Thursday, October 22, 2009

Green Syracuse

Why is Syracuse, NY not the location for technology. It could be, if it only wanted to be. It could be the center for "green" technology, if it only set its sights on that goal. Screw consumerism, and all the trappings that holds, it is not real economy. It is better to strive for something more stable, like growth. Environmental technology is not a fad, it will not wane as the economy fluxuates, it is a solid growth technology.

Syracuse has opportunity to change from a lagging economy to one that is booming, through its resources of technology and education. The Onondaga County government drags it feet in the mire of indecision. It needs to set the goal to be the premier "green" technology community to achieve it. I read about how they talk about it, but nothing is being done, because they are mired in their own petty concerns. Okay, that is my opinion of local government, but from what I have seen so far, that seems to be their position. The Syracuse Development objective should be to rebuild downtown as the location for new "green" companies to locate.

We need to unwire the city, provide the means to have the technology to allow companies to have access to the technologies that will allow them to expand. If they don't have the incentive to make Syracuse their home, they will go elsewhere. All it really takes is the government and the people to realize that if we don't do something, we will continue to languish in obscurity, doomed to become less productive, and eventually, even the institutions that provide the incentive to make the leap will cease to exist.

I am afraid this is not a very well researched article, and only based on opinion, but it does set the stage for further research, so from here I will try to expand at some other time.