Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stimulus dollars for weatherization create thousands of jobs in New York

A big influx of federal stimulus money to weatherize the homes of low-income families is creating a jobs boost — at least short-term.

This is the type of thing I am talking about, however will it be enough to stimulate the organizations to make the shift to self funding?

"I see it as having a tremendous future, an opportunity for a person to climb up the ranks,” Johnson said. “There’s a lot of opportunity for individuals who are interested in this field.”
He’s hoping the government will keep money flowing to the program after the stimulus program ends.
“It would be a waste of time for the government to start it, just to turn around and tell people it was just a joke,” he said.

That is a common misconception by people, that the government should keep funding the projects. They provide incentive capital, and it is up to the organizations to seek additional funding sources, through creative means to continue to fund the programs. They could look to local sources, but there is not enough local people to provide for the continuation of such programs, so they need to look towards other programs. They need to consider self funding of the programs. Looking at options like deconstruction programs, and paid services for other organizations, to find additional funds. They need to start that now, while they still have the stimulus funds to hold over on.

The long term is very uncertain, but if organizations like P.E.A.C.E. inc, can utilize these funds to fuel growth, they certainly should be able to find other sources to fund continued development.

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