Friday, May 29, 2009

Barn Street End

This is our barn from the street side.

From Richland Farm
The image was manipulated in the GIMP to produce a better sky. It still needs work and the test print was horrible, but that may be the printer as well.
I do not like the wash that it has, it might work better in monochrome and I considered that, but I got frustrated with the photo before I got to it so this is just a sample shot with airbrushing and some photo fill. I can't believe that digital compares to film, but then again I am a film type of person, and I just don't get the tools I am trying to work with yet. Film I "grok" so it is only a matter of learning the new tools to produce acceptable images. Considering the time I have been working with these tools, but also considering that they are not the top of the line tools (well except for the GIMP), I guess it is not too bad. Still not ready for prime time, but I am working on that. There are a few sites out there that have galleries for publication (like deviantART), but I don't really think my stuff is ready for that venue. That's all for now...


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