Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Treatise of the Body Exterior

This sense we perceive of some physical machine, which is that which is the body of the person, is comprised in most of parts of parts, loosely held together by strings.  The form of these strings is such that it forms systems as it might be known of operations that to the external perception are physical in nature, while in truth they are manifestations of a natural extension of something that is entirely non-physical.  Therefore the motion of the body is purely a thought, and the thought is focused perception, within a domain of potential.
We all think the same thoughts, as a common conscious decision, and individual thought is but an extension of this like mind, perpetuated as a stream of repetitive design.  Some concern is present in the deviations were they that, but expressions of the common, moderated.

If not of the knowledge of the class of thought projections, and therefore unaware of levels of perception that exist within the levels of consciousness, there are manipulations of this stream at levels that are not common.  The extension of this pattern, or patterns present, is extensions of echoes from the stream that exist not in time or space, but in a void of time and space, that has no conscious deceptions.

Knowing this, is of importance to those who do know of the class of minds, and the void, and betwixt the two the separation of thought and void, therefore operate within the stream to manipulate the common stream.  Such examples as; the pebble in the pool so large that the ripples are perceived as random and unconscious, are concepts that to the common stream are evident, but deceptive in nature.  If no time or space is present, then that which is now, past, or future have no meaning, and therefore there is no meaning to these streams of conscious thought, but for those that are aware of their relationship, and therefore have the means, provided they have the means, to cause such ripples to occur.

This gives the common stream the perception of random and individual, while for the rare individuals that are aware of the common stream, they chose which perceptions are projected in the stream in common.  The bases for all is but a thought of one, and if one were to think of something, all would then know this as the one knows it, through means as subtle and derived as through the weaving of fibers of silk in a tapestry.  If there was but one thought, the void would be singular, all thought would then be the result of a single source, and no thought would stray from the source perception.  However other such devices provide repetitive duplication of such sources, and as multiple sources provide additional repetitions of such sources, the simple becomes complex in perception, and the attenuation of the ripples becomes difficult to manipulate.  Over a period of time, as it were, this has created a variation of perception that has diluted the purity of thought to the extent that only the most persistent of conjurers are now enabled with the means to inject diversity of thought within the common stream.

If not for man, all existence would cease to be perceived.  This is the assumed perception, and that if we humans were not present that the remaining echoes of perception would at some point cease to rebound, and the now existing physical existence would then cease to be needed.  That we humans believe this, that we have this concept of belief is not expressed in any form, but that we acknowledge it in the belief in some other form, to provide us with reason for the existence of such other existence as we currently perceive.  That any such existence of natural physical order could have existed prior to our own existence is accepted only on this same basis.  There needed to be existence previous to our existence, and therefore we have been provided with that perception through our own creation of a past that we had to believe in order to fully justify our own existence in the present.

Right to the creation of the universe, to the extension of our own arrogance in the belief that we humans have any part of this natural existence, and that we are but one other perception of the entire perception of another perception of this time and space in which we exist.  Given another time or space and we have no purpose, and therefore do not exist, and that would not prove our existence, but only provide proof of existence in general, but who or what is the source.  The more important question is why?  This is what I will attempt to consider over the next few brief periods, as to why this perception, why this existence, why not are we here, but why are we, or not we, but anything, and to what gain would it serve for any such stream, or none.

If there is nothing, then nothing needs to be, so if there is something, then why the complex illusion when a simple one would have just as easily been as deceptive, and would not have required this level of attention to detail.  If but a biological manipulation of matter and energy, for what purpose.  Further, if there is no purpose but to reproduce duplications of the same, why the need for the perception of advancement, and why not proceed continuous in natural harmony.  Why would discord be needed, what self destructive form is needed for what reason.  All forms of theory do not apply, as they do not answer the simple inquiry of why this construct, when a simple one would have created a similar result.

If not an external influence, what internal driver creates its own demise?  Why think at all, if thought only creates greater deception of perception, and more common ignorance, why do when not doing would have provided the same.  For example, if a simple biological construct of nature, due to elemental alignments of matter and energy in a particular formula derived from error, and for the purpose of reproduction, why the grand deception then of something that is entirely unneeded for the natural progression.  A kernel of corn needs no grand entrance or dramatic exit, it just grows, consumes as much energy as is present at its time of growth, and then ceases, creating a new copy or copies of itself for continuous repetitious natural progression.  If left without manipulation from either external or internal forces, it would not do else wise.  Pressure from external threats and reaction to internal organization of random splices, creates new strains, but no other formula of purpose is necessary.  No representative purpose is required. 

As I continue along this stream, I will continue to wonder, with a knowledge that continues to provide me with something I have not seen in others, and therefore I will provide this, provided it does not present a result that causes current harm to myself or another.

Slow wit

What the hell am I doing here, this place, where I am at.  If I...

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Gift

For those that wonder, what the hell am I up to, well here is a taste of what is being now rewritten to be released most likely in the early part of January.  This is just a snippet of a second draft, but I think it will give you a little feel for what is coming.  Don't mind the names, they are still up for debate, as are some other details, but the story is fully developed, has been for many years, it was just waiting for today to get out from the notebook into cyberspace.

My News Years Gift to all of you, enjoy.

Sleeping Dogs
“Well it is about time we got to work, don’t you think?” John said to the crew of men who were working on the (Greek word for dog).  If they were not already working such long hours now, they would be, and he knew they were capable of much more.

As a chorus rose in practiced harmony, “Dogs don’t work this hard on Mars” they all sang.
John knew the refrain to that old song; he knew it from every point of view.  He had been where they are, back in the days of exploration, when the shuttles still rode rockets into near earth orbit.   He remembered the stories of the old men who walked upon the surface of Luna minor.  He remembered the songs of the old worlds, separate and divided.  He also remembered the call of frontier, and how he labored in his studies just to be given the opportunity to work on a Russian shuttle craft.

