Sunday, September 14, 2008

Founding of a New Foundation for Real People
This is a Draft Document
Version One Series One

This project is tentatively called Working Class Heroes or A Working Class Hero is Something to Be

Supporting the working class heroes. The organization is not for the people who do not work, but for those that have and continue to work. The working class heroes of the world. It is hard to find help for those that are working and are not homeless, but are in the situation where if they do not receive some type of assistance they soon will be homeless and without a job. Or perhaps they have worked, and because of some incidence be it injury or otherwise, are no longer working, or able to work in the traditional way that they are accustomed. Yes there is some assistance to some of these people, but often not without breaking their pride, or destroying their dignity. Is it necessary to break them even more so, as if their years of labor and thankless toil were not enough to break their spirit, is it necessary that when they find themselves in a circumstance of desperation and in need of some assistance that they must be further demoralized. Must they be subjected to public ridicule and display of their failure even if most often it is not of their own doing. Oh sure they could apply for unemployment, but what does that do for them. Not only is the process as with most municipal processes demeaning and dehumanizing, but why should they be forced to subject themselves to the rigors of that bureaucracy when all they really need is some temporary assistance and an understanding, respectful person to listen to their story. Working Class Heroes has no office, but a home, from which all agents are connected. Case workers do not leave their homes to go to work in some office, but work directly with the individuals in their homes. Yes, Working Class Hero case workers make house calls. This is how the size and scale are dealt with. Most larger organizations work from central offices serving a community that must make their way to the office to even begin the process. Working Class Hero agents are located on the web, and work in their communities helping their neighbors through a network that allows them to work from their homes and the homes of the people who need their assistance.

The case workers and agents of Working Class Heroes are provided with the skills and tools to provide the people in their community with the assistance they need. They are empowered with the instruction that will provide them with the ability to make the types of compassionate judgments, that will enable them to provide the type of assistance that the people of the community need.

Reimbursement comes to the agents in the form of incentives. As there is the compensation for the job that they perform, the incentives to earn additional benefits is that they provide a higher level of service to the community, by virtue of their deeds as opposed to their generation of numerical case work. There is no residual payment for case work. There is no incentive for repetitive case logs. Expedition of the results of the case is held in higher regard than continuous patterned case logs. It is a reflection on the agent, and is reflected in their benefits and incentives.

Working Class Heroes is supported by a foundation of agriculture. This is followed through to the agent level. Each agent is tasked with developing a community garden within their community. They will be given the assistance in municipal areas with government, providing them with the ability to secure areas that can be utilized by Working Class Heroes and the community for the community gardens. The citizens of the community will be able to benefit from the community gardens by volunteering to work in the gardens. In other locations, such as rural areas where agriculture is established, the agents will be tasked with making connections with farmers and with encouraging everyone in the community with developing additional agricultural resources. They will be provided with the resources to develop these agricultural resources such as tools, equipment, and seed stocks, as well as training in sustainable and permaculture methodologies. The agents will be tasked with the job of localizing the economy, developing local markets and making greater connections between the local municipalities and the residents of the community. It is especially important to engage the youth of the community through the schools and through community events that include agricultural aspects.

Working Class Heroes is designed to assist people in staying in their communities and prospering in those communities, thereby growing those communities and enhancing their values. People in the community will be able to receive training and assistance in developing micro businesses, that work within their community, giving back to their community, therefore re-paying Working Class Heroes for the assistance it provides.

Working Class Heroes main link is through a web site, where anyone can find more information about Working Class Heroes. They will be able to request assistance through the web site, and a local agent will be given the case through the web through our dispatch system. Key to the Working Class Hero system is a short inquiry that allows the potential client to provide the needed information to determine where they are, how they can be reached, and when they can meet with the agent. The agents also are given instruction and assignments through the web site, and will report through the website allowing them to work from their homes, and preventing the office that is common to these types of services

Additional leads to the above document, part of the initial development.

Objective: To help people, in whatever way we can, through personal conditions.

