Monday, September 05, 2011

First Draft Updates

In the future I will be only posting the major updates not the entire body of work.  I will also add any notes that I have been making on the work as I write it, as they do not get to the blog from docs, so everyone can see where progress is being made, when it is made.

I can't say I will have new updates everyday, but I am trying to get this into publication sometime this year, so it will obviously be often.

I will be publishing through a vanity publisher (POD) service, namely Google Books and Amazon Books, and the links will be available here when the books are available there, as well as on Google+ and yes most likely FaceBook, only because so many people still do not have G+ yet, and that includes many of the people who will at least in some part be made part of this story.

That is all for now... I am writing some today, but I don't know how much will get on, as I have goats to attend to and dogs, lots of dogs.