Sunday, August 30, 2009


Doud Dairy Farm Journal

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Winter is coming... and there is still so much to do.


We got out to the animals late last night, as I had to finish up the car for Mary. As a side note; Mary is very unhappy with her car, and that does not make me happy. I will have to do something about that, but in comparison to what she has driven in the past, this car is far superior. Oh well, that is the way with people these days. I notice that people do not appreciate much that is not what it is expected to be. She had a concept in her head, but the car was more or less than she expected. She like most of her generation expect that whatever they buy, it should be newish like, no matter the relative cost. This is an example of how not proud Mary is about her car, IPD sent her a lapel pin with her order, and she left it sitting on my desk. She was commenting on how some one in her family was commenting on her car, and hoping she didn't pay much for it. She didn't but, the fact is not one of her family has anything any better, newer maybe, but most definitely not better. My response to that comment would have been; “and so, how is your Saab, Beemer”, or insert other European touring auto.


Feeding went as well as expected, the goats ate their grain and then wandered around and foraged while the ducks and chicks finished their grain (crack). We didn't get out there soon enough to drive the ducks to the pond, so they had to be satisfied with with the wet they got from the rain. Otherwise nothing special, and Luke tried to help, but he is still fixated on the chicks. I need a hook, I am going to look for the wood to make one, and weave one from some young birch I have to cut down anyway.


Lucky, Aunt Lois' collie fox terrier mix dog who is about 13 years old was caught in the water because of the matting of his coat. He will most likely have to be put down, as at his age it is not worth it to fix his hip, which is dislocated. Hip problems are common with the collies, and something I have to look for even in Luke.


We went for a walk later after we got back to N. Syracuse, and Luke did well with Arleta's method of walking him. He has improved greatly over the past few weeks, and he is much better than most dogs I see out walking their owners. It is funny that a person would stop and comment on my handling of my dog, when she is quite likely one of those people who are walked by their dog.


Any one want to contribute to our farm fund, no just kidding, sort of. I am still working on the farm plan (revised) because the original was so ambitious. What I needed was a partner with better credit. I am searching for a partner with good credit, and maybe even some contacts in New York City, or at least Albany, New York. I would like a farm somewhere in the Mohawk Valley area of New York State. If anyone can help me with this, I would be much obliged. We really will have a Doud Dairy Farm Foundation at some point dedicated to the education and research of traditional and advanced Agricultural practice, but that is a project for another time. Right now I am seeking equity partners, who have an interest in sustainable agriculture, and profitable small scale community farming programs.


Well that's my pitch for the week, so although it is not very good, it is all I have the energy for right now, as I have to move the fence again today, so off to work I go. I'm off to Denny's to do some internet, when I will post my last few (two really) entries, but more will come.


Thank you for your time, and try to have a pleasant day.