Friday, December 23, 2011

Cover Me

Well I am not a drawer, this much is quite well documented.  I know they all say you can if you want to, blah, blah, blah, I apparently do not want to, 'cause I draw even on computer like crap.  However I need a cover for the book, and since I am not about to hire an artist, well it really comes down to economics, I can not afford an artist, and I do not have much time left to complete this, I have made a mad attempt at it.  This is the first draft so to speak of the cover art, I am still not certain I like it, but it may just come down to run what you brought type of thing.
Well that's it I figure it isn't as bad as I might have thought initially, but I am uncertain, so I will have to see how I like it later.  And before anyone ask, no the symbols do not mean anything, they are just stylized graphics loosely based on the Sumerian cuneiform.