Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just Another Unusual Day

What do you mean another usual day, it is Solstice, don't you know what that means?

Yea, another holiday, on top of all the other holidays, that have been pressed upon this season to distract a good hard working person from their assigned duties.  It meant something once, long ago, before, before it meant nothing, just like everything else does.  Now it is quietly observed properly by those that still believe they are in tune with something they have very little connection to.

You can not buy a holiday.  You can not go out and purchase a season.  Your money is no good here, in this celebration.  It isn't about what you have, but what you share, what you give, what you do with what you have, not what you can get from what you don't have.

That is not what has made this an unusual day.  The other day I did my annual friend list update on Facebook.  This is the day where I add people who seem to matter to me, for some reason, or I might think I might find them interesting.  I also "un-friend" what a concept, those I feel don't deserve my ill treatment.  Since I am an equal opportunity asshole, I usually do not "un-friend" anyone, I figure they will do that on their own.  I also checked out my Google+ account, and really did not find anyone interesting to add.

On Facebook I added mostly old acquaintances, from school, or at least around that fine institution of programming, and a few friends of friends.  One friend of a friend I decided I would take a swing at was a friend on my brother's list, and for some reason he accepted my request.  The others were all really not surprising, well a couple, but not entirely.  However this man whom need not be named here, accepted my friend request, and it kind of makes me wonder why.  I imagine it is because he has never read my work there on Facebook, or especially on this blog, as I often write relatively offensive material, for those that may or may not be offended easily by things that are not the norm.  I will see how long this relationship last, it could prove interesting.

However that was the other day, something even more unusual happened today.  It was not that my wife made lots of stuff for Yule celebration and no one showed up, although people had said they would.  That is exactly what I expected, we had no gifts to give, why would they.  No there was even stranger things that occurred today.

One thing that was a little different, is that my sister brought over a motley crew of individuals to do some work here, and they actually did do some work, and I did not have to hold their hands, too much.  I was pretty pleased with that.  I will have to see how that pans out, things like this usually only last a few days, and some stuff gets done, but most times it is an exercise in frustration.  If I really have to explain to you how you fill a hole in with dirt, maybe you should not be using a shovel.  But I guess if you have never used a shovel, that is one thing, but really, who hasn't had to dig a hole here or there.  I guess many people haven't but really.

Of all the weird things though was I got an invitation from someone on Linkdin.  Not that, that itself is unusual, I get them once in a while.  It was that he was a person I would not think would find interest in what I do, or for that matter have ever done.  Like the Facebook thing, I will have to watch this and see where it leads.  Interesting people taking interest in me can be good, but I am cautious in that I know not upon what soil they have fed their hungry thirsty roots.

For the rest of the day, well mostly without event.  Just another day.  I have not wrote much these last two days, so much else has been happening, but I still hope to crank my first Amazon serial out by the 23rd, but that means writing like a mad man for the next two days, and passing it off to Amazon without the benefit of multiple rewrites.  This should be interesting.  Well if I am going to get that done, I have to get this done, so despite all that is going on, and there is a lot, and I wanted to talk a little about all that, I have to run to bed, so I can get up early and put this book to print by tomorrow.  Oh, no, hope I can beg to borrow another 24 hours this day.

Have a happy season, and don't drink to much, it will just ruin what might be a good bit of humorous misery later on.


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