, came and continued to flow for quite some time.  Not really sobbing and crying so much, but just tears that didn't seem to end, and sadness that didn't seem to allow for any other feeling.

The only other time I ever remember coming close to that feeling was when my father died.  I do not even know why.  He died when I was away, on a drug crazed, party all day all night, tripping and drinking adventure to buy tickets for a concert in Toronto.  For 8 days, I and a friend of mine stayed on the streets of Toronto, waiting to buy tickets, with about 75 other crazy people from all over the US and Canada.  No one even knew anyone's names, my friend and I were Syracuse and Canton, and the girl I was hanging with was known as BC girl, while the guy that held the list, was known as Listman.  When I finally got back into NY, and had to stop at a truck stop just north of Watertown, NY because I was out of gas and out of cash, I called my family to see if they could come up and get me some gas.  That is when my mother told me about my father.  He had died two days ago, and the funeral was set for the next day.  She said she was sorry, and I said oh, okay.  She said she would send my sister with some gas money, and I said good-bye and thank you.  I went back to my Fiat 124 Sport, fell into the front seat and for some reason cried like I have never cried in the ten years between 8 and 18.

Even now, for some reason, these two weird unrelated events still cause me to remember everything that occurred in between, before and after, each, and how they have no relation, but still they are the only two times I remember tears that fell so long and hard, they seemed to have no end.  I do not cry easily, although I do tear up now more easily than I used to.  When I think about my grand children, or the loss of a dog, or the endless fight for our farm, or the hardship my wife has been made to endure, but they are just damp eyes, rarely a small tear will form, but nothing that compares to the utter debilitating and blinding tears that streamed from my eyes, on those other two seemingly unrelated events.

Both of them were losses, but that is all I can come to.  In fact both of those events still cause me to feel on the verge of tears, and so I will not speak of them again.

I will now talk of things I can't seem to wrap my head around.  Nothing really dramatic, simple things, like why I can't seem to make the jump to digital film.  I have always been a lover of all things digitized, save one, photography.  I am in awe of the new photographers who can seem to make such wonderful photographs with their digital slr cameras, and even now with cell phones.  Mind you I haven't really had the opportunity to work with a Nikon or Canon SLR, but no matter, I can't seem to get even a half way decent photo from my point and shoot.  I used to have a basic Yashica SLR, and a beautiful Contax RTS with Carl Zeiss Lenses, as well as some other cameras, the Kodak Box Brownie, which I often used to teach other people how to use, and a bunch of old cameras and lenses that were more for the nostalgia value than anything else.

I used many different cameras, a studio 8x10 for studio shoots, and a TLR or two that used the 120 format. I had a cramped little darkroom in the bathroom of my mother's mobile home, where I developed b&w film and photos once the Oswego Art Guild went to hell and I was no longer able to use theirs.  I shot all sorts of great films, Kodak Ektachrome, Kodachrome, Panalure, T-max, Ilford, Agfa, and others both color slide and print films, as well as some of the best silver tone black and white films ever made.  I developed 1000's upon 1000's of rolls of films, and made prints, and inter-negatives, and enlargements, and used all sorts of techniques like dodging, and burning, and mask, and gobo's and tricks like pushing and pulling, and whatever else I could do to make a print just the way I wanted it to look.

I remember the smell of developer and stop bath, and fixer, and washing in cold water paper backed matte finished prints and laying them on racks with blotter papers and coffee table books of great photographers like Ansel Adams and Edward Steichen used as weights to keep the corners from curling.  I remember so well these things, that even now I can still smell the smell of strong vinegar and the over tones of urine that seemed to come from the trays while I carefully shifted prints from one to the other, crossing my fingers that this was the print that would be at least half of what I really imagined.

I remember the accolades my peers and others gave me for such stunning results that I felt were many times quite short of the level of perfection that they could have been.  I distinctly remember the director of photography at Oswego College complimenting on my copy work, when I was to make copies of his photographs for display in the gallery, saying that my copies were almost better than his originals.  It came as no surprise to many of the artist who sat for me, while I photographed them in natural light, preferring to use reflectors and other such tricks to focus the softer filtered light of the sun than the harsh yellow arc lights, or cold blue flash.

I rebelled against the digital age when the first Pentax and Canon cameras hit the stores.  I joined in with the die hard acetate defenders when digital film began to take its place in my favorite camera joints.  I nearly cried when my most favorite camera shops began to go out of business because they couldn't compete with the Walmarts and other places where people could get a Cannon sure shot, or Nikon Pix for less than the price of a single zoom lens.  All the while knowing and even writing about the advent of digital photography, and the eventual death of film.  Still I remember going out one cold and stormy night, okay it wasn't really stormy, but it was rather cold, and buying up all the remaining stocks of Ilford film, papers, and chemicals that my most favorite store had, as well as a fair share of their PanX and T-max films.  Some days later I took what savings I had left and purchased the last of their Kodak papers and chemicals, and a lot of other things like light wheels, books, and spare lenses but it was all futile for they went the way of the dodo anyway, just as I knew they would.  They never made the jump to digital, and the owner who I knew on a first name basis, and even had drinks with on occasion at one of the many local pubs, just could not bring herself to sell cheap digital cameras, and she couldn't make a market for the expensive ones, no one was buying.  No matter, really, it was more of a hobby for her, her family had many other businesses in the city, and she would not be hurt by the loss, but I mourn it still, sometimes.

Somewhere my cameras, and all those other things just seemed to disappear   In too many moves, and so much loss and forgotten things as my mother died and her house was lost to neglect I am partly responsible for, many, many things were lost.  Not counting the multiple other times I or my wife lost our most treasured valuables in moves made because we never could seem to get going before something snapped and we were back to having to find another place to live.

Since the age of nine I have basically moved every couple years weather I wanted to or not.  Something happens and there I am packing up less and less stuff, until at some point I got to the point where I didn't want anything, because I was just going to have to pack it up and move it in another year or two.

Still I am a consumer, not a rampant one, but one just the same.  I love computers with a love hate relationship that has been my work and my bane for the past twenty years.  I buy stuff for my computer like is was some other lover, here you go love, have another hard drive, wouldn't you like some shiny new ram.  I follow the press on computers, and industry news, so I can talk with my colleges and clients with some element of intelligence about networking and other such things.  And when people ask me about such things, I fain the arrogant air of one who knows all too much about the machine that so many only wish they could figure out how to make it do everything so they wouldn't have to do anything.  Oh don't worry that time is coming, and when it does, there will be no loss to the human race, as we will have already been lost to ourselves, and won't notice anything any different anyways.  I don't know how it happened, but I can tell you this, somehow, I can't really relate to computers that way, the same way I just can't seem to get digital photography.  I can take alright pictures with digital cameras, and use the GIMP or Photoshop to process them, and make pictures that at the end of the day are good enough for most people.  Maybe not as good as the ones I see sometimes on my Google+ feed, from those people who never even knew what it was to shoot through an optical lens, onto acetate film, and print to papers that more often than not curled up into rolls no matter how many coffee table books of Georgia O'Keeffe you placed upon the blotters above and beneath.

