Friday, February 13, 2009

Microsoft to open retail stores
For being number one they always seem to be following their rivals. Hmm, seems like again they will try to make it gold by doing what others have proven, if only they can ram this down the consumers throat like they did everything else. Okay, I am bitter about Microsoft, but that is only because I guess it is because I am really bitter about the fucking idiots that keep buying crap and calling it a fine example of prime. Whatever, I wish them luck, they will need it. I am sure they will be successful, even if they have to buy their success. You know Microsoft reminds me of the spoiled brat that can't win by wit or stregnth so they buy their friends in the hopes that everyone will think they are cool, because they bought their coolness from the cool kids. I used to sell drugs to the cool kids, they were not so cool, they were just another branch of the same fucking idiots that thought they were something, while I stole their souls with aphedimines and darvons. If I think to much about the past, it will come back to haunt me, because if I forget it I will not remember to learn, but otherwise I will be there forever, like the followers I lead into temptation to many times before.

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