Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cap in Hand

I would like to admit to something, I currently have my "cap in hand", and for you islanders that don't know what that means, please listen to this by the Proclaimers.  Now, now, before all you Scotts get yourselves in an uproar, oh shit too late, they is born that way, I ain't saying these guys are anything, but they make a point that is sort of universal.  We people of this great nation, not the national of any one, but this nation of one, have got our heads up our asses, and even though this pop duo is more or less the same part and parcel, they happen to have, maybe by accident, put up the point on which I would hereto like to elaborate.

If you have listened lately to any news feeds, I mean any at all, you will find that there are two themes, maybe better said as undercurrents.  One is that there is a new world order, and this I can assure you there will be, but let me get into that in a minute.  The second is that the youth is against it, and that has not changed since, well, ever.

The New World Order

Coming to a town or village near you, the new world order.  What the hell does this mean.  This means overt tyranny, factious dictatorship, marshal law, military rule, really.  Do you think so, here, on this planet, how long do you really think that would last.  Come on brother, can you buy that.  I didn't think so.  Oh, don't get me wrong the owners are here, or at least nearly here, to take back their rightful place.  What did I just say.  Well you might as well get used to it, cause like it or not, they are.

Well now who is cracked, these deRothchilds, et al, or Alex Jones (and his ilk), or the religious right, or what ever special interest group you would like to inject.  And now chille, what are ya gonna do about it.

I for one would like to give this little bit of truth, I have for some time watched every thing, well as much as one seer can possibly see in one particular junction, and I have thought quite a bit of what I have seen.  I would like to say something, at the risk (and grave risk this may be) of tipping my hand, I am all for the new world order.  The old world order isn't working, well it did, and then we broke it, cause we is smarter than than we thought we was, and now, it appears maybe we was not.

I am not the first one to tip their hand in this manner.  At some point in his life Samuel Clemens (better known as Mark Twain) presented us all with a little look into the new world order, but we were too afraid to look so deep into that dark reflection.  Look for a book entitled "The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories", and make sure you read at least the first one, if you can.  Also for the reading challenged, there's a short version on YouTube, but you really should read the book, it is free on Google Books at the link above.

Well that's not all of it, there's a bit more.  So much so that I will give you some more on another day, for now I am going to sit back and watch another cartoon, have a nice afternoon.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Fey Tail

Quite a long time ago, for you see I am older than I report, I happened upon a place in the wood, not unlike many that you have most likely seen. Having traveled quite a ways for a day, I concluded that this little clearing would be a perfect place to rest and have my dinner before the sun bowed its head. It is so much harder to set a fire when there is no light to see by you know. So I dismounted my dapple grey mare, and removed her bit, so she would have nothing in the way of her dinner as well. I was gathering the supplies for a nice little fire, when I noticed right in the middle of the clearing was a fire all ready to ignite. Well I thought, that was odd, as I had not seen this when I first looked, but how thoughtful of the last traveler to this place. It was then I decided that I too would return the favor, and ensure that I set the pit with fresh wood before I left the next morn. I finished gathering wood, so I would have some for the fire this night, and plenty for the morn, to give back what had been presented to me.

You see it did not occur to me at first thought, that maybe that pit had not been set, maybe it had been set while I was out gathering wood and tinder, but that at the time had not entered my mind. I was thinking about warming my rabbit stew and bread, not so much about what had been before I came.

This is a short excerpt of an upcoming work I will be publishing on Amazon, hopefully just before Christmas. I am most of the way through the first part, and will if need be publish that as soon as I can, so I can provide you all with something for Christmas this year.  Of course as usual I will publish the link to this post on the social sites, as well as once the link is ready for where the entire book can be purchased.  I don't expect it to be available in anything but electronic format, but maybe, we'll have to see.  If more information is available I will update it here, if I can.