Sure I think if I had a nicer camera, and maybe more free time to devote to playing with such toys as Blender or Maya, I might create wonderful creations, but I just do not seem to have the heart for it.  I might look and buy a couple old field cameras, and the chemicals and plates and make some photos that way, but even still, it will only be for old time's sake, not because I need to.  I have really left that part of my life behind, with all the stuff.  I have mostly mourned that part of what I was, and have tried to move forward, like I did when I quit drinking, it sometimes reminds me at the most inconvenient times.

Reading back through this post, I suddenly realized that I have rambled on for some time now, and maybe I should just let you off with a warning.  If I get the chance I will do it again, and again, not really differently, but with as much misguided misdirection as usual, for that is what I do best; ramble on.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Brutal Skyrim Project 2012

I am on my way to making TesV Skyrim as difficult as it can be.  I am using available mods, and looking at what I will need to do to make it more difficult and deadly.  I am still having some problems with the playability, but I have lowered the graphics settings and that seems to have helped some.  I am still having mod issues, but I will work them out eventually.  Once I have built the new gaming rig I will then be able to pump the graphics up to the max and it will not only be brutal, but beautiful as well.

One of the things I am doing is starting from nothing, with nothing, and with no help from either faction.  This is made possible by the Alternate Start Mod “Live Another Life”.  I like this mod, and have tried a couple different starting points, but the left for dead start is by far my favorite.  The only problem I have even with that is that it starts you still with the fire and health magic, but that is okay, you do not have to use them.

I have had a couple of hiccups this last start, and so I will starting again.  The idea here is that I am going to be building a character, and running him or her (most likely a her as I prefer woman characters) through this world, and using her or his adventures as the basis for a new novel I am working on.  I am thinking of writing an entire series based on the adventures of some characters in this world.  I will be moving to master difficulty as well, to make the work of killing creatures and people that much harder.

I will put together a mod list too, to show everyone what I am using, and maybe make some videos as well, but that remains to be seen.

So that is the project so far, I will continue to update this project as it progresses, and I have new stuff to add.

Thank you for tuning in, and I hope you come back again.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Case for Hemp

While I am not one to usually chime in on this, I would like to at least give a few words about the commercial potential for industrial hemp.

I myself was a user of pot, the kind you smoke to get “high”, but I have given that up in pursuit of more useful things, such as clear thought and persistent memory.  However over the years I have investigated and learned that there is great potential in industrial hemp.

With the spotlight currently on the proposals being presented by Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, as test cases for the medical use, and possible recreational use of marijuana, I thought I would again consider the potential for commercial production of industrial hemp.  Although there is greater potential for the production of medical marijuana, there is still exceptional value and potential in the production of industrial hemp.Simple Over Easy Hemp Shoes (Rock Grey) - Men's Shoes - 8.0 M (Google Affiliate Ad)

Although I would like to go into the whole debate, (not really) on the benefits of industrial hemp, the differences between the stuff grown for medical use, and the stuff grown for industrial use, and all of that ilk, I will not, it has been done to death at this point.  Maybe later I will provide a resource heavy article presenting all the evidence that is available pro and con the hemp debate in general, but for now, this is just a flash article about the potential for industrial hemp.

The reason I even considered the production of industrial hemp is the global potential for its use.  It is very versatile, even if you do not consider it beyond its core product lines.  First consider that hemp is nearly a perfect replacement for the cotton market.  Although not an actual replacement for cotton, hemp can be used as a very good replacement for most cotton based products.  It can be grown without the levels of pesticides and herbicides that are used on cotton, so it is much better for the environment.  That and it can be grown almost anywhere with far less tax on the land.  It does not deplete the soil as cotton does, and it does not need the levels of fertilizer that cotton does to produce at the levels that would be desirable to industry.  It could be the next industrial and agricultural revolution, sort of.

Okay, yes I agree that is a lot of statements that seem to have no basis in fact, and in some ways you are right.  They are based on basic beliefs I hold, because I have seen both products grown, and seen what it requires to do both, and that is mostly how I formed my opinions.  That is what I have, opinions.  If you disagree, so be it, maybe later I will provide a basis for more, but this article is just about my opinion on the potential for hemp production.

So that aside, I believe that if tomorrow NY State were to legalize the commercial growing of industrial hemp, I would be able to capitalize on it.  Given my knowledge of agriculture, my connections within the government, and knowledge of marketing, I could within two years create the hemp cooperative that would give NY State the jump on other states as the hemp capital.  How long they would be able to hold that title would be difficult to say, as many other states present much better potential with multiple season crops, and much larger tracts of land that could be dedicated to the industrial production of hemp.

If I knew that they were going to legalize hemp production, I could get the license in place, the contracts in place (most likely with cooperation with Cargill or ADM), and leases in place to get the land that could be put into production as soon as it was possible.  The difficult part is equipment of course, it would take a couple of years to get the equipment up to speed with the hemp production.  However I could make the current equipment work (with modifications) with the addition of manual labor.  With some quick action, I could get up and running very quickly and provide NY State not only with the jump on the Hemp market, but also a new revenue source, and employment, as I would also begin to build a local cooperative to get more farmers on board using their extra land for hemp production.
The first few years would be the best years, and once established the cooperative could then continue to compete.  What would also be needed would be the production facilities to process hemp products.  The fiber mills, the oil mills, and all the other areas that could be exploited from the plant, including oil derivatives, would continue to increase the potential for the hemp market, but also for the employment and tax basis.

This would work in almost every state in the union, and almost anyone could do it, but it would be a boon for current farmers, who are currently struggling to find ways to maintain their current lifestyle and culture.

I should state that I am definitely pro industrial hemp production.  I should also state that yes I could provide tons of research, from places like Cornell, and other land grant colleges, as well as industrial sources.  I could also provide historical references, such as requirements of the colonial farmers who were required to grow hemp as an agricultural product.  However that information is available everywhere, just do a search on the web.  Here I present my opinion and a brief view of what could be done in a relatively short time to turn NY agriculture around.  Yes I am partial to NY State, I live here, so why shouldn't I be.  This could be done anywhere, and although it should not be the one crop that takes all the glory, or be made the only crop that we as a country grow, it could make a huge impact in our agricultural and industrial contribution to the global market.  If we are once again be a factor in the global scale, we have to make the most of our potential for agriculture and industry, and hemp could be a big part of that.

