Monday, January 05, 2009

Yet to Notice Anyone

I have yet to notice that anyone pays any attention to anything that might be of consequence. That all that occupies the minds of the average citizen is far from important, and that we as a society are too easily distracted by shiny objectives. That we are easily directed and have very little individual thought, outside of what we think will impress the others in our close social groupings. This odd behavior is perhaps born in, or bred in, but either way it presents a very disturbing effect, presenting itself as a path to local control through very deceptive practices that can at least in most cases seem like beneficial practices at least to the practitioners of such practices. I am left to assume that although not hopeless, the human species is helpless in their survival of anything that may be more cataclysmic than a simple hurricane or thunderstorm. I do not like this need to assume, but at this point it is what remains of a thought, of an old thought, that remains steady in my mind as why sheep will follow the wolf if not given protection form the Shepard. This is the basis of religion, and to this mind the basis of the most dangerous deception we have encountered as yet, in our struggle to evolve, if only that is what we were allowed to do. The truth is if that was what we allowed ourselves to do.

My constant study continues, and with it I look at our own barriers to allowance, and why we have learned to instill them even in our off-spring for the assurance of continuation of our stagnant progress. We can not progress, we can not proceed, when we hold the key to our own cells, and refuse to break free, out of irrational fear of success at living not for the admiration of others, but for the success we ourselves can bring to the cosmic oneness of all, though small random acts of kindness.

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