All that work, all that time spent learning languages, and other sciences, just so he could turn bolts, seemed now a waste in the face of the new private industry that just built tugs to haul rocks.  It was not all for naught, no, he wasn’t turning bolts any more, he was turning lose screws into Luna Base crews.
John Stendowsky (something like that), born of Bosnian immigrant parents in Wisconsin, U.S.A. as it was then known.  He was a bright boy, mostly, full of wonder and too much mischief, but most of them were.  He also had the same desire and dreams many young men of the times had.  John wanted to fly planes or better yet rockets.  It was his father that really set him on his course, his father was a nuclear engineer, and encourage his son to follow the path of science and engineering, as his father had fostered him.  Third generation engineer, was what John was destined for, until he got his first taste of weightlessness.

It was a summer we all would remember so well.  Just out of 8th grade, and full of fantasies of budding breast and romantic beliefs in machines that could take us to distant galaxies.  When Mr. Stendowsky asked if we wanted to go to watch the last shuttle launch from the Kennedy Space Center, we forgot about Julie Munson, and Betty Natchez, and all the others.

John, Mr. Stendowsky, myself, and Christopher Petticowski all piled into the car early in the morning, and although it took two days to get there, no one but Chris complained in the least.

Chris was 18, and just recently passed his driver’s test, so he wanted to drive, but Mr. Stendowsky would not allow it.  The Cadillac was his ship to pilot, and the subject was not a topic of discussion.  Chris was not one to let such “spyashchuyu sobaku” as John’s father often would say.  It was a long time before I knew what he was saying.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I was working on a project, I had tentatively titled "Cooking With Arleta".  Arleta for anyone that does not already know is my wife, and she is a passionate and superb cook.  This was supposed to be a collaboration between us, incorporating some of my style with mostly her style, with me writing it, as I happen to write often. I was hoping this project would go quickly and I would have it done by this Spring, but while I feel that this should be easily accomplished, it most likely will not be this year.  Therefore I will be writing another book instead, one that also has been waiting in the wings, although I can not at this time provide any reasonable time table, as it is only in rough draft.

I will provide more when more is known, thank you for your patients and attention.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Well the book "Another Fey Tail" has been downloaded 84 times so far, so I hope that will be good for later, when I release the next episode in the series.  Episode three should be out sometime in the first week of January, with episode 4 following about two weeks there after.  I am going to try to get them out every two weeks, as I also will be releasing two other works in serial format, as well as two books, sometime this spring.  I am hoping that everyone will like the serial format, as I like the way it works for me.  It allows me to get some of the work out there while I complete the rewrites on the rest of it.

I have already started the second book in the series, and as it stands right now, it will only be two books, which once released fully in serial format, will be released in a collection of the two volumes in hard cover format, sometime around this time next year.  I really hope to release the hard cover format around the end of November of 2012, but that remains to be seen.  The softcover format as well as Kindle collected versions will then follow, about two months there after, most likely spring of 2013.

In the mean time, there is the serial format, which can be purchased on Amazon and soon (sometime after April) on other sites as well.  As this is the first of my publications in quite some time, the last was a poem published in an anthology, or was it a magazine, about 20 some odd years ago.  I have quasi published some off the wall stuff through the use of this blog, as well as just stuff I have written on various forums, other blogs, and social sites.  Most of that is lost to the web, and although I remember some of it, a lot of it is just stuff that comes off the cuff, and is more exercises than anything else.

That's about it for today, a rather boring and uninteresting post I am certain, but I will maybe get another one out with more general interest later, or tomorrow, or the next day.  I would like to be more consistent in my posting, but there are so many things I do, that it just doesn't always seem I can get these things done.

Well the dogs need to be fed and I am thinking I would like to get to bed early tonight maybe, so this is it for now, and if I do post something later, it will most likely be just a re-post of something I found while surfing the wild world web.

Peace to everyone;

Saturday, December 24, 2011

AFT e1&2 published

Well, Another Fey Tail, Episodes 1&2 are now in the hands of Amazon.  It should be available on the US site within the next 12 hours, and worldwide in the next few days.   I will post the link as soon as it becomes available.

I will also post when the free days are.  I was hoping to have them for today and the day after Christmas, but now until I know when things get up as they should be, don't expect anything until at least mid week.  I will most likely have Episode 4 ready right after the holidays, with bi-weekly frequency there after.

Of course if you really want to you can wait for the publication of the full volume, but that will take a month or so, and will most likely be even longer than that, as I am also working on two other books in the series, and another serial in a different genre, so you might as well get it in serial format.

That's all for now.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cover Me

Well I am not a drawer, this much is quite well documented.  I know they all say you can if you want to, blah, blah, blah, I apparently do not want to, 'cause I draw even on computer like crap.  However I need a cover for the book, and since I am not about to hire an artist, well it really comes down to economics, I can not afford an artist, and I do not have much time left to complete this, I have made a mad attempt at it.  This is the first draft so to speak of the cover art, I am still not certain I like it, but it may just come down to run what you brought type of thing.
Well that's it I figure it isn't as bad as I might have thought initially, but I am uncertain, so I will have to see how I like it later.  And before anyone ask, no the symbols do not mean anything, they are just stylized graphics loosely based on the Sumerian cuneiform.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just Another Unusual Day

What do you mean another usual day, it is Solstice, don't you know what that means?

Yea, another holiday, on top of all the other holidays, that have been pressed upon this season to distract a good hard working person from their assigned duties.  It meant something once, long ago, before, before it meant nothing, just like everything else does.  Now it is quietly observed properly by those that still believe they are in tune with something they have very little connection to.

You can not buy a holiday.  You can not go out and purchase a season.  Your money is no good here, in this celebration.  It isn't about what you have, but what you share, what you give, what you do with what you have, not what you can get from what you don't have.

