Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spare Moments in Baldwinsville 04-22-2010

It has been a while since I really thought much about much of anything. That is to say it has been a while since I really took to task anything, and at this point I am just trying to get it right in my head. I am frustrated, no that's not really the word for it. It goes beyond that, but I just am at a loss for a word that fits the situation.

Where do I begin, with the roads, well no, that will be better later. How about the state workers, not really, this is all part of the same issue. I want to show the way but there are just to many ignorant people out there shaking there collective heads in unison to the situation without any clue as to what is really happening here. Let me get a little more coffee in me, maybe some more cigarettes, and we'll see where this goes.

Oh and I forgot to write a little thing about the show yesterday. My stepson Justin performed his first comedy show yesterday evening at the Mohegan Manor in Baldwinsville, NY. Now although I don't want this to seem like I am dissing the place, but I hate Sushi bars. Not because I hate Sushi, no just the opposite, it is because I like Sushi, but lets face it the crap they try to pass off as Sushi at these places is barely edible, and certainly not palatable. I did not see one Japanese person working there, not that I am trying to say that they couldn't do it, but lets face it, in all reality, Americans are horrible at imitation, especially when it comes to food. The people they have working there are most likely not trained Sushi chefs, if they have a Chef at all, they are most likely from a local university, certainly not the caliber that I would consider for my Sushi. Although I am sure they charge like it was first caliber, so I will pass on that. Steak though, that is an entirely different order. I did not try that either, but if they are half way thinking they would do steak right. If they wanted to be famous, they would drop the Sushi, and just do steak and burgers. Don't play to that fruitcake crowd and just make the best steak and burgers there are, and maybe serve a chicken something, no fuck that, just steak, or burger, and steak fries or baked potatoes, that's it. Well yea you can add a fresh vegetable and good bread with real butter, but that's it, no bullshit. And kick Sysco out, or Renzi, or whoever they are getting their pre-portioned institutional crap from. Buy local, fresh, and serve it with reserve and respect for the customer. This is how they should do it if they want to be famous. No pansy bullshit, just steak and good entertainment. They have three fucking floors, they could host shows in the basement bar, have a piano bar upstairs, and maybe some dinner theater in the dinning room on the weekends. Whatever just drop the bullshit, and serve only fresh local beef, with local potatoes, and local vegetables, and some of the pies and other deserts from some local place like Geddes Bakery. Oh and make sure the coffee is great, and not some low cost crap. That's it, one problem fixed. If only they listened. You don't need a great Chef, you just need someone who can cut meat well, and cook it simply. You don't need any A-1 sauce, just a de-glazing of the broiler pan, and a quick mixture of raisin paste, honey and butter. Lets skip this health food crap, 'cause it ain't doing any one any favors, and you shouldn't be going out every day any way, so shelve that shit. Now if you want to serve lunches, well that is easy too. Soup is the key, make a great soup, serve it with a great bread and butter, and you have lunch, no sweat. What else, you want a salad, well, that's just some lettuce, some onions, some tomato, some good dressing, call it a day. It's a fucking side people, not a meal, get it right. Sandwiches, man you want everything, well, okay, there are two sandwiches to serve, one is a roast beef sandwich with onion and a side of horseradish sauce, and the other is turkey, ham and bacon, otherwise known as a club sandwich. That's it. The beef should be roasted very rare, and served fresh cut, the rest can be used to make a good soup. The turkey should be moist as should the ham, and they should also be used to make soup. Okay, expand the menu to include three other things, one is a roast chicken dinner, and therefore chicken soup, and a chicken breast sandwich. The other is roast turkey, for the same reasons. The last one is ham dinner, and therefore soup and sandwiches. Okay the final sandwich is pastrami on rye, but you would have to get the pastrami from the right place, and serve it with wafer thin tomatoes, and a touch of brown mustard, that's it. Don't bend to the customer, let them have it the way it was meant to be, and they will beg for more. If you are going to mash potatoes, well then just do it, if you serve that powered crap you ruin everything. It ain't that hard, boil some white potatoes in salted water, mash them with a ricer, remember this step, use a ricer, not a blender or mixer, machines make them like glue, ad in some butter, and then just enough whole milk to loosen them, but leave them a little dry, as the customer will want to add butter and most likely gravy, so you don't want them to creamy, and you want them to have a bit of body. If you are worried about waste, boil the potatoes and then portion them and put them in the cooler. When you get an order for mash, get out a portion of potatoes and put the bag in the boiling water (you know what boiling water is don't you, its a pot of water you always have on the stove at boiling so you can use it when you need it), and heat them. Of course you realize you would have cooked them just short of done, so you can finish them in the water. When you portion them add in the bits of cold butter, so when you run them through the ricer they are mixed with the butter and add a bit of whole milk, stir and season with a bit of fresh pepper, sold American. That's it, that's all I'm giving you, although there are lots of other things I could think of right now, but that's all you are getting for free, the rest you will have to pay for.

Now what I was saying was this was Justin's first performance. So he did his show, and he was good, I mean not just for his first gig, or because he is my stepson, but he was funny. He actually made me laugh, which is hard to do. So yea, he still needs to think about somethings, cause you don't want to rely on just comedy, but maybe some acting or performance arts classes with an eye on a arts degree, so you got something to show for it, any way, or even a cooking degree, so you have something to put food on the table while you are working on being an overnight success. So that's what I was saying, he was pretty dam good, so get out there and see him, dammit, the show is free, except the drinks, but what the hell, you were going to go out anyways, so you might as well see something worthwhile. So yea that's what I was going to say about that. It is Wednesday night, 7:00pm at the Mohegan Manor in Baldwinsville, NY, right on Oswego Street, just off of route 31, parking is in the back. So don't be a putz get out there and see the show, you pansies.

Okay so that's the shit for today, for right now, 'cause I got a lot more to come, but its almost my bed time, yea that's what I said, almost my bed time, get over it, I ain't fourteen any more, and 6:00 am comes early for me, so get over it.

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