Saturday, February 28, 2009

Forever at a Loss

I am forever at a loss at the ignorance of others, and their complete inability to observe all but their prescribed doctrine. The point at which I am thinking, and wondering does anyone think at all, and I am reminded that perhaps they do think, but in limited view, and there is nothing I am going to do about it. I sometimes question my own existence, for it's purpose, as it would seem that most likely I was not "put here" to help others see, then what other purpose could I serve in. Any such capacity as I have availed myself of seems pale in comparison, and in truth I feel very inadequate to perform in a capacity that would seem less than desirable. Given this and that I obviously suffer from complexes of the mind, provided that I seem to have to complex a mind, leaves me with little option. I can't seem to understand how people can't understand the simplest of concepts, provided they understand language at all, and yet it does seem that more often than not I am at a loss to understand how people are confused by the language or by the intent.

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