Friday, May 01, 2009

Critical Shots of Salmon River Falls Photographs

I realize that I need a tri-pod for the camera, to get use of the exposure comp feature of the camera. It seems a little silly to put such a little camera on a tri-pod, but if I want the shots that I am not getting I need to do just that.
From Salmon River Falls
Here, in this photo, a longer exposure would have brought out the detail and given the water a more dreamy like effect. The framing isn't bad, it is an interesting shot, but it could be better. This is the raw photo, no manipulation expect composure in the view finder.
From Salmon River Falls
In this photograph, I could have used a longer lens, to compress the depth of field. I also could get better control over the depth of field with a manual focus lens. I can set the film speed to some degree in this little snap shot camera, but that wouldn't really help to much. I need to experiment with other settings yet. This is a raw photograph with no manipulation or cropping except that which I do in the view finder.

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