Saturday, October 17, 2009

Article Writing for Article Writers

My first article on article writing, or at least the articles I have read on certain article sites. Are these companies like Verizon really paying these rates for these articles? I mean, has anyone actually from the company read these articles? I have seen better writing from high school students. These are not articles, even if they are SEO articles they should at least be well written, and include some sort of information that at least gives the appearance of being from someone who has had experience and/or knowledge of the subject. I have read some of these SEO articles, and they are basically written to get the key words into half arsed sentences. Not to mention the grammatical and spelling errors, and especially the spelling errors, there is a program called spell check that could fix that. Furthermore the typos prove that the authors are not proof reading their articles before submitting them. That the buyers are accepting them says that they are not proof reading them either.

The short paragraph structure, and the lack of actual source material indicates that these authors write solely for the key words, which to me seems worthless. If the article serves no other purpose than to include these key words, why even bother.

A good article has a good subject, and makes a point. It provides some type of information for the reader, with good reference to sources. It is not difficult to include the key words if they pertain to the subject. A simple formula is what has always worked. Start with a hook in the subject. Restate that hook in the opening of the article and expand on it a little. Continue the article with more detail on several key points. If it helps you can use an outline for keeping the article on track. Then when the key points have been touched on, wrap it up with a concise conclusion that restates the subject of the article, hits the key points, and provides additional information for the reader to examine.

Example Outline:
Subject/Title: Here's where the hook goes, make it catch the eye, 10 words or less
Intro: A short paragraph that restates the hook and sets the tone of the article, 3-4 sentences.
Paragraph 1: Start with a broad key point and expand on it, 6-7 sentences.
Paragraph 2: Give a second key point, expand on it, 6-9 sentences.
Paragraph 3: Tie the two first points in with a third key point, expand relationship, 9-12 sentences.
Paragraph 4: Restate the subject, conclude the key points, provide additional information, 4-5 sentences.

Of course this is just an example outline, and often you may want to actually set up an outline that sets out key points and then sub points to the key points that will provide greater detail to the main point. You may also want to set out more or less details, depending on the subject matter. The outline is just a tool to help you find your way through an article, and should not consume much of the writers time or effort. Most of the time and effort should be spent researching source materials, and drafting the actual sentences.

There are no hard and fast rules but with a little work and practice you to can write quality articles that will not only get the reader to read more, but will get the key words into an interesting article that would be useable for more than just SEO submission. The problem with SEO submission is yet another subject that will be handled on another article. For more information on writing well, check out the internet and look for writers groups or other resources, or just keep reading my blog, as I will be posting more about this subject in the future.