Monday, February 16, 2009

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

This is really for a friend of mine, but I thought what the fuck, I would post it here instead.

First the basis of the anime is in the song. It is painfully obvious that the Kyon and Haruhi are building a relationship, and as most relationships of the coming of age type, they are not without their characters. She, Haruhi, is obviously in love with Kyon, and he is painfully oblivious to it, with minor exceptions. The other characters are as such that they play only supporting roles to the story line to provide either tension, Mikuru, or plot push, Itsuki, or plot modifier, Yuki. If this series were to continue, which it does not apparently, it would have evolved as such that they, Haruhi and Kyon would have to move past the petty squabble into a more involved relationship, which would eventually eliminate the need for the other three characters. The exterior motive is about a girl who through her will changes the world in which she lives, but this is a side story, a motivation by the director to interject a theory about positive thought or attraction. If they matured at all, it would see an inevitable end that would have been as normal as any difficult teen-age relationship.

No matter what order you watch it in, it ends with an anti-climatic ending, leaving too many openings for more, yet the end is painfully obvious. Of course it is anime, so it could go a completely different direction, but that would also destroy the carefully crafted tension that has been built so far. I can see the appeal that it has, as who would not like to be the girl who gets whatever she wants because if she does not, the world as we know it will end. Tragic in its childish portrayal, except for the few moments where she shows reserve, rather than sulking over her boredom, or her lack of something to do. The torture of Mikuru almost leads one to believe that there could be more dimension to Haruhi, a potential for a tryst of a different type, but that is really poorly presented, and near the end it is blatant that Haruhi is only a spoiled child who really needs discipline that only Kyon could provide her with. It is call back to a Twilight Zone episode, but with different consequence.

Over all I thought I would not like it, and after watching the first interlude, I was pretty certain that it was going to be less than it turned out to be, so that is good. I would probably watch it again, only because the story is funny, and Yuki is fascinating, her story should have been developed better. So if you have nothing to do on a rainy weekend, it is a short 4 DVD anime worth checking out. I enjoyed it thank you.

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