That is not what has made this an unusual day.  The other day I did my annual friend list update on Facebook.  This is the day where I add people who seem to matter to me, for some reason, or I might think I might find them interesting.  I also "un-friend" what a concept, those I feel don't deserve my ill treatment.  Since I am an equal opportunity asshole, I usually do not "un-friend" anyone, I figure they will do that on their own.  I also checked out my Google+ account, and really did not find anyone interesting to add.

On Facebook I added mostly old acquaintances, from school, or at least around that fine institution of programming, and a few friends of friends.  One friend of a friend I decided I would take a swing at was a friend on my brother's list, and for some reason he accepted my request.  The others were all really not surprising, well a couple, but not entirely.  However this man whom need not be named here, accepted my friend request, and it kind of makes me wonder why.  I imagine it is because he has never read my work there on Facebook, or especially on this blog, as I often write relatively offensive material, for those that may or may not be offended easily by things that are not the norm.  I will see how long this relationship last, it could prove interesting.

However that was the other day, something even more unusual happened today.  It was not that my wife made lots of stuff for Yule celebration and no one showed up, although people had said they would.  That is exactly what I expected, we had no gifts to give, why would they.  No there was even stranger things that occurred today.

One thing that was a little different, is that my sister brought over a motley crew of individuals to do some work here, and they actually did do some work, and I did not have to hold their hands, too much.  I was pretty pleased with that.  I will have to see how that pans out, things like this usually only last a few days, and some stuff gets done, but most times it is an exercise in frustration.  If I really have to explain to you how you fill a hole in with dirt, maybe you should not be using a shovel.  But I guess if you have never used a shovel, that is one thing, but really, who hasn't had to dig a hole here or there.  I guess many people haven't but really.

Of all the weird things though was I got an invitation from someone on Linkdin.  Not that, that itself is unusual, I get them once in a while.  It was that he was a person I would not think would find interest in what I do, or for that matter have ever done.  Like the Facebook thing, I will have to watch this and see where it leads.  Interesting people taking interest in me can be good, but I am cautious in that I know not upon what soil they have fed their hungry thirsty roots.

For the rest of the day, well mostly without event.  Just another day.  I have not wrote much these last two days, so much else has been happening, but I still hope to crank my first Amazon serial out by the 23rd, but that means writing like a mad man for the next two days, and passing it off to Amazon without the benefit of multiple rewrites.  This should be interesting.  Well if I am going to get that done, I have to get this done, so despite all that is going on, and there is a lot, and I wanted to talk a little about all that, I have to run to bed, so I can get up early and put this book to print by tomorrow.  Oh, no, hope I can beg to borrow another 24 hours this day.

Have a happy season, and don't drink to much, it will just ruin what might be a good bit of humorous misery later on.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cap in Hand

I would like to admit to something, I currently have my "cap in hand", and for you islanders that don't know what that means, please listen to this by the Proclaimers.  Now, now, before all you Scotts get yourselves in an uproar, oh shit too late, they is born that way, I ain't saying these guys are anything, but they make a point that is sort of universal.  We people of this great nation, not the national of any one, but this nation of one, have got our heads up our asses, and even though this pop duo is more or less the same part and parcel, they happen to have, maybe by accident, put up the point on which I would hereto like to elaborate.

If you have listened lately to any news feeds, I mean any at all, you will find that there are two themes, maybe better said as undercurrents.  One is that there is a new world order, and this I can assure you there will be, but let me get into that in a minute.  The second is that the youth is against it, and that has not changed since, well, ever.

The New World Order

Coming to a town or village near you, the new world order.  What the hell does this mean.  This means overt tyranny, factious dictatorship, marshal law, military rule, really.  Do you think so, here, on this planet, how long do you really think that would last.  Come on brother, can you buy that.  I didn't think so.  Oh, don't get me wrong the owners are here, or at least nearly here, to take back their rightful place.  What did I just say.  Well you might as well get used to it, cause like it or not, they are.

Well now who is cracked, these deRothchilds, et al, or Alex Jones (and his ilk), or the religious right, or what ever special interest group you would like to inject.  And now chille, what are ya gonna do about it.

I for one would like to give this little bit of truth, I have for some time watched every thing, well as much as one seer can possibly see in one particular junction, and I have thought quite a bit of what I have seen.  I would like to say something, at the risk (and grave risk this may be) of tipping my hand, I am all for the new world order.  The old world order isn't working, well it did, and then we broke it, cause we is smarter than than we thought we was, and now, it appears maybe we was not.

I am not the first one to tip their hand in this manner.  At some point in his life Samuel Clemens (better known as Mark Twain) presented us all with a little look into the new world order, but we were too afraid to look so deep into that dark reflection.  Look for a book entitled "The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories", and make sure you read at least the first one, if you can.  Also for the reading challenged, there's a short version on YouTube, but you really should read the book, it is free on Google Books at the link above.

Well that's not all of it, there's a bit more.  So much so that I will give you some more on another day, for now I am going to sit back and watch another cartoon, have a nice afternoon.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Fey Tail

Quite a long time ago, for you see I am older than I report, I happened upon a place in the wood, not unlike many that you have most likely seen. Having traveled quite a ways for a day, I concluded that this little clearing would be a perfect place to rest and have my dinner before the sun bowed its head. It is so much harder to set a fire when there is no light to see by you know. So I dismounted my dapple grey mare, and removed her bit, so she would have nothing in the way of her dinner as well. I was gathering the supplies for a nice little fire, when I noticed right in the middle of the clearing was a fire all ready to ignite. Well I thought, that was odd, as I had not seen this when I first looked, but how thoughtful of the last traveler to this place. It was then I decided that I too would return the favor, and ensure that I set the pit with fresh wood before I left the next morn. I finished gathering wood, so I would have some for the fire this night, and plenty for the morn, to give back what had been presented to me.

You see it did not occur to me at first thought, that maybe that pit had not been set, maybe it had been set while I was out gathering wood and tinder, but that at the time had not entered my mind. I was thinking about warming my rabbit stew and bread, not so much about what had been before I came.

