Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Update to the "Brute Forge"

A while ago I wrote a little bit about the dragon and his brethren, and here I write a little more, although not so eloquent as I once was able perhaps.

Masters of Competence
There is given some time to their skill, as this is the measure of their worth. Be it that which they provide in eloquence, or in diligence, either can be proof of their level of rank and rancor. They are given this by the priest(est) by decree, by consensus. How is one remarked to this distinction, by deed or by creed, neither, as it is more the will of the apprentice that marks the master, for otherwise they are no more than the average journey man. One that is accomplished is one that is revered, but one that can inspire is one that has proofed their value to all concerned. This then is the mark that the priest(est) seek in naming the accolade master.

Other Terms of Endearment
There is some care presented here, in tender hearts are valuable skills in tending to tenderer parts. Away from the chapel and nearer to the hearth stone there is a small hut in which dwells the workers of miracles and dancers. Given their frail feet and scornful eyes they tend to the ill of frame and feature, if not just the will of the fallen that have no other terms to tender wills. Near then to the rise of the sun, but north of the lady by which they gain their first view and energy, this is the place of quiet solitude amongst the rush of urgency and winds.

Authors Note: I am having a tough time getting into this mind, as so many mundane issues seem to be plaguing me, like sneezes, and wheezes and other bodily functions that constantly get in my way. I will have to complete this at another time, when there are not quite so many ordinary distractions.

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