Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Treatise of the Body Exterior

This sense we perceive of some physical machine, which is that which is the body of the person, is comprised in most of parts of parts, loosely held together by strings.  The form of these strings is such that it forms systems as it might be known of operations that to the external perception are physical in nature, while in truth they are manifestations of a natural extension of something that is entirely non-physical.  Therefore the motion of the body is purely a thought, and the thought is focused perception, within a domain of potential.
We all think the same thoughts, as a common conscious decision, and individual thought is but an extension of this like mind, perpetuated as a stream of repetitive design.  Some concern is present in the deviations were they that, but expressions of the common, moderated.

If not of the knowledge of the class of thought projections, and therefore unaware of levels of perception that exist within the levels of consciousness, there are manipulations of this stream at levels that are not common.  The extension of this pattern, or patterns present, is extensions of echoes from the stream that exist not in time or space, but in a void of time and space, that has no conscious deceptions.

Knowing this, is of importance to those who do know of the class of minds, and the void, and betwixt the two the separation of thought and void, therefore operate within the stream to manipulate the common stream.  Such examples as; the pebble in the pool so large that the ripples are perceived as random and unconscious, are concepts that to the common stream are evident, but deceptive in nature.  If no time or space is present, then that which is now, past, or future have no meaning, and therefore there is no meaning to these streams of conscious thought, but for those that are aware of their relationship, and therefore have the means, provided they have the means, to cause such ripples to occur.

This gives the common stream the perception of random and individual, while for the rare individuals that are aware of the common stream, they chose which perceptions are projected in the stream in common.  The bases for all is but a thought of one, and if one were to think of something, all would then know this as the one knows it, through means as subtle and derived as through the weaving of fibers of silk in a tapestry.  If there was but one thought, the void would be singular, all thought would then be the result of a single source, and no thought would stray from the source perception.  However other such devices provide repetitive duplication of such sources, and as multiple sources provide additional repetitions of such sources, the simple becomes complex in perception, and the attenuation of the ripples becomes difficult to manipulate.  Over a period of time, as it were, this has created a variation of perception that has diluted the purity of thought to the extent that only the most persistent of conjurers are now enabled with the means to inject diversity of thought within the common stream.

If not for man, all existence would cease to be perceived.  This is the assumed perception, and that if we humans were not present that the remaining echoes of perception would at some point cease to rebound, and the now existing physical existence would then cease to be needed.  That we humans believe this, that we have this concept of belief is not expressed in any form, but that we acknowledge it in the belief in some other form, to provide us with reason for the existence of such other existence as we currently perceive.  That any such existence of natural physical order could have existed prior to our own existence is accepted only on this same basis.  There needed to be existence previous to our existence, and therefore we have been provided with that perception through our own creation of a past that we had to believe in order to fully justify our own existence in the present.

Right to the creation of the universe, to the extension of our own arrogance in the belief that we humans have any part of this natural existence, and that we are but one other perception of the entire perception of another perception of this time and space in which we exist.  Given another time or space and we have no purpose, and therefore do not exist, and that would not prove our existence, but only provide proof of existence in general, but who or what is the source.  The more important question is why?  This is what I will attempt to consider over the next few brief periods, as to why this perception, why this existence, why not are we here, but why are we, or not we, but anything, and to what gain would it serve for any such stream, or none.

If there is nothing, then nothing needs to be, so if there is something, then why the complex illusion when a simple one would have just as easily been as deceptive, and would not have required this level of attention to detail.  If but a biological manipulation of matter and energy, for what purpose.  Further, if there is no purpose but to reproduce duplications of the same, why the need for the perception of advancement, and why not proceed continuous in natural harmony.  Why would discord be needed, what self destructive form is needed for what reason.  All forms of theory do not apply, as they do not answer the simple inquiry of why this construct, when a simple one would have created a similar result.

If not an external influence, what internal driver creates its own demise?  Why think at all, if thought only creates greater deception of perception, and more common ignorance, why do when not doing would have provided the same.  For example, if a simple biological construct of nature, due to elemental alignments of matter and energy in a particular formula derived from error, and for the purpose of reproduction, why the grand deception then of something that is entirely unneeded for the natural progression.  A kernel of corn needs no grand entrance or dramatic exit, it just grows, consumes as much energy as is present at its time of growth, and then ceases, creating a new copy or copies of itself for continuous repetitious natural progression.  If left without manipulation from either external or internal forces, it would not do else wise.  Pressure from external threats and reaction to internal organization of random splices, creates new strains, but no other formula of purpose is necessary.  No representative purpose is required. 

As I continue along this stream, I will continue to wonder, with a knowledge that continues to provide me with something I have not seen in others, and therefore I will provide this, provided it does not present a result that causes current harm to myself or another.

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