This is a short excerpt of an upcoming work I will be publishing on Amazon, hopefully just before Christmas. I am most of the way through the first part, and will if need be publish that as soon as I can, so I can provide you all with something for Christmas this year.  Of course as usual I will publish the link to this post on the social sites, as well as once the link is ready for where the entire book can be purchased.  I don't expect it to be available in anything but electronic format, but maybe, we'll have to see.  If more information is available I will update it here, if I can.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Facing Place 10-16-2011 JED

The Facing Place 
(The Story of a Store)

What is a store, but a place to store things.  The basis that it has a retail aspect is but an effect of the fact that it stores things.  The goods that a store has is what is provided to it from the people who make things, or harvest things, or otherwise bring into reality, stuff that needs storage.  These are things that are over and above those things that each individual could have, or would have, in such quantities as that they had a surplus of things, such as that they would need additional storage for that surplus.  Being that they do not have the storage for the surplus, and short of building storage for the surplus, they have no place to place this surplus of things, so they need storage.

They could purchase storage, but then they would need an ever increasing amount of storage for those things that do not perish, and would need to distribute or dispose of those things that do perish, creating the need for a storage that can transfer their goods into something they have a surplus of into something they have a lack of.

If you make chairs, you can make enough chairs to sit on, and then stop making chairs, for you have enough to supply you.  The nature of chairs is such that if you have enough for now, you will not likely need to many more for a while, provided they are of sufficient design and craftmanship to withstand the ages.  Perhaps you may need to replace one or two over an average life time, and you may want one or two spares for when some extra people stop by, but that is still only a few more, and those have to be stored as well.  Further if you can not make bread but need bread, and only have chairs, well chairs taste nothing like bread, and certainly does not have the same nutritional value as bread.  Besides a chair is very hard to slice and put ham and cheese onto.

This is the need for trade.  You could trade your extra chair for bread, but the value of a chair is usually much higher than the value of a loaf of bread, so you would want many more loaves of bread for your chair.  The baker of bread who may desire your chair, being that he or she could not really make a chair, even if they knew how, their time is spent making bread, would most likely agree that a chair is worth many more loaves of bread, although maybe not as many as you might think.

Well anyway that is the basis for trade, to get that which you have lack of for that which you have a surplus of.  It is a simple thing, but it is not as simple for everyone, as the values of things keep changing, and it is hard to carry chairs to the people who have the things you need.  Besides those people might not need chairs, now how can you have a meat pie, if the meat pie hawker doesn’t want or need a chair.  Sure the hawker could then sell the chair to someone for something they needed, but it then becomes a messy issue, and everyone becomes a hawker as they must now sell things they did not make or need for things they need.  This is where the need for a trading location can be useful.  A trader takes your surplus goods, and gives you the goods you need for the trade.  You bring in a chair, and trade for 4 loaves of bread, a dozen of eggs, a couple gallons of milk, some flour, well you get the idea.  The baker needing a chair can bring in many loaves of bread and other pastries and get your chair.  What does the trader get.  Well the trader gets the surplus that you would not get if your were to trade directly with the baker.  If you went directly to the baker they may give you 10 loaves of bread for your chair, even though you think it is worth 20, but what would you do with 20 loaves of bread anyway, or even 10 for that matter, it will go bad before you can eat it all anyways.  So the trader says your chair is worth 15 loaves of bread, and the baker needs the chair, and although he could go to you and get the chair for 10 loaves of bread, you really don’t want 10 loaves of bread, you really want 2 loaves of bread, 2 gallons of milk, a dozen of eggs, and well you see where that is headed.  The baker could round up all those things, he uses them to bake with, most likely, but she might not have the pad of paper and bolt of cloth that you also want, and could get from the trader.

Now the trader has the bread, he has the chair, and when you come in with another chair, he gives you what you need for the chair, give or take a few slices of bacon, depending on demand for your chairs.  The trader then stores the goods you give him or her for the things you want, that came out of his stores of things he got from other makers of things, and that is why it is a store.

A final note; to make this process much easier yet, money was brought into the trade, and this did at first make things easier, but not simpler.  It also put the power of the value of things in the hands of those that valued the money.  It is not that the idea of money is bad, it is the management of monetary supply that creates the issue.  This continues and will continue to be an issue, but on a trade of goods for goods or services, there is less opportunity for this type of control of the system.

So a store is simply a location where the trader has decided to keep his goods, and he or she may decide to display some of them and let the customer chose what goods they would like to buy, but that usually only happens if the trader takes money or IOU’s in lou of actual goods.  However to some degree, he or she has to take in goods for goods, or there is no trade, and he or she will have to spend cash to make cash, not really how things were meant to be.

Now of course if the trader is stationary, and really only buys goods and then sells goods, they are not a trader at all, but exhibit the traits of a trader, only differently.  They are a merchant.  The merchant buys goods at a particular price and then sells them at a marked up price.  The merchant is the by-product of the monetary system.  They generally do not trade, nor do they travel to obtain their goods, preferring to pay someone to transport the goods to their storage place, where often they also sell their goods on the store shelves, saving them more money, as the storage acts as a place to sell as well as buy.  To deal with a merchant, even if you were to bring in your chair, they would not trade you for your chair, they would give you a value of money, or credit for your chair, and you would use this money or credit to buy things from their store.  Some merchants only give credit in their store, but others give a credit that is usable in more than just their store, and this is a letter of credit, or much like the IOU’s we call money.

This goes on today.  Today you go to work, you earn credit for the labor or services you provide to the employer.  He or she gives you a credit slip in the form of a check (more often today in the form of an electronic transfer of data that represents your credit with the monetary institutions).  You use this credit to purchase things that you want or need, and go to work to earn more credit.  The financial institutions (just specialized merchants) provide some people with an extension of credit so they can buy more expensive things without the means to do so, such as land or a house.  This extension of credit comes with an additional cost to the extension, known as interest which the merchant charges you for the use of their credit to your credit.  Of course this is very simplified, but that is what it is in essence.

