Sunday, February 22, 2009

Economic Recovery and other High Wire Acts

A sane individual may state that all this talk of economic recovery, and the associated government policies being put through congress is a positive movement. I have read a lot about them lately, especially the white house blog, and to me it is scary. I am concerned that to much to fast is being done, but a lot needs to be done in a hurry to stem the tide. These programs put forth, the recovery act, the mortgage act, the banking act, all are probably necessary, but they are hard to swallow. It is the speed at which these programs are being accepted that is kind of scaring me. That and the fact that there seems to be a lot of transparency, but I am always concerned when they say to much, because it always make me wonder what are they hiding behind the smoke screens.

The second point is how everything seems to be working for this President. The first lady is campaigning for him, the vice president is working on projects, everything seems to be working all to well, and that concerns me. Its not that I disagree with what he is doing completely, it is that I wonder about it that is all.

I do however have my concerns with Agriculture. A healthy middle class is good, I think what he is doing for them is wonderful, and so on. However what is he doing for Agriculture? Try as I might I see very little in the blog or other press as to what he is doing to help Agriculture. I read the USDA site and there are snippets of notes of quotes on what the white house is planning to do about Agriculture, but it certainly does not seem a priority to this administration, at least not yet. This is very disconcerting, as Agriculture is the cornucopia for the middle class. They are not producing their own food, and even if they are considering their own little "victory gardens" these will not feed the masses who are living in the urban centers, where even with current garden projects (something else that should be getting attention), there is no possible way for them to provide for the masses, and especially the middle class.

And before I go to far into this rant, I am thinking about another area that seems under served in these programs, the elderly. Maybe they are not, but in fixing the health system, in helping people with their taxes, and mortgages, there seems no provision to assist the elderly in these programs. Most of what I have seem is for the average working class, but really those in their thirties through maybe their fifties, not exactly elderly. I will continue to monitor this and hopefully report more in the near future.

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