That is my opinion, and of course I have planned on taking advantage of it if it comes to pass, so I have an invested interest in it.  I will of course provide a more in depth article with sources and supporting data, at some time in the future.  I may also provide some plans for capitalizing on the market if it does come that we can get this to pass.  I am not only person I am sure that knows the potential, and I think we are near that time when we need to consider the potential of industrial hemp seriously before it becomes some other countries industry.  Canada is already making efforts in this area, so we need to consider this, or consider that we will accept our consumer and service status, and forget agriculture altogether.

Well I have gone on about this for too long, and I will let you all get back to something more interesting, while I begin the work to bring you a more comprehensive article about the same thing, and begin looking into who is in this, and what it will take to get this done.  Kirsten Gillibrand you are in my sights here, so expect me to be in contact with you and your office, to see what it will take to get this done.  Thank you for reading, and as always, look for more of the same.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Phone Plan

So the post season ends for the Yankees, with a disappointing loss to the Tigers.  Not a surprising result to most fans, as the Yankees are getting on with no new trades of late.  They will most likely look to find new blood next year, although not turning out some of the best, they may add some new names to the roster.

Going to be watching the NY teams play today, Bills, Giants, and Jets all play today, and I will be keeping an eye on them throughout the day.  Not much of a Bills fan, or Giants really, the Jets game will be the one I am most interested in.

Beyond the games, I wonder what we will have to eat with the game.  I haven't gone to the store today, but I have to before the Jets game.  Maybe pizza and wings, that might be good for the day.  Why do we need such things for games, why can't we just watch the game without food?  Why does food go so good with football?

Well, whatever the reason, I have to go downtown to get it, and I will miss some of the game.  Why will I miss some of the game, because I don't have a data plan on my Android phone anymore.  I am looking for a good pay as you go Android plan, and so far Strait Talk offers the best deal, unlimited talk, text and web for $45.00 a month, but for GSM phones they use the T-Mobile network, which is not as good as their CDMA network, which uses the Verizon network.  I am looking for another pay as you go network, but nothing offers Unlimited web, or even any amount of data at a reasonable price on the AT&T network.

I guess for the $60.00 it will be worth it to try the Strait Talk plan, but if it don't work, I will not be happy.  I just hope that if it does not work I will be able to transfer the card to my wife's phone which is already on the Straight Talk system.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


It is time we took a stand against the corporations, and this is just one way that we can.  Please sign this petition to make your voice known.

Save MERP from Cease and Desist Petition | GoPetition

Monday, August 27, 2012

Piss Off

Whatever Tomorrow

I was going to write another EW post, but things just got in the way.  I was going to write a rant but if just fizzled out with the rain.

I happen to be reading something I wrote on Google+ and the comments that were made.  It is funny to me to read my own writing.  Sometimes I don't recognize it, like it was not me that wrote that piece of philosophical bullshit.  I sometimes wax poetic about the most esoteric things, and then just let it go, fly away crappy bullshit, I am glad you have found your way.  Then someone will take it to heart, and I have to re-read it, because I was certain this time there was nothing in it that was meaningful.

I re-read it, and low and behold I have written some more philosophical bullshit.  Someone will ask me if I care, do I have feelings at all.  Yes, but you don't really know me, and I don't really know you, so let us leave it at, I'm an asshole, and you are just an irritating idiot.

In this you can go away feeling smug that you have once again ferreted out another prick, and shown him to be another shallow dick, okay.  I can go my way knowing you didn't get it from the beginning, you will not most likely get it even if I did give a shit, which I don't, and I didn't have to waste a lot of time, yours or mine, trying to explain something as simple as that to you, or any one of your plastic friends.

There, now I have vented that, I guess it is a bit of a rant, and I am tired and going to bed, so everyone can just fuck off.

I was going to include a really cute picture of my dog with this post, but I thought that would be inappropriate... you know what I think I will anyway, just to piss off someone.  'Cause you know my day just ain't complete unless I have pissed off at least one person a day.  How about you?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

EW2: Diary of an Alchemist

EW2: Diary of a Alchemist

If I were a rich man, I would buy stupid things, like a 
Bodum French Press, 12 oz. (Google Affiliate Ad) coffee maker, and a Bodum Bistro Black Burr Grinder (Google Affiliate Ad).  I don’t like the grinders I have had in the past, always trying to grind the coffee too fast.  This generates heat, and burns the grind before it even touches the heat of the water.  Is this too much to ask.  If I were a wealthy man, like a sultan or a king, or better still like a priest, I would make coffee every morning for myself and anyone who stopped by, as long as they brought some sort of treat.

I would buy my coffee in large sacks, 50 lbs at least, a 100 kilo or so most often, and in the green, and roast it myself, in a roasting house.  The smoky flavors would waft upon the wind, calling out to princes and peasants and bakers of all sorts.  I would blend my coffee as I pleased for the moment, although more often than not, it would be a dark rich blend of Columbia born beans.  I would grind my coffee and boil fresh spring water, enough for all the people who would come bearing fruit turnovers, scones, and pastries.

And we would talk of politics of the local lords, and the court of the crimson kings.  I would listen to their woes and wonder how is that they are so certain of their slight.  With my pipe slowly smoldering and my coffee, I would wait for their tongues to tire before I began to preach.

“My good men, and friends all in attendance, your plights are so raucous and rare as to be one in the same.  Your sight is short, your lives are of misery and pains, and you woe the nature of your lives in vain.  How is this when abundance surrounds you, on side to side, all these measure of friends and neighbors, who come to this coffee house, to partake in my generosity, and that of yourselves.  Everyone ask for that which the other has, and each has what is desired, so what is it that you would want more of, if you already have an abundance of that which is most prized already.”  I would say, which would spark another good bit of debate, lasting long into the mid morning, when obligations elsewhere would break the crowd, and they would disperse, mostly for their own directions.

This would leave me with my own, and none too soon, as the sun would be high upon the horizon and I would be in need of shelter from its burning heat.  No better repast from the will of the sun than to stroll through the wooded paths seeking horticulturals and talking with youthful agents, who still had light left in their eyes and ears that worked.