When you can not afford something and you buy it anyway, you are now dedicating some of your labor of services to pay down that debt.  You are then obligated to keep making chairs and selling them to the merchant at the price he or she determines as you owe them more debts than you have credits to pay all at once.  You have indentured yourself to the merchant, so I hope you really like making chairs.  To get around the merchant’s price, you could just make lots more chairs, and sell them in bulk, getting more credits than debts, and therefore a profit.  How could you do this.  Well a chair consist of many parts, and these parts are often repeatable parts that could be made by a less skilled person, especially if all they had to do was assist a machine in making them.  So manufacturing is developed, and the chair maker becomes the chair designer, and getting a loan from the merchant he or she now hires people and gets machines, and buying materials in bulk, they make lots of chairs and sell them in bulk to the merchant who then sells them at retail to those who need chairs but can not make them as easily as they can purchase them.

If you are good and things work out, you will not only pay off your debt to the merchant, but also earn enough credit to buy things that exceed the amount of credit you were able to amass before you started mass producing chairs and selling them at bulk.  As long as someone else does not come along and start making chairs for less, and selling more of them to the merchant at less, you will continue to have enough sway that you can continue to earn more credits than you have debts, and therefore a profit.  If someone does come along and start making the same chair for less, and selling for less, you have to protect that interest, and maybe find another way to ensure that your chair is chosen over their chair, by increasing your value for the money spent, or lowering your price, or protecting your design through threats and other means.

This little diabolical story gets dirty in a hurry as the merchant is always looking for ways to maximize their cut, and minimize yours, and so they may actually put the competition in business for you.  Many years ago there were these organizations that watched out for this, and ensured that no two chair makers were operating in a single area, so this could not happen.  They also distinguished between the top chair makers and the lesser chair makers through a process of judgement by peers, and that the top chair maker could always get more for their chairs provided they adhered to the rules of the Guild.  The Guild was all but abolished by the merchants, as it kept them from creating a false economy, and causing master chair makers to cheapen their work to compete with novice chair makers, as the looks were the same, and the people who purchased the chairs, could no longer tell the difference, because there were no more displays of the masters work by the Guild.

Ah, but the guild was flawed as well, as it might be, because it to was based in the values of money for services not valued at the proper proportion to the actual value of the object of need.  You see there is no way to say how much a meat pie will be worth at any one time, today it may be a nickle, tomorrow a dime.  The standard basis for price is market supply and demand.  The higher the supply, and lower the demand, the lower the price, and vice versa.  The higher the demand and higher the supply, the price levels out, and there is very little profit taken, but the cost does not change much either.  It is when the supply and demand are manipulated artificially that the troubles begin.  When there is a lack of supply for high demand products, so that the price will rise, this is how it should be, but if the supply is made short to induce a large increase in price, it ripples out to other areas as well.  Now the people who make the products will demand more money for their services to be able to afford the inflated price, and so the cost rise, creating a need to rise the price even more, until at some point demand begins to fall enough that the supply becomes excessive, and then the price must fall in order to off load this surplus of supply, which should then increase demand, should mind you.  How many chairs can you really sell, if they are of good quality, they will only sell to those that do not already have chairs.  So now the suppliers of chairs must lower the quality of the goods to last less time, so that more chairs can be sold, over and over to the same customers.  This manipulation of supply and demand through less than honest practices continues to plague the economy, and is also part of the merchant plan.

Correction is neither simple nor easy, in fact it is hard, fast and devastating.  The merchants having devised these plans have realized their mistakes and knowing that they must find a way to re-set the program, after having devised the way to both inflate the market (encouraging large population growth) and inflate the value of value (through market manipulation), can no longer sustain this, and so they have protected their interest, and are setting the final stages of economic collapse into place.  When will it happen?  Well it has already, it is just  a timed release.  Now it is a matter of knowing what to do in the meantime so that when the rest of the society realizes they have been taken for a ride, and that they will be left hung out to dry, or bow to the new order, well, it will not be pretty for a while.  Overall most people will comply with the order, and those that fit the design will be pardoned the fate of those that do not.  Those that do not, well they will be fitted for whatever work they can do that will suit the order, but if they can not, they will be reduced, to put it mildly.

As for those that sit on the other side of the line (wall), life will not be safe or pretty for quite some time.  There will not be stores to go to, no supplies, nothing that would seem the same as it once was, even for those that remember that which came before the correction began.

In the years that follow there will be indications of light, pockets of hope, and new lives will live within here, remaking their lives as it should have been, in tune with the natural order, not the merchant order.  The merchant order will continue, in cloistered areas separate from the wilderness, in small Eden's, where merchants will be gods, and the people will fear that which is outside the walls of their well tended gardens.  We existed this way for many thousands of years, much more than we did out side the walls.  Will the people inside make the same mistakes again that brought them to the place where they are today, yes maybe, but I think it will be at least another few millennium before they eat of the tree of knowledge, and as long as ignorance is bliss, they will live happily ever after.  Will the gods then continue to concern themselves with that which is outside their creations?  Yes and no, they will to the degree that it might effect their interior harmony, but otherwise, no, it just is too much to do, with all that they have to do to maintain appearances.

There are many creation stories because all of them are true, all at the same time.  There have been several houses, and when several of them combined to try to destroy one another, the whole of their existence nearly ceased to exist.  Will they make that mistake again?  I do not believe they will for quite some time, but greed and desire is their downfall, and it may again cause them to repeat their own mistakes, a sure sign of insanity.