Problem Identification: The current common method that someone who needs assistance with their housing or food troubles has to apply themselves to the current organizations provided by the municipalities. As an example, to receive rental assistance a person has to go to the county office of the Department of Social Services, and go through the ridiculous three ring circus of red tape and suffer the allegations of the employees assumption of your lack of dignity. You have to sit in their crass office lobby, while they (the employees) hide behind locked doors and bullet proof glass, and mill about chatting about whatever and doing very little for what they are paid. To say that I am a little more than upset by this, is to say that I have been through this process, have attempted to work in the process, but have continuously found that the process is designed to create jobs for the employees and not to really help those people that need it. The process, you get to the office in the morning, you sign in to be put on a list. They hand you a packet of papers to fill out, most of which are repetitive and demeaning of a person's self worth. They ask highly personal questions, but I understand very many of them, however asking the same question more than once, often rewording the question is designed to trip up people who may be there to commit fraud, rather than assist people in need. If they are so concerned with fraud perhaps they should have greater personal contact with the individuals and with their families, rather than standing around in the office wasting tax dollars. They automatically assume you are a deadbeat looking for a handout, and as I agree there are many that I call professional participants in the system, I do not believe that the employees should automatically assume that all people who come to the service for help is only looking for a free handout because they are too lazy to work. I have worked hard my entire life, often in two jobs at the same time, to get by, and having come upon hard times like many other people who are hard working citizens who have not asked for handouts, but need assistance in a time of need, cannot do so with dignity and the pride that they have earned by paying their taxes over the many years that they did work. We paid the salaries of these employees who now treat us as if we are lazy slobs not willing to help ourselves. This leads me to my next problem.

Problem Identification: When there are no jobs, there are no jobs. I have been applying for jobs at almost every place that I would qualify to work for, with no luck. The problem is that there are many people who are out of work as the economy continues to slide. There is no end in site for this trend. I have studied the economies of the world economy and at least for the near future the economic condition is only going to get worse. Not just in certain areas, but nation wide, the jobs outlook is just shy of dismal, and it will not take much to push them over the edge. I do listen to the political speeches and I hear their rhetoric, without any substance, however even through my research, I do not see substance past the interest of the financial institutions and contributors. The jobs are evaporating, and of the ones that are available there are many more qualified applicants than there are open positions. To remedy this, it will be necessary to increase the amount of jobs for those that are willing to work. Further to make available a source of resources that will assist individuals in obtaining the training that will allow them to obtain jobs that will provide them with the means to live decent existence. I cannot go to some college or trade school to better my chances of obtaining equitable employment, because I have to work to pay my bills. There are many options for individuals who are willing to wade through the mire of red tape and bureaucracy of organizations that may help, if you qualify. There is no personal organizations that evaluates a case based on humane basis, on the personal interview with those that have needs, rather than through a series of test in the form of forms designed again to demean the pride of the individual. It seems all these organizations goals are to break the person down, break their dignity and pride that they have worked hard for their life time to build. To turn them into less than people and into second class citizens of deadbeats and freeloaders.

First respect the person.
If a case worker is suspected of causing a person who is asking for assistance, even if it is the perception of the person asking, to feel less than dignified and proud to be who they are, and that they are worthy of what they have so long paid into through their time in the society, then that case worker will be required to attend a training session in social working.

Second listen with intent.
The case worker must first and foremost listen to the person and their story. They may record the session to facilitate their ability to better understand the person and family at a latter time. They must listen completely without interjection and without comment, as common problems are not common to the individual. The case worker is not to take notes or conduct any other disruptive behavior while in the process of listening to the people, as this does not adhere to the first doctrine of the policy.

Third subjective belief is important to the process.
If you do not believe in what you are doing, than you should not be doing what you are doing. If a case worker is determined to or determines that they do not have a substantial and subjective belief in the actual process in which they are a integral part of then they should be reconsidered, or reconsider their part in the process. The case worker that does not have a subjective blief in the process that they are part of, they will violate the first doctrine of the policy.

There is more to come...

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