Monday, November 17, 2008

Tribe 2 a treatise

Tribe 2 a treatise

The gathering of the tribe, or more percisely, the assembling of a crack team designed to figure out what it all means.  For instance I know that everything has signifigance and purpose.  Not only that but also everything has intercate workings that affect the general or greater workings.

If we look far enough back, there's extreamly simplistic knowledge, that is elite, or closely held.  Dilution of this knowledge prepares it for the masses, while the elite can still exist without disclosing their purpose.  The simple lies inside the complex and the complex is inside the simple, a very cleaver method of obscuring origin while leading the ignorant masses towards a very different direction.  Furthermore if the complex is simple and the simple complex, how how then are we to decipher the difference, or better yet the similarities.  

Something so simple it alludes us and we seek a more complex solution.  So we take our cue from from that, and from the example of the rubrics cube.  A very simple solution requiring very few movements can solve the "cube", yet if we view it as a complex object with many possible solutions we now have a complex object obscuring the true simplicity of its nature.

This was written in the 1990's sometime around 1996, although I can't say the exact date.  The nearest date I have is sometime around September of 1996.  It is a incomplete thought, that approaches maybe several subjects, that should really provide further background for new study that I have done since that time.  It seems a turning point though, as I was at about that time turning from older concepts to newer concepts and if this is written around this time I would have had an influence by perhaps Arleta, but only a small amount then.

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