And that is a short story of a store, and how it may come to be the little lantern within the darkness that approaches, as something wicked this way comes.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

OWS Response 10-05-2011-1

I have read a lot of this, though not all of it, and as that would leave me to be less completely informed as I would like to be, as to all of this there is already a methodology that does not require growing the national debt, or increasing government oversight, and it punishes the large corporations at the same time.  It is simple, stop buying their crap, if we just stop buying their stuff, they will cease to have profit.  Buy as local as possible, work as local as possible, live as local as possible, and provide community support as you can with what you can.  Know your local sources, support local businesses, ones that are actually local, not local branches of large corporations.  When we vote with our dollars, we vote across the lines, there is no politics in economics.  Deglobalize the American way, stop demanding the government do for you, and do for your self and your neighbors.  Demand that the government stay out of regulation of morality, and provide equal service for the money they extract, for security and protection of the rights we do have.  When we stop buying from Walmart, the Waltons lose their income stream, and yes 1000's of people lose low wage jobs, but they will anyways at some point, no better time than the present.  Support local small business start-ups through deregulation and tax relief for these businesses for hiring people at a reasonable acceptable wage.  Devalue everything, reduce wages, reduce consumption, and reduce the cost of living in the process.  Build infrastructure through community programs, you want better grids, with green technology, build them in your own community.  The average dairy farm produces enough energy to supply up to 1000 homes in a near by area.  Demand that the current infrastructure can be utilized for local communities to distribute their own energy, at a reasonable cost of leasing the infrastructure from the energy transport utilities.  You want local broadband, build it, if every person had wireless routers and opened one channel to the community there would be a wireless MAN, all that would be needed would be a hub in some community area that had central lines leased from the bells, and that cost could again be shared locally.  We are a country of excess, trim our own fat, and we will trim that of all others.  If you are out of work, examine your skills, and evaluate what you can do for others that they can not do for themselves, and start to use that to earn your way to employment, self employment, who knows, you just may be able to put some other people to work for you.  It is all about local community, solidarity to the local area, with controls on your own spending that makes the difference.  If you do not give your money to the oil companies, they can not profit.  One demand that should have been added is that we should have access to small diesel engines, like most of the world has.  The average farm produces enough waste to produce enough bio-diesel to fuel at least 40 cars, besides their own equipment.  If a local restaurant you frequent does not source their materials locally, stop eating there, telling them if they do not start sourcing their materials (as much as they can) locally, you will not frequent their establishment.  Demand high quality, not quantity.  If the builder tries to charge you 40,000 for bad craftsmanship, refuse to purchase from them, they will cease to be in business.

This is a good movement, use it wisely.  It is all about our own power to help ourselves, and our neighbors.  It is all about local and taking back power of the people by not buying their crap.  If you want to make it work, you have to do it every where, by everyone, spread the word, live local, work local, buy local, and supplement the rest as little as is necessary.  If you are a doctor, you have the option to chose how much you charge, if you go local, and stop accepting the insurance scam.

I am self employed, have been since I was 14, and I am now 45.  I have had employees in the past, but living in NY I have had to eliminate them as I can not afford the insurance and other cost associated with having employees.  I can afford to live, and live simply even though I work for the very corporations that you are demanding so much from.  I fix their computers and networks, and keep the systems of consumerism going.  Please eliminate my job, make me obsolete, so I can go back to my farm (yes I own a small dairy farm too), and hire a couple of local people to help me with farming and producing good products for my neighbors, delivering them to their doors at reasonable cost, with no additions, no preservatives, no alterations.  And if I can not, do not buy my stuff and I will no longer be in the business, and that will end that.  End the subsidies, save the tax dollars for supporting your local communities, and not for providing agricultural welfare.  I do not receive any subsidies, even though I could.  I do not receive any assistance, even though I could.  I work hard for my money.  I have paid more than my share of taxes (I am a small business I am taxed twice) for over 20 years, never once getting a kick back, a subsidy, or other handout.  I have defaulted a few loans, but I have paid them back when times were good.  My check book bounces all over the place, in the red one week, and in the black for the next, because I have no weekly paycheck, and taxes and insurance demands that I support those that are not willing to even put forth the slightest effort to help themselves.  There are many people who have been hurt in this economy, and we only have ourselves to blame.  Demanding higher wages, and cheaper products to fill our media fueled vision of what is the American dream.  Higher wages only give us higher cost of living, it is diminishing returns.

I do however agree with the global community as well, we are just one planet, we need to get over that.  Political division is ridiculous, we are a bunch of ignorant idiots on a planet and we are still trying to draw lines on a globe made of paper, time for the human race to grow up a little, the only division that really exist is the physical ones and those can be navigated.  Resources are the only real wealth.  Do you really think you own that piece of land you bought from the bank, maybe you have paid it off, do you own it.  No you rent it from the government.  Besides that you really only own the top six inches, unless you bought the mineral rights, which at least 70% of home owners don't even know exist.  You own nothing, you have nothing, except that which you can trade for that paper you are so desperately trying to leverage with credit.  The banks did not create this mess, we did, by letting them convince us that we were worth more than we were, by imaging that we were entitled to more than we were.  By thinking that we needed things we wanted.  Yes media had its hand in that, McDonald's would be no where with out the Clown and your weakness for children.  Cars are built like crap, and yet we keep buying them and praising them.  We keep lowering the standards of education, diluting the value of the University.  There are so many things we have done to ourselves, our neighbors, our global community, and now we want to blame those that could see and capitalized on it.  Were they right to do so, no not really, I am not sure how they sleep at night myself, but pirates are pirates, whatever the flag they fly.  We can control their purse, just by not buying their crap.

If you want to punish them for our lack of vision and self control, that is fine, but more government is not the answer, less government and more restraint is the answer.  Act locally, think globally.  Oh and one last thing, get over your selves, you only need to look in the mirror and be honest with your self if you want to know the answer.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Collector (draft 918111)

The Collector

By: James E. Doud

(c) 9/2011 James E. Doud
Using Open Copyright

Published By: James E. Doud

The Collector -1-

My father was a hoarder, my mother a product of the former great depression, so it is not surprising that I tend towards collecting.  People collect things, nic-nacks of all sorts, treasure to one, brick-a-bract to the other.  

