Saturday, February 28, 2009

Time will Never Tell

I shall sit here in this liquid room
Surrounded by my memories
Shrouded in a darkness of knowledge
From whence it came I can not guess

And I will surpress my desire to live
And I will deny myself of happiness
And I will consume my thoughts
And I will exist, but that is all

I will allow that which should be
To come from the blindness I see
And if they are as such let it be
As who am I, I still question thee

I will sleep in this summer sky
No longer a product of the eye
But what I chose not to see
Will then be mine and endlessly

Nothing I will hold
Nothing do I need
Nothing is all
Nothing will become me

At some time continuum
They will ask where, why, and how
And I will refrain from answering
Given they knew to much then as well

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