Saturday, December 20, 2008

I have of late been studying the Law of Attraction. Through my study I have seen that it is possible that what you think, what you feel, is what manifest. This I do believe, but I feel also that it is not quite that simple. I have run into this positive force concept over many years, and it has for some worked, but I wonder why has it not worked for me?

The value of thought, the purpose of thought, becomes that which you desire. From desire come obsession, and from obsession comes consumption, and from consumption comes manifestation. It is our reluctance to obsess that prevents us from manifesting our desires.

At one time I used to obsess, and from this I achieved some measure of success, but it was tainted with my cynical distaste for resource. Therefore I developed a fear of success, and with that only undid what I was attempting to do. I said it will not happen, so no matter how much I put forth into making it happen, it did not, because I was certain that it would not. This may be the truth of what prevails. You can not have what you do not allow.

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