Everyone collects something to some extent.  When I walked into the house, I could see that it had collected about three years of dust.

Whatever else was in the house was only to be known from under that dust, and whatever else was waiting in the shadows.  After three years it was bound to be the haven of all manor of rodent and insect, all co-habating in this dusty old house.  That it had stood these last three years vacant is evidence of it structural integrity.  Judging from the vines that covered its exterior, its integrity was being tested.  This also told a little tale of those that had once lived here, that most likely they stopped caring more than three years ago.  That was evident from the first look inside.

The Realtor had said she did not go much past the front door, that there were no human tracks in the dust confirmed that.  Under the strong light of the sun streaming through the door into the shadowy interior, there was the evidence of much of the inhabitants of present.  There were pathways of several species of rodent, as well as webs undisturbed for at least as long.  The only unexpected thing about the picture is none of the tracks or webs looked recent.  They themselves all had layers of dust.  It is as if they raided the place and moved on.

It is said that most modern rodents can not live very long without humans, as they feed off our waste, and without us, they will move on to places where there are more human populations and easier foraging.  It is possible that out here, away from other homes, and distant from any form of civilization that the rodents did move on, but what of the spiders, certainly they are susceptible to the same laws.  Certainly they would have coveted this emptiness where they would be unhampered in their munitions.  Yet they appeared for all intents and purposes to have moved on as well.

It would all wait, it had waited this long, it would all wait a few more days, there were details yet to hammer out before the hammers could come out, in this house.

Twenty minutes later I drove back into town.  Not unlike every other small town, it had a main street, a church street, and not much else.  There were a couple of 24 hour gas stations, and the usual shops, nothing really different.  It had a distinct lack of appeal immediately.  What architecture was there was crumbling down, while the McDonald's had the look of recent renovations.  Typical of these no-where small towns these days.

Doesn't matter I would not be staying in town, there was no accommodations in town to stay at, I would be moving on, to the next city, and staying there, for now.

Why buy an old broken house near an old broken town?  I knew this was the question many would ask me, and one that I had asked myself briefly, but the answer was plain for anyone that could see.  No interference, no disturbance, keep to yourself and you are left alone.  That is exactly why I came here, and why I bought the house out side a forgotten town.

The nearby city was not much better, just a little larger, and nearly as forgotten.  Except one thing, the harbor, this still remained, maintained.  I stopped into the first hotel I came to, a little row hotel next to a Dunkin Doughnuts, how convenient.  It seemed likely they would have a room available, and I would not have to go far for coffee, perfect.

I pulled the car in, and headed for the office.

The desk attendant was a mid 30's man with a thick accent.
“Can I help you?” he asked.

“I sure hope so, I need a room, nothing fancy, just a room for a few days.”  I said.

“Well it is 125 a night for a single, they are all non-smoking, and you get a coupon book from Dunkin Doughnuts.” he said.

“Great, just what I needed, how much for three days?”  I asked.

“125 a night.” he answered.

“Yes, I know that, I will take a room, for three nights, how much is the bill?”

“Pre-paid?” he asked.

“Yes, pre-paid, as in here's my card, please tell me how much the total is, and please give me a key, thank you.” I said.

I was beginning to wonder if he ever had any paying customers.  Most likely it was the no discount thing, I didn't ask for the discount, that probably threw him off.

“Sure, right a way sir, the total with tax and fees is 575 on the Master Card, Mr. Smith.” he asked.

“Yea, that's fine, you can hold the card, in case there are any other fees you can think of.” I said.

“I will need another form of ID, like a drivers license, with a picture on it.” he said, as he ran the card through the machine.

“Sure, here,” I handed him a license with my picture on it, a NY license, that matched the credit card.

“Thank you Mr. Smith, it will be just a moment, your room number is 104, the door locks itself, and this key does not need to actually go in the lock, it is electronic, just walk up to the door with the key in your hand or pocket, and the door will unlock, as a convenience for our customers that have to carry things in.”  he said.

“Thank you,” I said.

I took the key and the packet of papers that included my license, credit card, and the hotel receipt, as well as coupons from local businesses, hotel contract, rules of conduct, and other such items.  Out of the office I walked to my car, and grabbed my suitcase, and headed for my room.

The Room
If you travel at all, they all look the same, a bed, sometimes a table, sometimes more, sometimes less, but they all had a bed, and a bathroom, and that is what is important.  I put my suitcase on top the dresser that was below the TV, and checked the bathroom out.  Not impressive, but clean, and with clean towels, certainly all that was needed.  I headed back to the bed, pulled the covers back, the sheets were for all appearances clean, or at least clean enough.  I took off my suit and set it on the suitcase after I removed from the case my bed clothes.  In hotels especially it is always best to sleep in bed clothes, you don't know who was here last.

It was warm, but not warm enough for an air conditioner, so I turned it off, the silence grew around me.

I got into bed and switched off the light, the darkness grew around me, and soon it all faded to black.

Night Vision -2-
The liquid black pulsed with unseen life.  Shadows that moved in the darkness.  Unseen except for their movement, and the slight hue darker than the surrounding darkness that enveloped everything else.  There was no sound, just movement, and darkness, a void with shapeless shadows that milled about, with no apparent purpose.  A tiny point of light in the distance danced as it came closer.  The heat itself was oppressive, nothing more was needed.  As the light came closer the shadows shrank back away from the light, and I covered my eyes, a guard against the light.  

The hollow sound of hooves echoed on the hard ground of the road, the light bouncing in rhythm with pace of the horses.  Soon the carriage was upon me, and I watched as it passed by, the sound of hooves fading with the light.  I stood alone again on the hard road, alone with the shadows.