Smoke tendrils would swirl about my head in the lazy manner of a low lying cloud, giving me the air of a giant I suppose to these youthful attenders.  They would follow in my wake, hanging on the statements I made of cultivars and botanicals, and tinctures and infusions, and the converting of metals.  As the afternoon would lengthen they would have been charged with various task, from collecting plant materials, to cleaning stables, or milking cattle, until all that was needed doing was done, and it was time to learn of edibles.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Experimental Writing 1

Experimental Writing 1

I am starting a new series I am calling experimental writing.  The number at the end indicates the edition.  Since this is the introduction, it contains this bit at the beginning, but future editions will not, they will just be the writing.  What I am attempting to do here is produce some experimental works that I think might work out later into something more polished.  They also might be just character development, or plot development, it is all experimental.

On With the Show
I have been having trouble with this lately, it seems I have more self imposed obstacles than I should have, and they are all very difficult to break.  Sometimes it is time, that seems to be in the way, sometimes its space.  The closer I get to the beginning the more it seems I cannot find the time or the space to complete what I want to start.  It does leave one wondering why does this not seem to work, the way it used to.

There was a time when I was much younger, it was relatively easy, sit down, think about something, and off and running.  The details seemed to flow and produce a well form project, no matter what I did.  Soon though the obstacles began.  It wasn’t long and I kept building them in until I was no longer able to function short of a shot of something.  At first it was easy, a shot of something and I was right back into the swing.  Soon though that did not do it, so it became more and more, and before I knew it I was deep in the darkness of addiction.  

Nicotine stains on my fingers, coffee stains on my desk, empty bottles on the floor, all the signs that I should have seen, but I overlooked because I was without boundaries.  Or so it seemed anyway.  There were things, I could not drive very well, I could not hold a job, I had no life outside my work room, and in there, there was no light.  The downward spiral was nearly complete, and even then I knew it, but I just didn’t want to admit to it.

I began this life with a spark, and through years of self indulgence and self destruction I had tried to extinguish that fire as it grew, until all that surrounded me was darkness.  Sometimes you can be in room full of people, and still be lonely.  It was on a particular day, that what remained of my humanity slipped away from me.

Like any other day, like them all, it started with a cigarette and coffee.  It went on from there into the silence of forgetfulness.  Washing away the memories of the recent past, with alcohol and cannabis.  Even now it is hard to remember, although it comes and goes in flashes.

Well that’s all for today.  Life intervened, and so I must go out and tend to the animals, and work on other things.  I may post another one later, but for now that is all I have, and it seems to be going nowhere, so it may remain just memories.  Mostly I just wanted to get this ball rolling and see what came of it.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

G+ comment on Moan Lisa Fan Club post

This is from a G+ post that I am commenting on, it would seem that one of the people in my stream is having their "art" censored by G+ stating it is pornography.  I do not know how long this debate will continue, but I thought I would capture some of it here as well.

Interesting as I have yet to be given a definition of pornography.  I note that it always comes with a derogatory connotation  but other than that, what the hell is pornography.

I actually haven't really noticed your art much on the stream, as there is so much nudity, it really doesn't seem to matter much to me.  I can filter it if I want, but I generally just ignore it, unless it is interesting.  With minor exceptions, I do not term it pornography, as I am not able to define that term easily.

I could go into a bunch of limits, evocative pictures depicting children in a sexual manner, would be my limit, I am not of that ilk, but I suppose for some that is their thing, and I am not so innocent to say that I could make that judgement.  I would say that I would take offense to it, but that is me, not someone else.  Again we could go into the whole innocence of the child thing, and that is a question for society to decide, for me, it is not an issue, as I believe in individual choice.  This does mean that I to some degree condone such, but I also condone the right of the child, and for that matter of the child's protectors to prosecute the offender if they are deemed to be in the wrong according to the mores of the society in which they choose to participate in.  As you can see this is a moral dilemma, and not one I myself can debate, lacking most of the moral principals that are needed to enter into such debates.

I do however feel that many people would find any nudity to be considered pornography, even though for them, I believe that they are mostly driven by religious zeal.

I will look into the sites that you mention, and if they seem like art to me, for that is something entirely different.  For I determine that which is art to my eye, and be dammed any that debate that, it is my eye.  If it is art to me, I deem it art, and the subject is immaterial.  So if what you do is art to me, then we are in agreement, and I will support that.  If what you do is not art to me, I will support your position, for it most certainly is art to you, and the nature of our relationship is based on my accepting your opinions as yours, and mine as mine.

To be honest I am not certain what they are censoring, as I do not understand the need for censorship, it seems that one should be able to censor ones own stream, or life for that matter.  If you do not want that don't eat it, should not equate to I can't consume vast quantities of the stuff just because you or someone else thinks it is not good for me.

I am a writer (can you tell) and I sometimes write stories I would not tell to my children, never mind my grandchildren, but that does not mean I am any less compelled to write them, they are the stories I deem necessary to write.  I feel it is not necessary to censor my children, they are all over the age of consent you might say (although I do not consider their maturity, just chronological age :) so I would not prevent them from reading some of my more evocative stories, I certainly would not suggest them, and most certainly would not encourage their children read them, at least with me watching them.

What I am trying to say here, is that for me, and I think for most people (or at least it should be) art is in the eye of the beholder, and so is pornography.  How does a company or entity, or computer know what that is.

Deep Drought Continues

Well the USDA farm report continues to look bad for corn and soybean crops. The outlook for rain continues to be dismal. This combined with this years grain crops, and you have all the makings of a very tough winter ahead.

I am sitting here watching the drought watch, and the prediction continues to be bad. The dairy industry had been downgraded, with the rise in feed prices being cited as the main reason. If the current trends continue, especially through the winter, we may see many dairy operations selling off, contributing to the increase in dairy prices.

While the increase in. dairy prices at the gate would be good for the farmer, it would seem, it means the cost at the store will increase dramatically, meaning a decrease in demand. This downward spiral may be exasperated by what is predicted to be a light snow load, meaning a continuation the drought. If this does carry, feed prices, food prices, fuel prices, will go to heights not previously seen. This could mean massive good shortages globally, as our imports are cut, and many other producer countries also suffer from the same or worse drought conditions.

To compound this the only place that is getting rain is the primary rice producer countries, too much rain in fact, damaging the annual rice yield dramatically. This could be devastating to the global food markets.

The only winners here are the CBOT speculators, provided they have bet against the crop numbers, and in that way, against humanity. If everything maintains, the farm bill may be moot at best.

