Saturday, March 07, 2009

From the Places not to Go Files ed.1

Danzer's German American Restaurant, 152 Ainsley Drive, Syracuse, NY.

If you check out their site you will read this little bit...
"Danzer's German & American Restaurant was established in 1946 and takes pride in having served homecooked German meals to Central New Yorkers for over five decades. Ludwig Danzer's tradition is still being carried out today with hearty portions of homemade German specialties, tall drafts of imported beers and ales, and those giant deli sandwiches that have made Danzer's famous."

Unfortunately you can't believe it.

My wife Arleta and our good friend Mary Petersen went there last night, because we have gone there often in the past, and because it is one of the few German fare restaurants in Syracuse. However the experience was more than a little disappointing. First the wait for a table was long enough, but even after that there was a period of several minutes before we even got water or acknowledgment from the wait staff. The "girl" because I can't really give her an adult personage, that served us was busy, the whole restaurant was busy, but their inefficiency was much greater. This is besides the attitude. And the list goes on. The food was not special at all, and for the price, although not excessive, but still pricey for the atmosphere and service provided, you would expect and should get a better quality to price ratio. Now as I have said we have been there several years ago, and this would have been a much better review back then, although even then the quote above did not exactly apply. What made Danzer's famous has died with the original owners. What Danzer's is now is an average mass produced restaurant with snotty wait staff who are slow to serve you, average food that is not authentic anything except authentic Sysco institutional food, and cooks who are unaware of that quote apparently, as there was nothing in our meals that wasn't doctored versions of the standard processed food supplier fare. I understand the need to increase profits in a tough economy, but at the cost of cutting corners, that seems like a bad idea to me, and since I owned a restaurant I think I might have a bit of a clue as to how they operate.

And it really would not be that hard for them to redeem themselves. They certainly would not need to change much, just re-read their own quote and try a little harder to live by it. Good food prepared well, served by pleasant people who actually enjoy their job is not too much to ask for a meal that averages $40.00 for a couple. I don't drink anymore, so I can't say anything about their drinks, but guessing from their food, I guess I am glad I do not drink anymore because even if you get me drunk, I still would have known the service and food were not living up to their own standards, except when I get drunk I am brutally honest.
Thank you...

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