Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Woderful Car Tunes

Driving in my car, with the tunes turned up, some crap from the static filled world of commercial radio, I hate it.  I don't mind the advertisements, so much, but the endless chatter of so much bullshit from the dj's just pisses me off.  Who the hell do they think they are, none of them are funny, most of them are just base, and then I feel like turning the dial, but there is nno fucking dial anymore.  At my PC, I am listening to lastFM, which plays lots of good songs, with no freaking dj's to interrupt the music.  I control what I listen to, and that makes me happy.   If it were only a little more intuitive, and read my mind, well at least my cache, which is the mind state I am in as far as the browser is concerned.

I think about this as I contemplate building a web site, again, once again.  The trouble is I don't know what to sell this time, some service, or some product I don't believe in anymore, or anything that is repeated so much, it makes me believe that there is nothing new anymore.  There was a time when the web was new, that there seemed to be something new to see or read or do, but it all seems to have gone on endless loop, except the music, which still gets me in the mood.  Viral video seems like a good thing to me.  If I had one of them, then I would have something, but I no longer so happy with my video cameras.  There's no light in this darkness I find myself to often in.  I wouldn't say I am depressed, it feels more like oppression, even if it is self imposed.

I sometimes listen to Pandora Radio, and it has changed, it is now producing advertisements, but they aren't that bad, just brief breaks in the long tail list of musical twist I put the interface through.  I looked into Google Adwords the other day, and now they offer television advertising, and advertising marketplace, which seems on first glance to be very useful.  It seems if I had something to sell, and I wanted to make money, Google would be the way to go.  I mean Google sites gives you a presence on the web, Google voice gives you a phone to present, Google Advertising helps you promote, and all the other google stuff helps you create.

What happened to Frank Zappa?  I mean I know he died, so hasn't many others, but they still play John Lennon on the radio, but not Zappa, what's up with that.  Other than Beck, I haven't really heard anything that really gives you that Zappa feel, maybe his son will come out and do something to fix that.

I promote all the wrong things, for free, what the hell is wrong with me.  I used to read poetry on Wednesday in Syracuse, NY at this little cafe called Happy Endings which always seemed a oxymoron to me.  I don't know what happened to that place, but I am sure that it died alone with the rest of the Armory Square area after the "plastic people" found out about it.  Like every hole in the wall or dive, or half way decent cafe, it gets trodden under by "progress".  Unless you are in NY city where there are enough freaks of every different kind, to keep some of the little shit holes still breathing.  Well I haven't been there in a while so I really don't know anymore, if the holes and whores still roam through the streets of SoHo, I doubt it, some fucking idiot politician tried to clean all that up didn't they.  So no more Ziggy Stardust look a likes selling the New York Times, and whatever else a good boy might need.

So off to the sin city, except I hate the desert, and that isn't really about sin as much as money anymore.  Where the hell can a freak go to hang with other freaks, did they all just don three piece suits, obtain master degrees and conform to the mold of middle class clown.  Now the hookers are fourteen year old girls in school, with designs on finding sugar daddy's they can take  their cherry for a six figure salary on the side.  How the hell did I get here, from where.

Eat the Elephants, cause if they could they would eat you too little boy.  They are so good with jam and bread, but so far they haven't made a slice of bread big enough to fit a slice Elephant rare roasted breast.  So we should just leave them alone.

"Hey you, I want you, yea, I want you in the front.."
Long Live Ziggy, we will always miss you David (Robert Jones) Bowie 1947-2009.

No just kidding, Ziggy may be dead but David Bowie is still kicking.

Cordially Yours;
James E. Doud

"ad copy here"

"Caution: Nitroglycerin has the capacity to sense when a stupid or clumsy person is around and, if given a chance, it will try to kill him." (Warring found on actual container of Nitroglycerin)

"Tut, tut, child! Every thing's got a moral, if only you can find it." The Duchess: Alice in Wonderland

"It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. " Mark Twain

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