Well that's my look on the drought report this week.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

After the Aftermath

I often ask the question; what happens after the armageddon after.  I mean most of your SHTF types of scenarios seem to focus on the survival of the individual or small groups of most concern to individuals and small groups.  They seem to focus on the death and destruction, the Martial law, the lawlessness, the issues and conditions of the events and immediately thereafter.  What happens after that?

I have considered all the sadness and loss.  Most likely I will not last long into the future world after the aftermath, I am perpetually a target.  My wife is very weak physically and will most likely not survive any major attempt on the immune system without certain precautions, which I consider everyday.  I consider all these conditions and situations, and even sometimes laugh at the idea that the “global elite” thinking they have think tanks they employ to do the very same things, with less results, and wonder about them.  Yes in almost every case millions, maybe even billions of people will die, even myself most likely.  The question is then, what happens then.  There is no such thing as total annihilation, extinction is almost never complete.  What of those that somehow survive.

I don’t know what happens, but I have considered it, and wonder why others do not.  Is it fear that they will not be amongst the few who are the survivors.  Is it that many of the people who promote the survival theory, mostly for their own immediate gain, are concerned that they also will be counted amongst the many who do not survive.

I guess I am asking who are the chosen?  I don’t think religion will save many, but who can say, who will speak of the next step, beyond the destruction and mayhem of total social collapse.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Home Office List (strictly personal)

This is strictly a personal note to myself.

To get up and running as a Telecommute Service Support Provider, I need a few things yet.  This is a simplified list, in no particular order, but some things have indicators that indicate their importance for immediate employment.

*USB Headset like this one, it is from Plantronics, and available at, as well as other places.  These are used to communicate through the computer with clients.

*Second Monitor  like this one, from Acer, available from, as well as other places.  This allows remote desktop work, while having my desktop displayed on first monitor.

Important items for the work are marked with an asterisk (*).

Wireless Laser Mouse  like this one from Targus, available from and other locations.  This is a bluetooth mouse so it requires a Bluetooth USB 2.0 Micro Adapter Dongle to work with my current desktop computer.  This mouse combination will give better performance with additional mobility on the desktop.  Also can be used with the laptop, so an additional one would be good to have for mobile applications.

Wireless keyboard such as this one from Logitech, available from or other locations.  With this keyboard it eliminates the need for an additional mouse, as it comes with a wireless mouse, which also eliminates the need for the bluetooth dongle.  Although I am very reluctant to relinquish my old IBM keyboard, it is getting very dated, and at this point except for some letters most of the print has worn off.  I would also like to upgrade to a more ergonomic keyboard, and this hybrid keyboard would move me that way, while not making it impossible to work until I re-learn to type.  However needing to write a lot more, I think I really need to switch to a more ergonomic keyboard.

The next few items are above and beyond the need list, but on to the it would be good for various reasons.

Web Camera like this one, from Logitech, available from and other locations.  This high quality camera will allow me to perform live video chat with clients, increasing the amount of work I can do for clients from my office locations.  It will also allow conference calls and other such calls with its built in stereo microphones.  A tool for collaboration and education, as well as work, it is versatile and of sufficient quality to even produce video productions for posting how-to and help videos for the website.

Computer Desk such as this one, available from and other locations.  This would greatly enhance my office space, and increase my productivity.  The one detractor from it is that it does not really feature a space for paper goods, and such, but that can be rectified as can the lack of a file cabinet.  It appears that you can not have both a computer desk and paper desk at the same time.  I will look for a paper desk to suit the need for a paper desk, which will hopefully complement the computer desk.

Paper Desk such as this one, available from and other locations.  This is from the same company that makes the computer desk, and although not an exact match, it does complement the computer desk, and actually the computer desk can be purchased in the same chocolate coloring, but it is not necessary.  This doesn’t solve all the filing needs, but it does provide paper handling capabilities, a filing drawer for immediate files, and a nice surface for working upon.

Desk Chair such as this one, highly recommended on, and available at other locations.  This will provide a comfortable seat for me to sit in while I spend many hours at the computer working.

Place to sit, and what to sit at covered.  Not essential by no means, but certainly makes working long hours at the computer much more comfortable, and productive.

Now on to the next upgrade, the technology that will enable me to work faster, and more mobile.

Desktop computer, unfortunately for computers I have to go outside the site, as I will build the computer to suit the needs of the work.  At a later time I will post a link to a site that list the parts, from sources, and how much it will cost.  This will give me a more stable system, able of performing many tasks at once, as well as be efficient to operate.  It will operate in a server network, so some of the power will be on the server, but because of the nature of my work, much of the computing will be performed on the desktop, although the data will be ported out to the SAN/NAS through the server.

Laptop computer, here again there is no link, because it will have to be customized to suit my uses.  I will use it for mobile work sites, so it will not be especially powerful, but have what I need to remote into my server through the net, and have the ability to perform low level web video chat.  It will also dock into my vehicle, as well as to the server when I return from the field, to upload any data collected in the field.

Tablet computer, used mostly in the field to collect data, eliminate paperwork, and access various other computer networks through wireless networks.  Will be docked into the vehicle, as well as into the server.  No decision has been made on this except that it will most likely be an Android powered tablet.

I already have a very good cell phone (Atrix running android) that will work fine for what I need, although I may want to upgrade the headset, and get a bluetooth link for the computer, so I can link my phone with my bluetooth enabled computers.  Of course I would like to remove the service provider need, but that will have to wait until I have paid off my network contract.  In the long run, if I can get another Android powered phone that allows use on any network, and is unlocked right from the beginning that would be idea.

Software, anything I need I can get one way or another, at least for limited use I will need it for.  All the main stuff will be Linux based, open sourced, and for the most part cost very little.

Other tools, I have most other tools I would need, although there are always some that would be nice to have, a better satellite meter, a better DM, a better set of tools in general.  These can be obtained as needed, or as I can afford to upgrade them.

Of course I need office supplies, shipping supplies, and other sundry items, to make the office work.

Laser Printer, I have not worked this out yet, as I have a decent one that just needs an additional part, so that is most likely where I will go with that.  I might get a color wide carriage printer for promotional items someday, but as long as services exist that can do this relatively cheaply, for the amount of work I need done the services are a better option.  I also have a multi-function inkjet printer, for which I can get the color ink, so I can do some limited color work on that.

Camera like this Cannon EOS, or this Nikkon D3100, both available from, or other locations.  Either of these would be good, however since I have not had a lot of experience with digital SLR cameras I have to go by the reviews.  Both these cameras are reviewed well, and are in the middle price range with the packages that come with it.  This will increase my ability to generate better photographs of subjects and objects, however for most of my work, they are not essential, as my phone has a camera that will provide photos good enough for most my clients.

