Friday, February 13, 2009

From the Help Yourself to Yourself files

"It's not just the lower-income families, it's middle-income families now that are going to the food pantries to stretch their dollars. So I think people in the community are extremely aware of the economy," West said. (From: Syracuse (dot) com (

"It's not just lower-income families, it's middle-income families now..." Now I know it is not meant this way, or maybe it is, but was it okay when it was just lower-income families?

"I just think it's the right thing to do in a tough economy," Maines said. (From: Syracuse (dot) com (

But it's not the right thing to do in a regular economy, by the way when is the economy not tough for some people?

"You only live once. I don't understand why people don't do more things with their time," Rarick said. (From: Syracuse (dot) com (

So what did you do before this came along?

While I think the effort is commendable, and wish more people would do it, why does it always take hitting bottom, or near bottom before it gets done. Or for that matter why is this news, when it would not have been news if the employees of Syracuse's Post Standard News Paper were not part of the middle-income people who are now using the services of the food banks. I guess my problem is that many organizations have tried this before, but because there was not any connection by the middle class, well then the problem did not exist. Its amazing how innovative people can be made to seem, when you are connected to the right people at the right time. I think it is great that he is doing this, but like many things too little, too late. It will help, but the total is not known, and by the time the government admits to what is really happening, it will all be too much. Socialism will be a minor threat by then.

I have been wondering a lot about socialism lately, and wondering what is the difference if you call it democracy or whatever, they are all some sort of socialist republics. I was watching some movie yesterday, and the one cord that struck me in it was when the Nazi SS soldier confided in the Jewish prisoner that before he became a Nazi Socialist he was a communist, and that he was only a socialist now in name only, to protect himself and his own, and I think that is what it comes down to, your own. Think about it, even when we do something for some one else, is it not because we want to feel better about our selves, like maybe we are not what we really are. Humans are survivalist. They thrive because of our numbers, because of our social behaviors. If we did not build complex social structures, would we actually be able to maintain sufficient numbers of breeding populace to actually survive any major extinction, I seriously question that. As it is now, we like roaches would survive, but only because other than insects, we are the largest population on the planet, at least as far as resources are concerned. Sure if we ceased to exist other creatures would thrive in our place, as we are top preditor, but this is the result of social structure, not ability. I think I have beat this dog before, it is old to me now, even though no one is listening.