I threw the hood of my cloak up over my head and headed off down the road, the shadows behind me, slowly fading into the blue black ink of night.  The only light was from a clear sky, moonless, as azure as the night, but broken by millions of points of illumination.  The lute caressed my back as I walked.

As I headed up the hill before me, I could hear waters rhythmic crash of waves, and knew that I was nearing the shore.  Once I crested the hill, I could see below me the lights of the small port village flickering in the haze of smoke that rose from every chimney.  The closer to the village I approached the more the lights blazed, with small huts now here and there some with a single light burning, some dark.

The shadows condensed as the light increased, becoming denser and heavier as I approached the tavern with its lights casting pools of flickering light onto the road that ran past its facade.  As I stepped into the light of the tavern the shadows thinned and dissipated into air leaving me to the dancing lights of the tavern.

The alarm sounded distant and hollow, from a far away place it came into the ear and slowly registered on the brain.  I awoke to the sound, not suddenly, but slowly realizing it was a sound nearby.  I looked over at the fold-up clock sitting on the night stand vibrating from the action of the alarm.  I turned it off, sitting up in the room I had fallen asleep in a few hours ago.  This was always re-assuring.

I got taking care of the basic needs of nature and grooming, and put on my suit placing in its place on top the case my bed clothes, neatly folded.  I checked to make sure I had the room key in my pocket, and headed for the door.

Outside I walked to the Dunkin Doughnuts, got a coffee and headed back to the car.  Miles before I sleep running through my thoughts as I started the car and backed out of the parking spot, headed back to the small town, east of the city.

It was a short drive, no more than a few minutes, and I knew the office of the Realtor would be just opening up.  I drank the coffee on the way, it was hot and the cream was sweet but other than that, nothing special, coffee from such places rarely ever was more than just drinkable.

The office was on Main Street, so I parked on the side of the road and headed for the office, it was just after nine, so I knew they would be just opening up for the day, best time to catch the Realators  before they headed out of the office on errands.  I had only talked to her on the phone, and through emails, so I had no idea who she was really, or what she looked like, but that was unimportant really.

I entered the office, it was relatively sparse in appointment, and quite obviously a converted home.  The receptionist was sitting at her desk in what was once a parlor off the front foyer.  She looked up at me as I entered the office.

“Hello, can I help you?” she asked.

“Well I sure hope so, I am looking Ms. Barbado I think it is.”  I said.

“And you are Mr. Smith, correct?” she asked.

“Yes, Paul John Smith, is Ms. Barbado in today?”  I asked.

I had made the appointment three weeks ago, so I assumed she would be here, but it is always best to play your hand slowly when dealing with professionals.

“Yes, she is here, I will page her for you Mr. Smith.”  she said.

The receptionist picked up her phone and began talking to someone on the receiver, I wasn’t sure who I had stopped paying her any attention.  I looked around at the front office, it reminded me more of a travel agency than a real estate office, with posters of exotic locations framed on the walls, with out the offers for trip deals.  There were two chairs with a small end table between them, and on the end table were several magazines, most of them appeared to be about travel as well.  There was a dried flower swag just above the table, all standard office materials, strait out of the office manuals of modern office design.

I heard the click of her heals come up behind me, and knew she was headed towards me.

“Mr. Smith” her voice from behind me projected.  It was the voice of soft woman who had been hard before, there was just the touch of rasp in her voice that said she had had to raise it too often to be heard.  She had the voice of a third grade teacher, soft with an edge of potential admonishment if you did not pay her just attention.

I turned to greet her.

Before stood a well dressed woman of even stature, in her early to mid forties most likely, but she gave the appearance of a younger woman in dress, manor and pose.  She looked to have been groomed, most likely a patron of one of the local salons, which she frequented frequently, although she did her own painting, as it appeared just a little heavy for her position, but not for her desire to give the appearance of a slightly younger woman.  She was smartly dressed, not a designer suit, but a well made construction of slacks, and blazer, with a blouse that was feminine but not frilly or frivolous.  I could definitely see how this woman had had to compete in a “mans” position and had fought that battle with pride and prejudice.  Outside she had won them, inside she had lost to her own sense of who she was, although that would not be apparent to most observers.  A very old set of wedding bands on her hand told me she was traditional at heart, and that family ties were important to her.  The amber broach on her lapel was small but significant, it showed that she valued workmanship, art, and most likely was from a local artist, someone she knew personally.  I could not see it, but I knew she also wore a cross, a small old cross, again from some previous generation of her family, and she was catholic, as she wore it hidden from sight.  Her posture was upright but open, from years of giving this same impression, and training to allow others to see just enough of her soft disposition, while her square demeanor indicated that she would not be easily persuaded, she was no pushover.  This woman was a bull dog in business, a mother of children, and a presence in her own town, known for her fame, and I imagine her infamy as well, depending on who you chose to question.

She immediately offered her hand to me, as a man would do, and I took it with an intentional slight hesitation.  She quickly affirmed the grip with slight pressure and assistance from her left hand, indicating that she was here for business, but that she was an old friend just met.  I smiled slightly, to show I was not offended by the gesture.

“Ms. Barbado?” I iquired.

“Yes, but you can call me Barb, most people do.”  she said as we each took our hands back to our perspective spaces.

“Thank you Barb, you can call me Mr. Smith, most people do.” I said removing the first volley in her arsenal.

There was instant recognition in her expression, which immediately was replaced by her mask of indifference and salemanship.

“Yes, Mr. Smith, lets go back to my office, the papers are on my desk, I wouldn’t want to hold you up, I am sure you would like to get right to work on your new home here.”  she said and then turned slightly back towards the back of the reception office to head towards the door which she had come through.

“Thank you Barb, that would be most appreciated”  I said providing her the opening to start the tour of the office in relative silence.
I am sure that with other clients she would have initiated additional conversation, and talked them through the office, keeping them entertained with her vast store of trivial knowledge of the area in which they were supposedly going to be living in.