Well that’s the list for the most part.  I will think of some other things for sure, but that always happens.  Sure this is not a cheap list, but it does build on itself.  The items marked with an asterisk (*) are important for immediate operations.  Everything else will make working better, but it will not prevent me from working.

One last thing, I need to be able to host my website, and that requires the cost of my ISP, my web host, and registration of my URL with a DNS provider.  These are on going cost, as are things like electricity, food, rent or house payment, and insurances.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

G+ Comment on Small Business Start-up

Another G+ comment I thought might have a wider appeal than to just the particular thread.

I am not sure if you are aware of the cost involved in starting even a small business.  Take that lemonade stand, seems simple enough, but how much would it cost.  Go to the store buy some lemons, at about 3 for a dollar ($1.00) that's about one pitcher of lemonade, agreed.  Now you need sugar, about 1/2 pound, at apx. $2.00 per pound at the local market, that's another $1.00 added to the pitcher, plus your stock is over now because you had to buy 5 lbs of sugar, so you are in for the full $6.00 on the bag of sugar.

No problem, you can make now 10 pitchers of lemonade, better for your bottom end anyways.  Except now you have to buy 30 lemons, now you are in for $36.00, just on base materials.  Let's not forget the knife for cutting the lemons, another $2.50 for a cheap paring knife on eBay.  You are going to need a pitcher, or two, that's $2.00 any day at Walmart.  Cups for service, that's like $4.00 for a couple of bags of 6oz paper cups.  So what are you into this now, some $45.00 give or take a penny or two.

Seems low enough, why not, should be able to raise that kind of dough from the streets, should you not.

What about the stand, that take materials if you are going to build it, or at least another $30.00 for the table and table clothe at Wally world.  The signage, well again a few dollars, maybe $20.00 at Staples for poster board and a couple of markers.  Still under a $100.00 bill so hell that ain't bad, should be able to get that easy enough, if you are willing to cut someone in on your profits.

Next you will need a location.  Retail sales is all about location, can't get a mall slot, way to much, but maybe a good place near a market, provided they allow that.  Even when they do the real money comes in when you decide that you are going to sell something to the public.

Oh and let us not forget the water, gallon of water $0.99 at Wally world, ice, $1.89 at almost any location, but you will also need a cooler, foam cooler $2.99 at Wally world.  Hey you are still below the $100.00 mark, awesome.  This should work.

Okay, let's start selling lemonade, no problem right.

Dam first person that stops by is a cop, and he is quick to point out that you are not allowed to sell to the public without a retail sales tax number.  Well that day is shot to hell.  Try again tomorrow, unfortunately today's pitcher of lemonade is a loss, as is the ice.

Okay, no problem that is doable, just contact the State Sales Tax Department and get a tax permit, no big deal.  What's that, you need a DBA to get a tax number, well wouldn't you know it.  Off you go to the county clerk to get a DBA to do business as a lemonade vendor.  Better have a good name that is not already used, because each filing is $40.00 or better, and if that name is already taken, that requires a new filing.  Or do a name search at about $10.00 per name searched, and expect a couple days delay.

We'll assume you have an awesome unique name and will only need the first $40.00 for your DBA filing, oh and another $20.00 for the certified copies that you have to give to your bank and the sales tax department.  Excellent you have the DBA, you took your papers back down to the sales tax office, and got the sales tax number.  Wow isn't that cool they didn't charge anything for the number.  That is because they are extorting you so badly each quarter they don't need any front end fees.

All set right, got the papers in order, and re-up on supplies, because maybe you lost a couple of extra lemons due to the heat and no ice to keep them from spoiling.

Where are we, three days into the business and you are down, about $250.00 mostly in fees and other cost.  I forgot the fuel cost and wear and tear on your vehicle while you were running around to get all this done.  Let's see that is $0.56 per mile (current standard deduction for travel cost), and let's say you only racked up twenty miles, that's about $11.00 (give or take a few cents).  God for bid you have children, because if you had to figure out childcare into this, you would be long done before you got started, and you are not started, not even close yet.

Yes, you have your table, you have your certificate to operate a retail unit, and you have the okay to operate in the location you have chosen (well for a percentage of the take, just like taxes, hmm).  You are ready, start hawking that lemonade, you have a lot of ground to make up, and debts to pay.

Just as you are starting to serve some icy cold lemonade, the best in the three block providence, along comes a customer in a nice suit, and he slaps a little sign on your stand saying closed due to violation of health codes.

Not only did you not know about this, but now your hard earned reputation is in jeopardy and you will lose your stand if you can't remedy this issue quickly.  So what do you do then, you can't bribe the man, you aren't making that much, and you can't sell lemonade.

Simple enough just come into compliance fast.  Take that little bit of earned income and sink it into health code compliance.  Nice so you buy the hair nets, you get the gloves, and to the tune of a few hundred dollars later you are in compliance with the local health codes.  Nice, another day lost, and you will have to get more supplies, but still under $2,000.00 for the week.  Did I say week, yes, the week, one week into the business and you are in the red about 2g's.

Maybe the people who have helped you before will float you a little longer, let's hope so, because you are just beginning to lose money.

The next week and you start over, all set to go, and the DOL gives you a calling.  What the hell, where do these vultures get off with this stuff.  Okay, okay, got to spend money to make money, right.

DOL guy says you need a Federal Employer Number, and you counter with but I have no employees, I might get some at a later time if you guys ever let me make any money, but for now it is just me, the owner.  Oh that's fine he says, you are an employee of your business just the same.

Fine, shut down another day, and the stocks are looking pretty rough, because you can't sell anything.  Go out and get that EIN.  That will take a few days, the Federal Government has money they don't need to hurry, in fact if you want them to hurry and do their job in an efficient manor that will cost you extra.  As will postage to have it sent to you, although it is a government office sending it through a government office, go figure.  They are charging the tax payer twice for that little trick.  Whatever, you got to do what you have to do.  You get the EIN, and this week is pretty much a wash as well.  Nothing like not making money.

In the meantime the investors are wondering what the hell you are doing with their investments.  They have stopped out to the location twice this past week and you were no where to be seen.  Unfortunately in your rush to comply with government regulations you forgot to contact your investors, and now they are getting nervous about putting in money.

You get the EIN, you talk your investors down, and all is well right, next week you can finally get down to business, right.

