Sunday, March 15, 2009

Libraries are Deposits of Learning

Libraries are Deposits of Learning

It really is the end of an era for the American Library System.  That today they are outdated is an understatement.  To make them useful in the future, they will need to significantly consider their purpose.  The American Library system lacks the virtual component.  Sure most of them have a computer of two tht can surf the web, but it is not true that the people can surf the library.  This is the biggest problem I see at this time.  Access to the deposits within the library from the web.  As it is if I want to go to the Library and take out a book to read, I do not have to pay for that book, unless I do not return it in time, or lose it, so barring those two issues, it is time we devised a way to have that access from the digital page.  There is a need for time limited documents.  For a document that will cease to be of use after a certian time, if the user does not access the library system and obtain additional time on the document.  We are in need of some way to access the deposits of the American Library System, and more so the global system of knowledge centers from the web, with some way to control the rights of the depositories and publishers.

The American Library System should be digitizing the works, and making them available through membership channels, provided that the documents can not be duplicated, destroyed, or otherwise corrupted.  I know how difficult this is, but it is time to work towards a solution, rather than wonder about the problems, we need to look at solutions.  The people should have access to the information contained within the libraries, through whatever means they have access to.  Our taxes pay the salaries of the librarians, so they need to start earning that wage.  They are great sources of knowledge and they could provide this in a virtual space just as easy as in the setting of the library itself.

There is a great opportunity here to move forward on the progress of national knowledge, and raising the general population towads a greater access to greater unserstanding, but we have to find ways to open access to knowledge that protect the knowledge workers and the works themselves.  This is not an easy project to undertake, but if we don't get started, it will never happen.