Monday, February 16, 2009

Ereron from Gil-cully Down

She, was raving, spinning in her world
So very close now, and fare to know
Could it be she misunderstood
Or did she think she would find the truth

She came a ways to look through the hole
To know something she thought was old
To feel or sleep in the stories told
She came along to tag or bag a gag

The mistress might see her youth
The night might give her pause to breath
The knave would please her if he pleases
But the jester laughs at her worth

And the sis is given in to the path
And walks with the fools and cats
And knows that she will know the pain
Of emptiness that is lost at birth

And there she stood, so self assured
Ready to take on the jester's mirth
Certain she would find his weakness
How little she knows his treachery

There in time comes the cost
She realized now the worth at last
But to come so far for loss
and return to the down,
not aware that she was made
from the first

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