Wrong, you haven't even begun to be bilked by the government.  Hold on to your hat, because the wind of absurdity is about to come this way.  First you are going to need a deposit account, separate from your regular account, this is your wage account.  You will need to have an amount equal to at least one weeks wages in this account.  Not just your wages, but the cost of those wages.  You know all those things they take out of your check when you work for someone else.  Guess who is responsible for both parts of those cost, that's right you are, and you have to have that in an account before you can pay wages, even to yourself.  You are also going to have to pay workman's compensation and disability insurance on yourself, and you will need that up front, all of it, and since you are a start-up business, they will rate you at the highest rating they have for your type of business, because you have no history, so they assume the worst.

Dam, your $20.00 lemonade stand just went from $20.00 dollars out of pocket expenses, to about $20,000.00 in fees, contingencies, and withholding's, plus insurances you don't even need.

Your investors are suing you for breaking the contract because you couldn't make good on your promise to pay them back in a timely fashion.  You are declaring bankruptcy because you cannot meet your obligations. And to top it all off, your credit is trashed, your chance of even getting a decent job just plummeted, and oh, yea, you still owe taxes on the few dollars you did bring in, that one day you were able to sell some lemonade.

I wish this were an exaggeration of the truth, but it isn't.  Sorry but starting a business legally anymore is not just hanging up a shingle and offering your services or products to the public.  Maybe in a different country where there are no real laws and only quasi government enforcement, it is possible, there everything is a grey market.  Here to operate in the white market, you had better not need the money or the work, and be well connected, or just accept the risk and operate on the black market, there is no grey.

Comment on G+ on Writer's Writing

I made this comment on a post on G+ (although for the life of me I can't seem to figure out how to link to the particular post on someone's thread).  I can however link to the original story, and hopefully that will help explain some of the comments herein.

Back thirty or so years ago a good hack writer could make an honest living writing for local rag publications and publishing a few dime store novels, as long as their work was up to snuff, and they produced a new story every time.  When JRR Tolkien published the Hobbit it took him quite a bit of work with the publisher, and he was a great writer, well versed in languages.  He was no superstar.  Hemingway was no superstar either, he did well, and made a few dollars, but his estate is doing much better on the catalog than he ever did.  Jump ahead to Anne Rice, who rehashed the Bram Stoker story, sexed it up, and dumbed it down for the near illiterate masses, and you have stardom, go figure, Bram a star in his own right, had to work his entire life as a second page reporter.  Jump ahead again to an unemployed (although single mother is not really unemployed) single mother in her skid, re-telling the stories of JRR Tolkien and Shakespeare, and you get a super duper mega millionaire star.  The story never changes, that's why the same people keep buying it.  I am not knocking JK Rowling's, she did what she did because it worked for her, and good for her.  Thirty years ago she would not had the work to steal, and she would not have made it with the low brow crap that passes for literature these days.  I expect to see such use of language in the indie rags, but not in what is called a literary novel.  Fitzgerald could write circles around these clowns that the publishing world is lauding as great writers.  Not to mention such greats as MK Shelly, Jules Vern, Lovecraft, and the whole host of greats that today just don't get published, because it is too literary for the market, go figure.


Today there is no real new news, it chugs along with nary a blip of real import.  Checking the social scene, ssdd, as usual.  Whew blog done, now on to something completely different.

Colorado Shooting (or Col Shooting as most news sources are calling it, does a few bits of type or digital bits really cost that much that they really can’t write out Colorado?)

Anyway it nags on me and I am watching this one for some sense of why this is news.  On the heel of the UN gun control paper, this happens, but it does not seem to make a strong case for gun control in the US.  It does open the debate a bit, and with additional support from many overseas commenters, who keep calling the US a dangerous place where everyone has a gun, there are problems that may come out of this.

The second amendment does not allow US citizens to take the law into their own hands, it helps protect them from a rogue state militia.  This is apparently a point that seems to be misunderstood by gun advocates and adversaries alike.

Moving on, I think that this is a smoke screen, and that there are other things underlying, but that will take some time to flesh out.  In the meantime, other issue though not exactly related do seem to have some relationship to the current issue of weapons.

Searching the MSM has turned up nothing new either.  As usual all the main networks are reporting the same things, although it should be noted that for all intents and purposes, they do all have their angles.  Nothing came out of the Security Sub-committee hearing yesterday on domestic use of drone planes in the US.  I watched the public debate on CSpan, and got that they are still debating it, while they have been deployed at least on the southern border to relatively untrained police forces.  On inside circles I have seen some indications that their use may be even more widespread.  Here in NY there has been very little said or noticed by anyone I know.

Autonomous Robotics
The bots are here, and they are not going to go away anytime soon.  This is a fact of life now.  Soon a few million robots will be unleashed upon the soil and in the air, and we have to accept that.  The reality is one that was long in coming, but the desire was mixed at best.  There is still debate on the security of such on the Hill, but on the ground, there is no question.  Law enforcement will soon be carried out with the aid of land based and air based robotics.  Look for medium positions on the emerging companies that will be building and monitoring the bot nation.  Software and hardware is in place, but as with all of this as soon as it hits the mainstream, there will be a surge of cheap buys of companies that produce, service, and provide materials to the industry.  It is  not yet a bubble, but a blip on the radar, so now is a good time to speculate, but don’t bet the house, just yet.  There are some problems, the networks are unstable, they are susceptible to GPS hacks and other types of localized hacks, and if the NASA watchers are correct, solar activity may take out the Grid for the next ten years, pushing technology back at least a good 5 or so years.
Short of having a good terrestrial based network system of ad-hoc servers and network routers (a new article that will come out on large scale WiFi deployment by cable companies later this week), with some type of alternative to the Smart Grid, as a smarter grid will not save it from itself, there may be a near future of no communications.  At least as we know it.  Without electricity readily available to the commercial markets, that means no refrigeration, no transport (yes I have said in the past everything runs on diesel, but diesel also requires spark), and no way to keep the distribution system working.  The likelihood of this is pretty good, and the experts seem pretty certain that it could be within the next couple of years, maybe even this winter.  A winter hit would have devastating global effects on the main Pan European Nations, including the US and Canada.  Don’t panic yet, such things have been said before to motivate certain key elements to action, or inaction, depending on the faction targeted.  Look for late summer indications of solar activity, if the arborelius seems to be getting a little more showy than usual, and I don’t mean the occasional nighttime light show, but every night light show, you might want to consider short positions on Energy stocks, and long on alternative heating firms.

However there isn’t enough forest left in the world to fuel the heat needs of the northern hemisphere, so if things go bad this winter, hope it is another mild winter, or there may be severe long term effects that would not be pretty on the street.

