Monday, March 02, 2009

Done to Ourselves (facebook repost)

Upon reading several post, and with current knowledge of understanding, it is not surprising to me that which is presented here. However it is only half of the story, if even that much. First do not blame the governments or other entities as they were not the ones that allowed this to happen, we the people allowed it to happen. We cried out for this, and gave the people with whom we entrusted the ability and writ to do so. That and we spoke with our dollars. We continued to purchase goods at Walmarts and their ilk sending our dollars to these countries. We continued to show with our purchasing dollars and our willingness to be overtly subdued by media, that we wanted this. We are the cause of our own misfortune. Do not blame the opportunist for taking advantage of the opportunity we afforded them.
The fact is this was done before any of us were alive. These deals you talk about are only the overt movements of what was covert long ago before we even were aware of life, period. This country was established as a trading company, and that is all it ever has been, unfortunately. However this is moot to the real issues, and that is the continued fantasy that we perpetuate upon ourselves everyday. We like to blame the media, when they are not to blame for us buying too much, we are to blame for believing the advertising. We are the weak link in the chain, and for that we want to still blame someone for what we have brought upon ourselves. We have weakened our greatest strength, that of our community. The First depression provided the means by which that we could become dependent on a government for protection and welfare, although this is provided for in the Constitution, it was not enacted until there were conditions such that we could break the spirit of the people who built the country. Combined with the several wars which provided justification for the treaties under which we now function, as opposed to those that were original to the founding of this trading zone. Now that we have depleated the resources of this continent to the point where we are no longer capable of sufficientcy you are all supprised that our former masters come home to roost. This continues to surprise me, that people are still in some sort of fantasy that they own something, or that they are going to have something if they just work hard enough, or buy something with worthless fiat capital. If you take offence to the term former masters, keep in mind that Rome did not cease to exist, nor did Egypt, they transmuted to another form that better suited the times, such as the Romans realized that Religion not government could control the people better, and Egypt realized that economics was better at controlling the people than rule of law. These factors and that people seem pleasantly unaware that peasants are always peasants and always will be, and they do not care who rules them, means that we have been ruled, will be ruled, and the peasants who rtepresent 60% of the vast population of the globe, do not care as long as they are provided with a meager fantasy of hope and needs. The few who do notice, I term them the artist, represent 20% of the global population and they enact through means by which they are given, and as such are often seen as disidents and rebels or other such undesirables, often are housed in prisons or other types of confinement, such as fear and laothing often brought on by their peers. The others that constitute this little dance we call life, are the priest as I call them, although that is slightly inaccurate as many of them do not work in religion as we know it at all, and they represent 12% of the global population, and their belief is that they are owed their existence in that they are the only ones who bring order to the population of peasants and provide interpretation of order form the last portion of the population, which I will herein address. The last portion of the population that exist in our globe are the 1% class, there is no other way to determine them. They are unknown to the peasant class (60%), except as that which is provided them by the two other classes, the artist and the priest. They are actually unknown to the priest and the artist, except that they hold the strings in this puppet show. This much I know of them, they number seven, in that they are seven houses, or kingdoms, or otherwise known, and that they do not rule in collusion, but often play out their own agendas against the others, utilizing mechanisms that are facilitated by their priest, although the priest are mostly unaware of these orders, except to the extent that they understand they must carry them out by decree.

I have studied this for many years, and though many sources, and some very interesting results have been concluded by others like me, who I believe are artist as well. So as to these issues you are alluding to, they are not surprising, and not final, as there are factions I believe within the classes that may be working to unravel the current set of events but I cannot expressly know that yet, as to many variables still exist. I do know that the Red House, as I know it, or the land of the Red Dragons, has been quietly maneuvering through various trade orders (see the Spice Trade), to option the wealth of this land, as they saw it before the Roman order, the Green House, came to discover it through their negotiations with the Egyptian order. This is all hard to swallow I know, as I and other artist realize, and thus we chose to enact only on this from a covert position, through workings that are otherwise less than overt. You will notice them in the works of artist, and as such I do not mean fine artist, but those that have this understanding will often work through the finer threads, and provide incidental information that can be further reported if it appears to be significant to the others. Only the artist will understand this, and all others will not. However, suffice to know that what you now notice is due to the fact that you provided the means and ways for what you believe others have done to you, and by that admission, I know that you are not aware of this and will accept it, even if in protest, because you are and always will seek to find fault in others, long before you will look to oneself for the cause of your own ill or will.

So this argument will continue, trying to find the source of the cause, when in reality we are what we make, and only we have the power to give away, if we so chose, to anyone other than ourselves. We are to blame for our own folly, and because of this weakness to realize this, others are able to exploit us, and we will allow this, and they know we will look for a sacrificial goat to blame, or a god, or whatever, and by this they will continue to control you. You can change the priest who provide the manna upon which you feed, but you will never change the order that exist in nature, and with that if you understand that you are able to work through this order with it, but you will not work against it, even your lords know this, and they will use that against you every time you change the guard.

To much to swallow, then spit it out, and maybe, just maybe you will learn to see.
It is not the light or darkness that provides the truth, but in the spaces in between.

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