Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mere dong et eee mmmm

Hazy screen before me
Obscures the view of truth
Provides me with comfort
Ever changing hues of liquid blues

Nodding off before the news
Its probing sound penetrates
Pervades my swirling dreams
Filters through my sluggish brain

To the car I float
To buy some sort of food
It is bright and colorful
I do not recognize its name

A smiling woman drones
Lulls me back to sleep
Satisfied on sugar streams
There is no fear now

Smiling face assures me
The best interest for me
He is glistening in the light
Of liquid crystal screens

My phone vibrates longingly
Numbing my senses to feeling
Some woman I vaguely remember
I am to appear an hour early

There's a train outside my door
It swallows me into the fray
I blend into the blue and gray
There is a small imprint here

A moment of lucid thought
A light that flashes on and off
I snap awake to see her face
Just before the needle hits the vein

Gray now, getting dim
Soft voices like doves cooing
And then silence, darkness
Empty void, nothing

A swirl of stars
A rush of peace
All is still
All is everything

Cells divide repeating spirals
Coils replicate separate
She is beautiful, sleeping
Life repeats, repeats, repleat