Friday, February 13, 2009

Microsoft announces $250000 Conflicker worm bounty
Amidst the recession they are opening stores, while they still have not figured out how to secure their operating system. Although I guess some of that is that they have a larger target, but not all of it. So now Microsoft is going the way of the sheriff, if you can't fix it, throw some more money around and let the people who fix these things actually do your job. They set a bad presidence here, saying that if you create a bad virus that Microsoft can not find the fix for, they will give you money to fix it. Cyber bounty hunters, how long did it take, I had been waiting for Microsoft to do this for some years now, I don't think this will work either. Interesting that it is a pacific rim infection, sort of like a test of infections spreading from the east, and can they transfer to the west. So far we have kept the eastern viruses from spreading, or is that what they are telling us... can't think like that can we. There is always some form of reality television on that will distract us while they scramble to control the damage. And in case anyone was ready to think well it is just because of Microsoft's market share, well not entirely, their code has a lot to do with it. If they were to open their code, and clean it up some, they might have a chance, or better yet, base it on Unix, oh, yea, it originally was, but they thought that would make them too easy a target for pirates, well their code now makes them too easy a target for virus crackers, whatever, I guess that is the price they will have to pay for their dominance.

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