Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comment to You all, no reference at all

I was not going to directly reply to this, but you give me no choice. Now first as Mike already knows me, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Second, I do not believe you understand what the USA or the Constitution is. First the Constitution was a charter made by the "founding fathers" between the colonies of the new British Corporation (see James Town), and the British Crown. With the exception of the preamble which is what most people are familiar with, the rest of the document has no baring on the people of the colonies, but on how business with the new corporation will be conducted. I think you are confusing the Constitution with the Bill of Rights, which was mostly penned by John Hancock, designed to give the citizens of the new corporation some protection from the power of the corporation (sort of like a trade union agreement). Furthermore, it is to late to do anything about the situation you and Mike are talking about, we were sold out long before any of us were born. We did not fight for independence, we fought for representation. We are not a Democracy, we are a Republic, but in truth we are a corporate entity in conjunction with the British Trading Company, which is owned by the British Crown. Therefore to do something about the current situation you must understand that what you are fighting for. If you do not know your enemy you will miss your target. So rather than say, oh it is the government, or the economy, or these smoky rooms, understand that it is you, and the rest of the people who have created your own condition. It does not matter what the government does, or makes legal or illegal, because we make them moral, or immoral. We give them their money, and power, so it is up to us to take that away if that is what we want. We do not need to shop at Walmart, so therefore Walmart is not evil, it is our inability to curb our compulsion for cheap garbage that we rarely really need. We do not need to commute an hour to work, we can either move closer to where we work, or change where we work. The point is, you can get millions of people to revolt, and you will have the same thing tomorrow, you can't change that which is, through revolution, unless that revolution is based in you changing you. All you can do is change you, and how you decide to participate in the economy. You can change that, and that creates your freedom, because we are given no freedom, they are ours to use, if we are wise enough to apply them, or we can rely on someone else to tell us where, why, how and when, but that too is a choice.
Don't take this personally, you are not that special to me.

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