Certain aspects of this Colorado Shooting still bothers me.  I am waiting to see how this comes out, but I would like to know what is being said about the release of gas and other materials within the theater.  There is a possibility that everyone in that theater that didn’t die may be carrying some new virus, or other issues, not presented yet in the trial.  We don’t know the target of his motivation, and we may never know, and that may indicate as much there.  If there was a release of a virus that has previously unknown to MSM and their minions, it is possible this was a targeted attack.  Too much is still in the air, so to speak.  That seems a bit steep even for a global elite, as there is not much they can do to prevent mutation once it has hit the ground running.  An antidote today is just a waste of time and effort tomorrow when the virus gets a whiff of it and begins to change its mind.  The natural order is hard to debate, they do, everyone does, to some degree, but out right taunting of it means those laws of nature will be applied with prejudice.  Watch the reactions of pharmaceutical stocks in the coming weeks, if they seem to be posting new antibiotics, or vaccines for previously unknown strains of bacteria or viruses, that could mean they knew something they were not disclosing, as if that would surprise anyone.  It may not make them a long buy, but in the short, they may be a good choice.  That is until something gets leaked and they become indicated in part of the attack.

Again though, if there is no power, the companies are powerless to react, as are hospitals, and other EMS services, so that could be a major game changer right there.  This could be volatile and with no clear direction, keep at least some of your capital in solid assets, metals, land and tools (tooling).  Heavy as they are, base metals could surge dramatically if things don’t go well this winter, as when there is no more mass mining of iron and other base metals, soon the actual metals may be worth more than their weight in gold.

Commodities appear to be taking a beating this year, which is fine if you are not trying to fatten up your hogs on grain and corn mash.  One good point, is that since things seem to be bleaker than usual more whiskey (and its ilk) seems to be selling, so beer, wine and liquor stocks might be a good middle position to take, but be ready to jump quickly if things start to go dark.  Commercial stills and are heavy water and electricity users, and without them, they will go down hard, they don’t have a safety net.  The good part is that hogs and cattle can be feed on the waste of the corn squeezings, and brewers grain, although that is still a short term gain, if there is no grain, it means there won’t be any whiskey, beer or waste.  This is bad for the temperaments of the street, no beer, no pork, no barbeque, that won’t sit well with the south or the rest of the world for that matter.  Now have no fear if you live near a nice grass based diversified farming operation, short of total collapse of the world society, they should still be able to provide a good source of local healthy beef pork and poultry, provided you have something worth trading for it.  If they are truly diversified, your waste might just be their feed stock for their energy production.  If it does all go to hell in a handbasket, seek out a local farming community that has the capability to expand its energy production (even from zero), and see if you can’t get in on the ground floor of that local economy, it will be the boon of the next twenty years of recovery.  It could be our saving grace now, but not while we are still blinded by industrial growth hormone driven insanity.

Look on the Sunny Side of Life
I am still optimistic that at least for the time being that the status quo is holding ground, and that with careful placements in a diversified portfolio you could do quite well.  There are some interesting tech industries that are still good buys for a while.  Security is hot still, and only heating up, but watch closely for the correction there, as in some sectors of that industry there will be severe drops, even if the world doesn’t go to hell.  Home security is a good bet if you are buying it for your home, it keeps the honest people honest, although it will not really protect you from dishonest criminals, they don’t care about security systems, which often fail on false positives.  Home automation however is still a long position, it is going to be adopted, but you have to know who is in the game and I don’t have that one yet.  I am looking at Honeywell to try to get in the lead here, but others, smaller more nimble companies may be the way they are going to get ahead, so they may be the better buy in the short term.

National security is still pretty warm, and warming up, with all that is being reported, look to local police for good buys, they are updating their systems to be more technological.  This is a short term gain, but what isn’t really.  In general the best buys are in the areas of new tech, robotics, GPS apps, mobile tech, and wireless.  Look for companies that look like they would be good buys in the near future for the long term companies like ADT and their ilk.  Time Warner and a few other network providers are looking like they are trying to position themselves as providers of this tech on the same pay as you go method, but I have my doubts on how successful that will be.  Still for now that does mean they will be out there spending money trying to buy up smaller companies that provide better service, so they too can do their part in killing any real chance that small business will actually help the economy.  With the TSA essentially going rogue lately and refusing to even report to DHS, or Congress, it could be an interesting season on the Hill to say the least.  They currently have an open budget and little oversight, so now is their time to try to make the best of it.  I think this will not fare well for them in the long term, and if FEMA has to act on their behalf, it could be a good tabloid season as well.  Look for action on the Southern border, they seem to be absent here in the north, where they would have a much more difficult time, as it is not as hot a climate for their actions.

Last Words
I am getting my tweet on, or trying to.  I am trying to see if I can begin to use Twitter a little more as a source of news on the ground.  I am hoping that it will be the type of boots on the ground type of reporting of actual conditions in areas I myself cannot get access to.  The social networks, such as FaceBook, seem to be less useful for such things.  If anyone knows of additional sources that may be useful, I am not above checking them out.  For now I am on G+, FB, and Twitter mostly, with some jaunts into Linkedin, and a few other more specialized networks.  I could use a few more sources, as I like to have ways to check the stories before I set them out there.  I am using a blog reader, Google Reader, as well as others.  I catch as many podcast (and other cast) as I can, but I am only one man.  I don’t have a staff, and I don’t expect I ever will, it doesn’t suit me.  I do get into discussions with people on things, but for the most part I sit here surfing the dark fiber for bits and pieces of information that will help me put the puzzle together a little better.

Again I have no budget, no discretionary income to waste on such things, and shouldn’t need it.  I have expenses, but they are covered mostly by people who care about things I do, and with a little more time even some of the other issues that are present in my current situations will pan out, provided you all keep reading and provide some rationale for me to even bother doing this in the first place.  I mean I have my own reasons, but I will be honest with you, impressions on my blog can help pay for certain expenses I would otherwise have to beg for, so keep the impressions going, and if you really feel generous buy some of the stuff that is advertised there.  I don’t run with a lot of advertising, just some from Google, and a selection from Amazon, to see if it is all worth it.  I also will plug my books, which will be available on Amazon and eventually on Google (once they get a model for self publishers).  I currently do not have anything to plug, but I will have some this year, as I am finishing up some work on some of them as we speak, so to speak.  I will add them to these post when they hit Amazon as I have in the past.  If you like them, buy them, and that will make all of us happy, including Amazon, and we want to make them happy, because when they are happy, we all are happy, get it.  Well that’s the rant for the day.

New Catch Phrase: Sleep Well, if you can...  tell me what you think, too dramatic, too dark, ah good, I like it that way.