Wednesday, October 05, 2011

OWS Response 10-05-2011-1

I have read a lot of this, though not all of it, and as that would leave me to be less completely informed as I would like to be, as to all of this there is already a methodology that does not require growing the national debt, or increasing government oversight, and it punishes the large corporations at the same time.  It is simple, stop buying their crap, if we just stop buying their stuff, they will cease to have profit.  Buy as local as possible, work as local as possible, live as local as possible, and provide community support as you can with what you can.  Know your local sources, support local businesses, ones that are actually local, not local branches of large corporations.  When we vote with our dollars, we vote across the lines, there is no politics in economics.  Deglobalize the American way, stop demanding the government do for you, and do for your self and your neighbors.  Demand that the government stay out of regulation of morality, and provide equal service for the money they extract, for security and protection of the rights we do have.  When we stop buying from Walmart, the Waltons lose their income stream, and yes 1000's of people lose low wage jobs, but they will anyways at some point, no better time than the present.  Support local small business start-ups through deregulation and tax relief for these businesses for hiring people at a reasonable acceptable wage.  Devalue everything, reduce wages, reduce consumption, and reduce the cost of living in the process.  Build infrastructure through community programs, you want better grids, with green technology, build them in your own community.  The average dairy farm produces enough energy to supply up to 1000 homes in a near by area.  Demand that the current infrastructure can be utilized for local communities to distribute their own energy, at a reasonable cost of leasing the infrastructure from the energy transport utilities.  You want local broadband, build it, if every person had wireless routers and opened one channel to the community there would be a wireless MAN, all that would be needed would be a hub in some community area that had central lines leased from the bells, and that cost could again be shared locally.  We are a country of excess, trim our own fat, and we will trim that of all others.  If you are out of work, examine your skills, and evaluate what you can do for others that they can not do for themselves, and start to use that to earn your way to employment, self employment, who knows, you just may be able to put some other people to work for you.  It is all about local community, solidarity to the local area, with controls on your own spending that makes the difference.  If you do not give your money to the oil companies, they can not profit.  One demand that should have been added is that we should have access to small diesel engines, like most of the world has.  The average farm produces enough waste to produce enough bio-diesel to fuel at least 40 cars, besides their own equipment.  If a local restaurant you frequent does not source their materials locally, stop eating there, telling them if they do not start sourcing their materials (as much as they can) locally, you will not frequent their establishment.  Demand high quality, not quantity.  If the builder tries to charge you 40,000 for bad craftsmanship, refuse to purchase from them, they will cease to be in business.

This is a good movement, use it wisely.  It is all about our own power to help ourselves, and our neighbors.  It is all about local and taking back power of the people by not buying their crap.  If you want to make it work, you have to do it every where, by everyone, spread the word, live local, work local, buy local, and supplement the rest as little as is necessary.  If you are a doctor, you have the option to chose how much you charge, if you go local, and stop accepting the insurance scam.

I am self employed, have been since I was 14, and I am now 45.  I have had employees in the past, but living in NY I have had to eliminate them as I can not afford the insurance and other cost associated with having employees.  I can afford to live, and live simply even though I work for the very corporations that you are demanding so much from.  I fix their computers and networks, and keep the systems of consumerism going.  Please eliminate my job, make me obsolete, so I can go back to my farm (yes I own a small dairy farm too), and hire a couple of local people to help me with farming and producing good products for my neighbors, delivering them to their doors at reasonable cost, with no additions, no preservatives, no alterations.  And if I can not, do not buy my stuff and I will no longer be in the business, and that will end that.  End the subsidies, save the tax dollars for supporting your local communities, and not for providing agricultural welfare.  I do not receive any subsidies, even though I could.  I do not receive any assistance, even though I could.  I work hard for my money.  I have paid more than my share of taxes (I am a small business I am taxed twice) for over 20 years, never once getting a kick back, a subsidy, or other handout.  I have defaulted a few loans, but I have paid them back when times were good.  My check book bounces all over the place, in the red one week, and in the black for the next, because I have no weekly paycheck, and taxes and insurance demands that I support those that are not willing to even put forth the slightest effort to help themselves.  There are many people who have been hurt in this economy, and we only have ourselves to blame.  Demanding higher wages, and cheaper products to fill our media fueled vision of what is the American dream.  Higher wages only give us higher cost of living, it is diminishing returns.

I do however agree with the global community as well, we are just one planet, we need to get over that.  Political division is ridiculous, we are a bunch of ignorant idiots on a planet and we are still trying to draw lines on a globe made of paper, time for the human race to grow up a little, the only division that really exist is the physical ones and those can be navigated.  Resources are the only real wealth.  Do you really think you own that piece of land you bought from the bank, maybe you have paid it off, do you own it.  No you rent it from the government.  Besides that you really only own the top six inches, unless you bought the mineral rights, which at least 70% of home owners don't even know exist.  You own nothing, you have nothing, except that which you can trade for that paper you are so desperately trying to leverage with credit.  The banks did not create this mess, we did, by letting them convince us that we were worth more than we were, by imaging that we were entitled to more than we were.  By thinking that we needed things we wanted.  Yes media had its hand in that, McDonald's would be no where with out the Clown and your weakness for children.  Cars are built like crap, and yet we keep buying them and praising them.  We keep lowering the standards of education, diluting the value of the University.  There are so many things we have done to ourselves, our neighbors, our global community, and now we want to blame those that could see and capitalized on it.  Were they right to do so, no not really, I am not sure how they sleep at night myself, but pirates are pirates, whatever the flag they fly.  We can control their purse, just by not buying their crap.

If you want to punish them for our lack of vision and self control, that is fine, but more government is not the answer, less government and more restraint is the answer.  Act locally, think globally.  Oh and one last thing, get over your selves, you only need to look in the mirror and be honest with your self if you want to know the answer.

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