Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Speed of Light...
1/3 less speed than any other speed

I moved from Rochester, NY to just south of Geneva, NY, this past May 2008. Although I like the area much better, many more farms, there are a few things that bother me. First is the lack of broadband internet service. When I lived in Rochester I was able to get Roadrunner service, and as much as I like to dislike Time Warner, especially since they wouldn't hire me when I lived in Rochester, I have to give them credit for having the best internet service.

Living here in the back and beyond sucks for internet service. All I can get is dial up service, and even at that it is rather slow service. Going from Roadrunner turbo to dial up is like having a limb cut off. Well maybe not quite that bad, but almost.

And why is it that I can not get broadband service here? I live all of 6/10 of a mile from a major roadway that is serviced by Time Warner, as well as by Verizon DSL. So what is up with that, they can't put a wire 6/10 of a mile down my road. Time Warner's excuse was there was not enough potential growth on my road. That is so much bullshit. They can't pay off the few thousand dollars they spend to put the cable through, right, because my yearly bill was $1650.00 with TV and phone service, so what's their bitch. I pay for at least half the cost of pulling some cable and hooking it up in one year, and if the service were here, I am sure some of the farmers would pick it up.

As much as I hate going to my government to solve my problems, I guess that is where I have to go. I will have to write to the utilities commission and see if I can't get them to make one of the providers provide service to my door, on the basis that I am not being provided with proper service.

I mean come on now, this is the 21st century, shouldn't everyone have at least basic broadband service. In 2009 they will be taking away the analog service from my TV, so I will be forced to get some form of digital TV. Well I think that the digital TV providers should have to provide the service even to me. I don't think that we should be forced to accept satellite DTV only. Satellite should be a choice, not the only option. What if I had an obscured view of the south west, and I did not want to cut down my trees, what then, I just take it. Internet service is like phone service, not quite like water or electrical service (let's not go there right now), but still like phone service, it is accepted that internet is, if not necessary, at least highly desirable. So what is the deal?

Considering how much of my work is done through the web, I guess I will have to do something, because this dial up is killing me.


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